‘I Don’t Bear a Hidden Agenda’: Erdogan Lays Out Vision for New Middle East

NEW YORK (A.W.)—Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan laid out his vision on the “New Turkey and the New Middle East” at an event in New York on Sept. 24, a day after the UN General Assembly had convened.

Erdogan outside the University Club of New York (Photo by Nanore Barsoumian)

In his speech, Erdogan reiterated Turkey’s resolute stance vis-à-vis Israel and the Palestinians, reflected on the Arab Spring, invited states to follow “the Turkish model,” championed the Somali cause, and assured the audience that he had no hidden agendas and that his words were based in principles. He made no mention of Armenia or Azerbaijan.

Erdogan outlined his vision for a new Middle East, wherein Turkey holds a central role. We are witnessing the birth of a new Middle East, he began, and Turkey has refashioned itself to play a model role in the region. The post-Cold War world has seen political changes and developments, from terrorism and the global financial crisis, to cyber-attacks, weapons of mass destruction, and religious polarization. “New vectors of risks have emerged,” he continued, “with direct repercussions on countries in the region. In such a climate, international cooperation and solidarity are more important than ever before.”

“I don’t bear a hidden agenda,” he repeated. “Today we see hidden agendas in least developed and developing countries… All leaders must be open and frank. Nobody must pay a price for being frank.”

Erdogan spoke of shifting centers of power. “New borders of power are forming,” such as China, Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia, he said, and there is a need for “more fair and just forums and platforms for discussion.” The G24 has been an “indispensible” move in that direction.

Referring to the uprisings in the Middle East, he said, “The mentality of administrating people with brute force is being toppled by public demand.” Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria are “all interpretations of this demand for change.”

Noting his trips to those countries, Erdogan said he took advantage of his position as a leader and as someone who had access to those places, and that his approach is based on his personal observations.

On Syria

“The tides of change will continue, and they cannot be stopped,” although the process will not be easy, Erdogan said. “Libya showed that dictators cannot oppress their people, because people don’t fear oppression or buy suggestions of vague offers.”

Again, he reassured the audience of the sincerity of his words: “I’m speaking based on principles,” he said. “Rest assured, I’m not speaking based on personal relations… You need to be able to put aside personal relations in face of abuse of human rights.”

“Personal relations” include his relationship with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, with whom he had been on friendly terms, until very recently.

“Mr. Bashar al Assad and I had personal relations—family to family—but now we are adopting a new relationship based on principles,” he said. “We cannot speak of solidarity, fraternity…when you’re attacking people with tanks. When we ask you why you would level entire towns, you would say they were terrorists. Entire towns can’t be terrorists.” Erdogan added that his administration contacted the Syrian government, but “nothing changed.” Assad has lost all accountability, he declared, as his foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, looked on from the audience.

“The movement, the Arab Spring, will stop by Syria sooner or later,” he said. “It’s like a mathematical equation. Turkey is calling on Syria to rise up to the needs of its people.”

“We aren’t trying to steal the spotlight,” he added, again reassuring his audience that Turkey had no hidden motives. He said if others want to replicate Turkish practices—for example, the way Turkey has diversified its economic structure—then they could go ahead and do just that. “These principles and models do not belong to us,” he said.

Erdogan also shared his plan to visit the Syrian refugee camp in Turkey upon his return to the country.

On Turkey

“Following the 1980’s, the scope of the region expanded, and instead of being on the farthest periphery of Asia or the Middle East, we became the epicenter,” said Erdogan, indulging the audience with a frank reflection of his worldview. “Turkey plays a significant role, in a strategic location, with a long history and kinship with neighboring countries.”

Erdogan then talked about the importance of economic cooperation, “reinforced relations,” and “mutual understanding and respect.” He listed Turkey’s recent economic successes, saying, “Fifteen years ago Turkey continuously received foreign aid. Now, we provide aid.”

Turkey’s outreach is not solely focused on its economic performance, however, but also on the development of democracy, he said. “The Turkish transformation scenario is a model to the world,” and Turkey today is in a position to draft roadmaps.

On Somalia and Darfur

“I’d like to accentuate this: Our efforts to eliminate tragedies unfolding in Somalia are very valuable,” Erdogan said. In an act of faith, his government mobilized the people of Turkey to extend a helping hand to the Somalis, he explainined, and noted the amount of aid Turkey had allocated for Somalia, providing food, field hospitals, roads, garbage trucks, and tractors—“all forms of aid under the sun.”

In Somalia, kids play with bones under the scorching sun, he said, and asked, “Why is the United States reluctant of extending a helping hand to Somalia?”

“When you see a person on the street, you can count their bones. And the children that you see on the street die instantaneously,” he went on. “Don’t you think administrators need to do something? We are all obliged.”

Erdogan visited the country with his family so that they could “witness the tragedy.” He brought along people from different walks of life, he said, including the media, intellectuals, artists, and generals, so that they could paint a complete picture of the tragedy unfolding there. “We did the same in Darfur,” he added.

Transitioning to the crisis in Darfur, Erdogan said the government there had revealed to his administration that no aid had arrived. “Darfur was all about tent cities,” and the aid the Bush Administration had allocated to the crisis had not reached the people.

On Israel and Palestine

Erdogan reiterated his points laid out a day earlier at the UN General Assembly meeting, harshly criticizing the government of Israel. “For the future of the world, the conflict between Israel and Palestinians must be resolved fast,” he said.

