Providence ARF Hosts ‘Panagoum’

On a cold and brisk Columbus Day Weekend in Franklin, Mass., the warmth and camaraderie amongst the ungers helped make it another successful Panagoum for the Providence ARF Gomideh.

Participants in the panagoum.

Alternating between a regional ARF and Providence-only event at the special place called Camp Haiastan, this year saw the Providence ungers spending quality time together during educational sessions, social activities, and free time.

A total of 16 ungers took part in this year’s Panagoum. The first of two educational sessions was a fact-filled audio-video presentation given by John Mkrtschjan on his latest trip to Artsakh (Karabagh). The second educational was a group break-out and panel discussion organized by Steve Mesrobian, which challenged the ungers to brainstorm new ideas, programs, and methods to advance the ARF and Hai Tahd. Finally, Sark Tarbinian organized and led a spirited competition challenging the knowledge of teams of ungers in a game of Armenian Jeopardy.

We also enjoyed the cooking of chef (and Providence ARF chairman) Hagop Donoyan, who outdid himself once again with delicious foods all weekend long. The Panagoum culminated with Sunday’s barbecue steak tip dinner, which was open to family members and our new crop of ARF novices.

The Providence Gomideh and all its committees—ANC, golf tournament, picnic, membership/educational, fundraising—as well as the ungers who serve as liaisons throughout the community are hard at work all year long. Although there is a lot of planning and work involved hosting a Panagoum, the occasion also provides for a much-needed break and a chance to enjoy each other’s company.

Next year, the Panagoum will alternate back to a regional event.

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