Reassuring the audience that his words were sincere, he said, “In my mind, I don’t have a hidden agenda.” The conflicts in the Middle East were bound to become more serious when “people” got into government, he said, adding that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must not be “overshadowed” by the Arab Spring. “It is difficult to be optimistic.”

“Israel is ignoring the international calls—illegitimate settlements, embargo on Gaza. For heaven’s sake, think about a nation, a country, that is living in an open-air prison.” Erdogan then bitterly recounted being held at an Israeli border crossing for 30 minutes. “I never held an Israeli person in my country for security reasons,” he said.

“We must rejuvenate the peace process, for Palestinians to be recognized as a state.” He then briefly criticized Obama for failing to secure a Palestinian state. “Obama had said that by this year’s General Assembly he’d like there to be a state of Palestine,” he said. “It’s still being debated.”

His ire then turned to the UN and its Security Council. “The Security Council needs reform,” he said. “The five are not representing the world. They are representing themselves. That is not acceptable. While we’re saying democracy, they are ignoring the legitimate concerns of people.” His words were directed at the five permanent members of the UN Security Council that hold veto-power: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“The two-state vision is an obligation!” he exclaimed. “Stop this irony! Stop this injustice! Turkey will support Gaza, and Turkey will provide humanitarian aid to Gaza and the Palestinians!”

Referring to the Israeli raid on the Turkish flotilla carrying aid to Gaza, in which nine Turks died, including a Turkish-American, Erdogan said, “Some people believe our attitude is based on that—yes, partly. We lost nine Turkish lives, including one Turkish-American. We demanded an apology, compensation, and the elimination of the embargo,” he said. But the current situation “has to do with the tyrannical behavior of Israel.”

As to the Jews living in Turkey, Erdogan said they have nothing to worry about. “I told them don’t worry,” he said. “I would never allow a single individual to harm them. They should not pay the price for the actions of Israel.”

He then remembered the Turkish-American who died during the flotilla attack and the silence on the part of the American government. “My Turkish citizen, who was also a citizen of the United States, Furkan Dogan, was killed aboard the flotilla,” he said. “I asked Obama why he wasn’t protecting the right of his Turkish-American citizen… But I will persevere.”

In his final words, Erdogan focused again on Gaza, saying, “I do not recognize the platform that was imposed on Gaza… I will raise my voice whenever I see injustice.” He said everyone must be involved in the molding of the future, and, in words reminiscent of Bob Marley, he finished with: “Please liberate yourselves from old perspectives.”

Most of the questions that followed his speech were on the Syrian issue, according to the moderator, and were compressed into three questions.

Asked whether he had a long-term strategy on Israel and whether he was worried that Turkey’s overall rhetoric would affect relations between the two people, Erdogan said he was talking to the Israeli government, and not the people. He said honesty lacked in the dialogue, evidently referring to the Israeli side. “We tried dialogue with Israel and at the end of it, Israel bombed Gaza. It’s very difficult to understand Israel,” he said, and brought up the flotilla incident.

Then, in a statement clearly made in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s earlier remarks—“We are both sons of Abraham…our destinies are intertwined”— at the UN General Assembly, directed towards Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Erdogan declared, “If we are children of Abraham, we are all children of Abraham, and children of Abraham do not kill.” The audience responded with applause.

Responding to a question on the Arab Spring and its effect on the region’s economy, Erdogan said that resources in Libya belong to the Libyans, and that the U.S. should not interfere simply because of the oil. For example, he said, in Iraq, less than 10 percent of the people control the oil; the rest is in the hands of the countries who have established a presence there. Once the Libyan finances are released—as they are currently frozen—the country will begin to spend its funds on its people’s needs. “Friends must always speak the truth,” he added.

In response to the final question on how the NATO radar system might affect the region, Erdogan assured the audience that the system was installed with no single country in mind. “It is a step taken within NATO,” he said. “There is no mention of Iran or any country in this agreement… This is not a missile ramp. It is a radar. It is a defense system. We are a member of NATO, and it is not threatening any country.”

Tag-along Prelude

The event, which was held at the University Club of New York, was organized by the SETA Foundation for Political, Economic, and Social Research, an Ankara-born think-tank with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

SETA’s executive director, Erol Cebeci, welcomed the guests and press. The foundation’s president, Taha Ozhan, followed with his remarks outlining Turkey’s achievements over the past decade. There are two options, he said: to support either old ways or new developments.

General Brent Scowcroft, the president of the Scowcroft Group, who served as national security advisor to Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, took to the podium. Scowcroft is also chairman of the American Turkish Council and has, in that capacity, spoken against the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, arguing that Turkey has shown support for the secular order and the development of democratic society, apparent in its support of the Syrian revolt. That commitment is also apparent in its “quiet cooperation” and “persistence” on the war against al-Qaeda, he said. Scowcroft then noted the help the U.S. extended to Turkey to root out PKK hideouts in northern Iraq, and the cooperation between the two countries in the War on Terrorism. He acknowledged Turkey’s recent collaboration with NATO in installing an early-warning radar in Malatya, and added that Erdogan’s government has brought stability to the Balkans, citing Serbia as an example.

“A new Middle East will emerge with Turkish and American vision,” said Scowcroft, adding that “Turkey has access to the Middle East in a way that the U.S. does not.” He then rang a warning bell on the worsening Turkey-Israel relationship, noting that both countries were assets to the U.S. “[This] is bad for both countries,” he said, explaining that the situation will only bring instability and complications. “This is a statement of fact, not blame.”

The president of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, Robert Wexler, then introduced Erdogan. After praising Kemal Ataturk, Wexler, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, highlighted the importance of Turkey’s geographic location. Referring to it as a “regional powerhouse” and “a crucial ally of the United States,” Wexler said Turkey had been an ally of the U.S. since the Korean War, and that it is an ally today in Afghanistan. He thanked Turkish cooperation on European defense, and declared, “America must stand with you as you combat PKK’s terrorist infrastructure.” Wexler also noted the value of both Turkey and Israel to the U.S., and said Erdogan and Netanyahu must “act with urgency” to mend fences. The U.S. needs to “protect and preserve our precious friendship,” he said.

Representatives of international and national media, including the Armenian Weekly, were present at the event.

Nanore Barsoumian

Nanore Barsoumian

Nanore Barsoumian was the editor of the Armenian Weekly from 2014 to 2016. She served as assistant editor of the Armenian Weekly from 2010 to 2014. Her writings focus on human rights, politics, poverty, and environmental and gender issues. She has reported from Armenia, Nagorno-Karabagh, Javakhk and Turkey. She earned her B.A. degree in Political Science and English and her M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the University of Massachusetts (Boston).
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  1. Erdugan leads Turkey Islamic evolution!
    Erdugan violates international laws–supports terrorists and claims to be human rights champion!
    *Erdugan said that HAMAS is a sister party!
    Erdugan recognized that terrorists are his family.
    1:”We condemn the assassination of Osama Bin Laden,an Arab holy warrior”
    Palestinian Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh. –
    2:Hamas charter:”The day of judgment will not come until Moslems fight killing the Jews.
    The stones and trees will say O MOSLEM, THERE IS A JEW BEHIND ME, KILL HIM”
    3:”Hiding among civilians prevents armies with western values the ability to fight. We impose a new non conventional equation in wars”
    Said by Hamas leader Khalid Mash’al on Al-Jazeera.

    *Turley and Iraq are in peace.
    However, Turkey bombs and conducts military actions across the border in Iraq against the Kurds.
    The Kurds fight for cultural rights.
    They don’t fight to destroy Turkey.
    NATO and the UN is silent.I wander why?
    *IHH the operators of Marmara ship-protected by Erdugan- is a Turkish Islamic movement part of the global Jihad network.
    *IHH was connected to the Islamist terror attack attempt at Los Angeles Airport
    *Danish and French intelligence Institutes wrote:
    1:IHH is connected to Al Qaeda.
    In IHH offices Explosives, terror instruction manuals, weapons and Improvised explosive documents have been founded
    2:IHH supports Jihadist groups in: several EU countries, Syria-Afghanistan-Iraq Falllujiah- Chechnya-Algeria.
    3;Erdugan is frequently funded by IHH.

    Islamist Erdugan- not Ataturk legacy!

  2. Erdogan says above that “…children of Abraham don’t kill”. If Turks are children of Abraham who the hell was it that killed my grandparents and millions of my people between 1894 – 1915?

  3. The absence of mention of Armenia and Azerbaijan is deafening.

    The hypocrisy of  “Turkey is calling on Syria to rise up to the needs of its people” is astounding.

    “The two-state vision is an obligation!” today when talking about Palestinians, but an excuse to commit genocide of Armenians who simply wanted self-determination in 1915

    Son’s of Abraham!  How are the sons of the Altai, Son’s of Abraham?

    I will believe Erdogan is sincere only after he acknowledges that Turkey committed genocide against Armenians and apologizes and offers reparations.  Then I will know that Turkey has advanced and matured as a society that sincerely values human rights of all people.

  4. Hello Mike, Inchbes es?  BTW; say 1894 – 1923 as the Armenian Genocide by the hands of the Turks didn’t stop until 1923.  In 1922 Kemal Ataturk entered Izmir and had 130,000 Armenians annihilated with the burning of Smyrna and then they annihilated the Greeks.  Don’t you pay attention to Erdogan and his denialist ways Mike, next he will say that the Islams and Turks are saints or something like that.  It’s not just murdering almost 2 Million Armenians, but Armenians were the indigenous people of the Western Armenia, probably for about 10,000 years from the beginning of times.  They uprooted our whole nation from our homeland, an entire civilization was demolished thanks to the Turks.  Don’t worry my friend, their time will come when they will be disintegrated into pieces and then we shall see. 

  5. First of all, I want to thank Ms. Nanore B. for a well written article. She did a very good job!

    As for the posters, OMG…can’t any of you stop your non-stop whining already? One poster (Mike) threatens to “punch PM Erdogan in the nose” for what only he perceives as an insultive gesture towards Nanore. He isn’t even sure, yet is sure of his threat of a physical attack! BTW Mike, I’d like to see you try to carry out your empty threat on Erdogan! Who knows, prison time may give you a chance to get your act together.

    Alex shows his ignorance by being insultive and showing the usual disrespect towardsTurkey and her people (e.g. turkies). 

    Ariely is grasping at straws as he tries his best to confuse the audience in reards to the flotilla. I ask Ariely just how many weapons, explosives, guns, ammunition, RPG’s, etc were found on any of the six ships of the flotilla, when they were escorted and docked in an Israeli port? All that was displayed by the IDF were seven knives, several planks of wood and metal pipes (torn off from the ship for protection)! What they did find were medical supplies, building and construction materials, toys for children, cooking utensiles, etc.! Keep in mind that the flotilla was attacked at 4:30am, over sixty miles from Gaza and in International Waters, by an armed an hostile force against unarmed civilians and numerous journalists (who BTW documented everything). Even the UN’s Palmer Report (which was for the most part, blatently biased) stated that Israel’s IDF had acted far beyond what was necessary (the IDF troops started shooting as they came grappling down the UH-1 Hueys), resulting in mortal wounds of 18 bullet holes in one victim, four victims being shot top-side, point-blank in the backs of their heads (execution style), and the other four being shot from a futher distance by automatic gunfire (these are from the report itself!). 

    Erdogan has repeatedly said that Turkey has no problems with the Israeli people. Our problems lie with their PM Benjamin Netanyahu (arrogant, pompous and stubborn) and his immediate cabinate of yes men. We also know full well the agitation and instigation provided by the ARF dashnaks AND the Hellenic groups (Greek) to fuel the situation, so as to create a further wedge between Turkey and Israel! It’s a very transparent attempt and will ultimately backfire upon both groups! This will naturally be brought up during the upcoming freindship summit between the Israeli and the Turkish peoples.       

  6. Seervant,

    After reading your comment post, I must ask you this question…Are you a Satan worshipper? Only someone with an evil heart and misguided beliefs of falacy and self-delusion would make such a comment post! Before the Ottoman Empire, how many other Empires were the Armenians subjects of? A fair question! The Hittites, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans ad the Russian soviet communists. tell me Seervant, why don’t we ever see any posts from you or any of the other regulars berating them (Greeks, Italians, Iranians, Russians, etc.) for “uprooting your people”? BTW, you might want to check your history regarding Izmir and Ataturk next time before making comments that have long been proven by eye-witnesses to be untrue. That way, you’ll avoid further embarrassing yourself!

  7. I have respect for a great many Middle-Eastern Islamist countries and the people.  If Erdogan is truly sincere in his quest to collaborate and bring peace among nations; then how come he didn’t mention anything about Armenia?  They blockaded Armenia now for 18 years and if they wish to collaborate with Armenians and live side by side peacefully as neighbours should as they do it in Europe and elsewhere, then why not and when?  If they are an imminent power in the region and if they are respected then they should do themselves a favor by coming clean with Armenians.

  8. While Armenians still live in early 20th century, the Turks are galloping forward well in to the 21st century. You dont want to admit this. As Bill Clinton said in 1999, “The 21st century will a Turkish century”
    Can you not still see it?

  9. Ahmet, what metrics did you use to assert that Turkey is, quote, ‘galloping forward’  well into  21st century, while Armenians still live in early 20th century ?
     (BTW: interesting choice of words, ‘galloping’: I guess your Nomadic horsemen ancestors from the Mongolian  Steppes have left an indelible imprint on you).
    While you are researching the answer, allow me to give you some statistics (from CIA Factbook):
    TURKEY– Literacy Rates.
    total population: 87.4%
    male: 95.3%
    female: 79.6%
    ARMENIA– Literacy Rates
    total population: 99.4%
    male: 99.7%
    female: 99.2%
    Let me show you some more statistics: you tell me which country is racing towards 21st century: (all are from Hurriyet Daily News   Jan 21, 2011)
    [According to their research, nearly 5.5 million women were married at or before the age of 18, while a bridewealth – meaning money paid by the groom or his family, also known as bride price – has been asked for more than 2 million women. The academics gave their report to a sub-commission that was established within the scope of the equal-opportunity commission to study traditional marriages.]
    [The research also revealed that 12.4 percent of marriages are between first-degree relatives, something that affects 1,700,062 women, mostly in the southeast. Matches between first-degree relatives account for 29 percent of marriages in southeastern provinces, 22 percent in central-eastern Anatolia and 18 percent in the northeast.]
    [Countrywide, 39.7 percent of marriages involve women who are 18 or under, for a total of 5,439,367 young brides]
    [Some 7 million couples got married based on a decision made by their parents, while a bride price was asked in 2,168,600 marriages, most commonly among less-educated groups. Bridewealth was asked for in 50 percent of marriages in central-eastern Anatolia, 47 percent in the northeast and 32 percent in the southeast.]
    Seems to me  large parts of Turkish society are stuck in medieval times, wouldn’t you say ? Where in a modern Western 21st century society have you heard of buying brides ?
    Oh yes, the parts very close to Europe, e.g. Constantinople (aka Istanbul),  are relatively advanced. You know why my Moslem friend ? That’s right, because it is very close to Western, Christian Europe. All the advanced galloping you claim is nearly 100% due to Europe’s Christian benevolence towards you Moslem Turks. Every modern factory in Turkey is of European design or built by Europeans (mainly German). Most of Turkey’s exports go to the wealthy Christian West. What percentage of Turkey’s exports go to the Islamic World  markets  – let us know (dollar value). 
    Where would proud Moslem Turks  be without the Christian West  ?
    Can you point to one thing that is of original Turk creation ? (other than the invention of State Organized Genocide and the invention of first primitive gas chambers – of course).

  10. Robert– have YOU no shame addressing Seervart in such manner??? why are you back on these pages?? You call Seervart as a satan worshiper?? Are you out of your denialists mind?? oh maybe you did not know this but YOUR Erdogan is the actual son of the Satan..Seervart’s one strand of hair is more holly than all you denialists put together…

    just and FYI..the anti-Armenian lunatic who speaks of such things like below are absolutely ridiculeous, hillarious and absurd: 
    I will raise my voice whenever I see injusticeg about –
    We are both sons of Abraham…our destinies are intertwined-
    we are all children of Abraham, and children of Abraham do not kill-
    Please liberate yourselves from old perspectives.”
    We demanded an apology, compensation, and the elimination of the embargo,” he said. But the current situation “has to do with the tyrannical behavior of Israel.”

    Really Erdogan??? Are you sure you are the RIGHT PErSON to speak such words? I DOUBT IT…Robert, i am sure you are sooo very proud of your Denialists Anti-Armenian leader right???

    and you referencing Greeks, Iranians, Italians and Russians uprooting my people tells me how uneducated youa re or simply IGNORANT of the true history.. but deep down i know YOU know VERY WELL that Ottomans are NO EQUAL to any other nation..cold hearted and barbaric group of people. all other nations did not plan a systematic elimination of the Armenian nations.. now you see the difference ROBERT!!!!!

  11. Ahmet bay- are you sure Turkey is galloping into the 21st Century??? because if it is it may be only in your denialists heads because to the whole world Turkey remains as one of the worst human rights violators, the most intolerant of anyone who is not a Turk especially Christians… among other things.. it is not for nothing the world knows Turkey as the sick man of Europe … the Ataturk mentality still lives in Turkey so get off your imaginary high horse Ahmet… cause you are dreaming.. just because you have the money that your govt inherited from my murdered ancestors..don’t think the mentality is forward thinking.. without the money and the riches Turkey stole from other indigenous people Turkey would be nothing special…

  12. Ahmed,
                    This news came from your old Israeli friend regards to your boss and his politics, only time will show, that 21 century belong to Turkey..don’t jump to your conclusion, “Arab spring” is not far away from the land of Ottomans.
    Turkey Is No Economic Powerhouse – Guy Bechor

  13. Robert, I am not at all a Satan worshipper Robert, are you?  You have been told by myself and by my compatriots on numerous other threads that practically our entire families were atrociously annihilated from 1915 thru 1923 the Armenian Genocide.  Let me see, why would Mike and myself say that practically his entire family as well as mine (say at least 95% of it) were barbarically murdered?  I wish it was merely some of our families alone, but it wasn’t, it was practically our entire race along with our civilization that was wiped out and uprooted from their indigenous Western Armenian Homeland.  I am not surprised at you Robert, because you are fed misrepresentation and misinformation by your denialist gov’t and unfortunately but truthfully you are the outcome of it.  Mike is such a respected and a highly educated member of a good community that you could never come close to.  Respect is both ways Robert.  Meaning if Turkey respects herself and respects our martyrs and their heirs by accepting the Armenian Genocide, feel and show remorse with accountabilty for the Armenian Genocide; then we can become good  neighbours and can see eye to eye, gain our mutual respect as many other civilized nations do.  By illegally blockading Armenia for 18 years is showing very poor neighbourly attributes towards Armenia, and mind you the whole world is watching and seeing the injustices done to us by both Turkey and your cousins, the Azeris with their constant war rhetorics.

    The motto of the day is Robert, respect to gain respect; whether it is one human being to another or one nation towards the other.   

  14. Gayane kuyriges, Thank you for your kind words and your well put and justifiable two posts to Robert and Ahmet.

    Avery jan, You certainly did your homework and was able to show us the percentages and the numbers for both countries.  Thank you for posting it in here.

  15. I see there are more posts than I can afford to read  them all. It is obvious all  are fired up on the empty words  of Mr. Erdogan.
    I shall only comment on dear Seervart´s andd those  who believe  it is good policy to mention the border opening.
    They,great Turkey  closed  the border in support  of  little brother Azerbaijan,for they are according to them on Nation in two States.As  ours  RA/Artsakh.So ,please  leave  it at that.
    If great Turkey suddenly opens the borders, we are in for trouble. The must  first establish diplomatic  relations.In order for  us RA to accept exchange  of diplomats ,great Turkey  must  recognize   Genocide perpetrated  on us Armenians.
    Otherwise,  no Armenian  in his her  right mind should accept to relate  with a Genocide State. Therefore, all is said and no more  these bluffs  and twisting of facts. 

  16. Ahmet, You are boasting in your own words, “Turks are galloping forward well in to the 21st century, while Armenians still live in early 20th century”.

    Let me remind you that most of your grandmothers and great grandmothers are either; Armenian, Greek, Cherkez and Assyriacs.  To begin with today’s Turkish peoples’ DNA’s are totally mixed.  They do not bear solely the DNA of the Mongolian tribes that came from the middle of Asia a thousand years ago.  Remember that today’s Turkey holds not just our lands, but with it our riches, our monies, our business’ and the vast buildings that Armenians left behind after the Armenian Genocide.  Also remember that because of the AG, Turkey after annihilating Armenians and Greeks, got hold of our lands and the Greek lands, and became a much richer country.  Meanwhile Armenia who became free a mere 20 years ago, is landloced and illegally blockaded by Turkey for almost two decades, and Turkey continues her denialist regime towards Armenia, creating not at all a desirable situation for Armenia.  On one hand the war rhetorics by Azerbaijan and on the other being illegally blockaded by Turkey.  Regardless, you can see the numbers outlined and given above by Avery that we are doing even better as far as our educated people in Armenia than in your country and in other aspects pertaining to civilization.  Isn’t that a miracle now? 

  17. Gaytzag, Please read or reread both Ahmet’s post and then my answer to both Robert and Ahmet and why I spoke about the closed borders with Turkey.  If you read it carefully, you will see that the illegal closed borders was a direct answer to Ahmet’s boasting about his saying that Armenia lives in the 20th century and turkey lives in the 21st and the closed boarders was not helpful economically to Armenia.  I already know what you are saying and I have stated same on numerous occasions in the past.  What you are saying is not news for me, but you must read carefully what I’m saying and why.  Reread my post again and you will see that on several occasions I stated Turkey’s position to accept the Armenian Genocide and accountability and to come clean with Armenia.  I already said all that.  I hope it is clear to you now.

  18. Sorry if  I misunderstood  you.But  get  this straight .You too and all of us  here.
    Thje blockade, on behalf  of great Turkey  has in fact shown,proven to them and to us ,as well as  the world community  that  by that act  which is an act  of WAR according to many experts, we  have been the victor.Meaning  they could not suffocate  us,kill us totally.
    Friendly Iran and further up North West RRRRusia  and in extension  Georgia allowed  us to have  borders OPEN AT BOTH ENDS,thus rendering their Blockade  NIL.Only sill, I would say also money hungry Armenian BIZness people carried  on their dirty work of exchanging , rather impporting more  and exporting  near  NADA, nothing to Turkey,thus, giving  them  rope…
    Which THEY WILL NOT  DO UNLESS  WORLD COMMUNITY CONDEMNS  THEM GIVES HELL TO THEM .This is going to happen perdy soon,as  great Turkey inclines to get big for their boots.I only hope  that  goes  on and they build  on that,throwing their weight around untill West aND rUSSIA  REALIZE  GREAT tURKEY  IS A PAPER  TIGER AND nada  mas… 

  19. Gaytzag, I have capiched a very long time ago what you are saying above and you don’t need to preach to me as I have known it a long while ago that thanks to Persia/Iran who have friendly borders with Armenia as well as through Russia, we haven’t gone hungry.  Unfortunately we are all well aware the unethical oligarchs and how they have and continue to hurt our people with the corruption in the country.  This must stop very soon or else.  You don’t have to speak to me yelling by the way you write your posts in capital letters.  For your information, not only Turkey must apologize to Armenians but reparations and accountibility must follow.  If they have opened their borders, it would have harmed us more than we have benefited from it, nevertheless theirs was and is an illegal act, that’s what I was stressing.  Legally they owe Armenia millions.

  20. Really Robert?

    So according to you
    As for the posters, OMG…can’t any of you stop your non-stop whining already
    You think your response to the posters is not WHINING????? just something to think about..

    Robert you said
    Keep in mind that the flotilla was attacked at 4:30am, over sixty miles from Gaza and in International Waters, by an armed an hostile force against unarmed civilians and numerous journalists (who BTW documented everything). 

     You whine about few Turks who died RObert???  Well keep IN MIND Robert that the innocent Armenian women, children and elderly were attacked en masse with the most  barbaric ways.. Keep in mind Robert, these people were WAYYYYYYYYYYY over and away from any war zones.. you do know the attack was by armed, hostile plus barbaric force (OTTOMANS) against unarmed civilans and THIS FACT BTW has been documented in detail… to me it sounds you grew a heart for few Turkish citizens losing their lives but you give a rat’s you know what when your ancestors murdered 1.5-2 million innocent souls.. talk about hypocracy… 

    Robert you said:

    resulting in mortal wounds of 18 bullet holes in one victim, four victims being shot top-side, point-blank in the backs of their heads (execution style), and the other four being shot from a futher distance by automatic gunfire (these are from the report itself!).

    What do you say about this:
    burning people alive, pulling out their nails and put salt on them cause more pain, take out their eyes while alive, split open  pregnant women’s stomach to check the sex of the baby and THEN slice the new borns in half, throwing people off the clif, burning them in caves and churches ALIVE, beheading and raping women in front of their husbands and children, cutting their breast and make them dance on the streets naked.. WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT ROBERTTTTTTTT!!!!! you come here and talk about injustice for few lost Turkish lives but you spit on the memory of all those INNOCENT CIVILIANS of the Ottoman Empire your barbaic ancestors who murdered them in cold blood… THAT is what I call Satan’s doing.. that is what I call SATAN living in your denialists heart….   

  21. Good for you Gayane jan.

    To Robert.  All of the above stated by Gayane stands more than true.  On April 24, 1915 when they first got hold of our 250-300 intellectuals.  Among them was our most wonderous poet Daniel Varoujan and a few other Armenian intellectuals when they took them in the interior of Turkey from Gosdantnoubolis, when one other sympathetic Turk tells his story that he saw it from a distance that they skinned them alive, one skin at a time while they screamed their heads off from the agonyzing pain until their death.  Their screams were so loud that even that sympathizer Turk felt sick in his stomach.  On other occasions they used to skin the skulls of Armenians and put ants in it then cover the skin back on their skulls to inflict them with utmost pain before their death.  They would place boiled eggs and place them under their armpits.  Cut their ears, their noses, their tongs before their death.

    Now all these barbarity is what should be called HELL FROM SATAN. 

  22. I despise hypocracy .. with every fiber in my body and Turkey IS and WILL remain a hypocrite along with her denialists followers like Robert and Ahmet and Kurt and Monastras… Robert speaks of justice and inhumanity against Turks who lost their lives during Gaza’s ordeal as if Turkey is innocent and they are guily of nothing but  SHOULD get and it demands an apology and reperation as Erdogan was barking up during the convention.. There are no words to describe such acts except Satan’s act…

    We now know who are true Satan worshippers…  don’t we Robert??? 

  23. Gayan jan, turks still believe, they are the only people, that Allah chosen them to be on earth!!they have all the rights to kill and commit Jihadism against others…by the way, if they had smart leader he would never talk in public with his disfigured finger…

  24. A Favor Request from a Turk (living in the US): Could you guys change the name of this website from armenianweekly.com to antiturkishweekly.com? I guess it would make more sense given the ratio of news and articles on Turkey compared to Armenia here. 
    Best regards,

  25. Dear Great Armenian Statistician Avery

    As you may remember, We have the Great and first Christian nation  in the East. Turks and Kurds lived with this Great nation for thousands of year. Turks and Kurds are still living like caveman in the Eastern Turkey. Armenians claim to have a sophisticated civilization.Where is your civilization? You have nothing to offer them. You are responsible for the Turks backwardness  

  26. Mike who resides in US (but still talks like a true Anti-Armenian person)..

    You should be thankful you have the opportunity to even post on our pages.. have YOU seen the filth and the language on YOUR TURKISH sites when it comes to ORDINARY ARMENIANS.. at least ARmenians have the decency to only voice their frustration and DISGUST against TURKISH DENIALISTS and TURKISH GOVT.. SEE THE DIFFERENCE MIKE? or did they not teach you how to analyze and understand the difference between two different expressions…. well something for you to think about.. however, when once has hatred toward the entire Armenian population, one WILL think tha FACTS and strong data is equal to hatred toward all Turks.. how childish and typical of a denialist…welcome to the denialist party.. 


  27. John the Turk and a fake instigator…

    Why are you so full of hate toward those who shut you up with strong facts .. it is right there… BLACK AND WHITE.. you can do your own research… that is you denialists problem and your leader’s problem.. talk BIG but remain small… your govt is not fooling anyone John the TUrk except people who have no brain and follow the ugly tail… why don’t you leave that tail and admit that a crime was committed.. now man up and pay up.. and we can all move forward to a more mutual and friendly future.. but as I see it.. as long as we have denialists party and i will coin it now as IDP (International Denialists Party) including your own Turkish govt, well.. no need to continue…

    If you did not like what my friend Avery provided here which was absolutly brilliant.. why don’t YOU counter that and provide your own data.. don’t just blow hot air John.. we all know the denialists are pretty good at it….

    Example, Erdogan loves to boast about things that are completely different behind the tightly sealed doors of your govt.. is that how he plans to promote democracy??? what a joke…get out of your stale mindsets John the Turk who thinks he should be the next philosopher with his grandiouse titles for everyone here… why dont’ you use your intelligence to really study history and add two and two together…and you will see the real picture…. don’t waste it on coming up with names (sarcastically that is) about people who can fold you in 10 ways and put you aside with their intelligence and tact… 

    Have a nice day sir


  28. John the Turk: 

    when you have learned actual history and facts, you can come back with a post that makes sense, and I may answer.

    FYI: Turks didn’t live thousands of years with Armenians. Your nomadic Seljuk Turk ancestors arrived in the Armenian Highlands around 1000 AD. (Battle of Manazkert near City of Van was in 1071 AD).  By  1923, most of the Armenians in Western Armenia  were exterminated by your barbaric ancestors. 

    See if you can do the real-math subtraction and arrive at thousands of years.
    See if you can learn real math first used by the rest of the world, not Turkish mythical math.

  29. Mike the Turk:
    Even though you are living in the USA, as I, you must be reading English versions of TodaysZaman and Hurriyet online (as I do), yes ?
    Please read the Comments by your fellow Turks in the following two articles:
     “Report: Gül congratulates Armenia on its Independence Day”
     “Dink case and a confession”
    (especially note  the comments directed at Hrant Dink, unquestionably a man of peace who campaigned on behalf of Turkey joining EU, and wished nothing but peace and prosperity for Turkey.)
    {e.g. “These Armenian crime continued for over 90 years through attempts to distort history. Hrant Dink was a leading figure in this attempt. There should be a consequence for 90 years of Armenian lies.”}
    {e.g. “Hrant Dink assisted Armenian fanaticism. He distorted history in a biased one-sided manner, deliberately ignoring…”}
    There are even more Anti-Armenian posts @Hurryet: just search anything related to Armenia, and read the comments. These would be a representative sample of ordinary Turks, same as  in the case of AW. Here is one sample:
     {“Calling the issue that was fabricated by the defeated armenians as the Armenian Genocide is an insult to the memories of the Jewish victims of the holocaust”} (posted 2011-05-16 16:38:37)
    By your criteria then, Mike the Turk, if and when TodaysZaman changes it name to TodaysAntiArmenian and HurriyetDaily changes its name to AntiArmenianDaily, we, the Armenian readers of ArmenianWeekly will petition the management of AW to consider changing its name to something that suits its Turk readers.
    Fair enough ?
    Regarding your comment: ‘…..antiturkishweekly.com? I guess it would make more sense given the ratio of news and articles on Turkey compared to Armenia here. ‘
    Assuming your ratio is correct, shouldn’t  the name chosen by you have been TurkishWeekly.com ? There may be some comments by readers that you, a Turk, might arguably consider Anti-Turkish. But a favour request: please tell us which factual articles by ArmenianWeekly publication  itself your consider  Anti-Turkish.

  30. I cannot believe these guys namely Mike the Turk, You are plain lucky that the Armenian Weekly let you say the absurdities that you spew on these sites.  I must give them credit for their patience and ours as well.

    John the Turk, How can we become responsible for your backwardness when you annihilated almost all the Armenians from our Western Armenian Homeland, you sat on it with OUR riches and your gov’t denied the Armenian Genocide for 96 years and then you come back on these pages and find us responsible for your actions?  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!  During the 1,000 years that your nomadic Seljuk Turks came from the Mongolian Altai mountains and colonized our Armenian Highlands, you saw how Armenians were mega productive and cultural people, you could have learned from them; but you chose not to.  Who’s fault is that?  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!! 

  31. Regarding the posts about my post:
    My post was addressed simply toward the editors of this website; it has nothing to do with the commentators and their comments in particular. So, it is a bit funny that you try to reply to me with so long posts (thank you but it is just a waste of time). I kindly insist that the name of the website should change and to those who ask me to show any case of Anti-Turkishness here (putting aside most of the comments filled with extreme hatred), you can just simply check out anything from the pen of Harut Sassounian.

  32. give us a couple of  examples from Harut Sassounian’s pen that you consider Anti-Turkish, Mike the Turk. 

    BTW: Mr. Sassounian is an independent publisher whose articles are oftentimes published here @AW, as they are in many other Armenian publications.
    Mr. Sassounian does not work for ArmenianWeekly.

    Again, give us a couple of  examples  from ArmenianWeekly staff that fits your definition of Anti-Turkishness. Let’s review it. Maybe you have a point. Or maybe not.
    Don’t hide behind vacuous generalities: show us proof.

    As to the comments by posters: I gave you 3 examples from Turk websites of clearly Anti-Armenian comments by Turk posters.

    I’ll give you one more by a Turk posted right here @AW.
    Go to this article: http://armenianweekly.com/2011/08/19/new-armenian-church-in-iraqi-kurdistan/#comments   
    Read what the Turk poster necati wrote on Aug 20, 2011.

    A Favor Request from an Armenian (living in the US): see if you can find a post by an Armenian @AW that even comes close to that on the hate & viciousness-scale.
    And it’s my time to waste when I post long comments: no need for you to worry about it.
    You are not paying my salary. 

  33. Mike the Turk:

    You sound so simpleminded it’s not funny.  You think you can come up here to a paper that is our pride and joy, you can put the paper down and simply we should dismiss it???  YOU ARE WRONG.  You are addressing it to our wonderful editors by mocking them and their paper by talking down to them and we should look away???  You have some nerve to do that.  I know the editor in chief of this paper who is extremely intelligent, extremely brave and a huge man that you couldn’t come close.  Does that answer you?  If the shoe fits wear it.

  34. Congratulations to the Armenian Weekly! You seem to have increased your Turkish denialist readership. Obviously we must have touched some raw nerve to attract several more paid PR people to detract and desuade our readers. Too bad it won’t work. Poor ROBERT, if he were doing a better job at his senseless and ineffective attacks, they probably wouldn’t have hired Mike, John The Turk and Ahmet to help him. Careful Robert, your paycheck from the Turkish Info Agency is in danger of being cut off!

    In ROBERT-LAND everyone else is wrong only the Turks are right — all the time.

    To Ahmet: If the Turks are riding in to the 21st century it is only on the dollars and weaponry given to them by the USA. If it weren’t for the 1st Gulf war, your country would be bankrupt now.
    Seervart: Don’t worry, I’m not fooled by Erdogan for even a millisecond. Give the man credit though, it’s not easy to stand in front of cameras every day and be a hypocrit and keep a straight face. I guess if you tell a lie often enough, you wind up believing it —or better yet, you’re too embarrased to admit you lied so you continue the lie.

  35. As far right of a Turkish nationalist I am and as a far right supporter of CHP I am, I am going to say that Erdogan is a two faced liar and a hypocritical son of a bitch. He says he is friend of the Palestinians, but at the same time, you will see pics of him meeting with senior officials of the Anti-Defamation league as well as kissing the Rear Ends of Israelis and you will see pics of Abdullah Gul meeting with Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres. He says he wants to preserve secular interests in Turkey, but in reality he is gradually trying to bring back the Ottoman Empire, thanks to many powers in the Civilized World (who are supposed to support Secular Democracy in Turkey). Erdogan has an agenda of starting a new Ottoman Empire and wants to bring Sharia Law and Honor Killings to all of Turkish allies. Infact I am sure you Armenians are happy with Erdogan, because the more ineffective you have someone defending Turkish interests, and the more Islamist, the more likely you guys get to mess/bully with Turkey. I am not a fan of Armenian Dashnak Supremacism, I admit, but Erdogan is x10 times of an enemy to Turkey and Turkish people then Dashnak, Megali and PKK faschists.

  36. Mike M jan– totally agree…

    I do want to congratulate AW for their patience and tolerance level with these denialists… I already have a regular stocker, one and only Robert the Turk who can’t let go.. you know he promised that he will never come back to AW….. yeap.. not only he kept coming back but now he added more fuel to his Anti-Armenianness.. how romantic don’t you think? 

    Avery jan– BRAVO.. absolutely brilliant..great strong facts…….

    Seervart jan– what can you do?? it is in their genes….still no crack in the wall… but lets not lose hope…     

  37. Avery jan– thank you for the reference… i have a feeling the denialists won’t have the balls to read everything presented to them because they are afraid of the truth.. so much so they won’t go close.. like vampires who freak out when they see streak of sunlight… it is understandable.. having been in the darkness for such a looooooooooooooonggggggggggggg time, the light can be absolutely scary….

  38. ‘Infact I am sure you Armenians are happy with Erdogan,’

    Sean Yilmaz, I agree with you: AK Party and PM Erdogan are the best thing that has happened to Armenia and Armenians as far as Turkey is concerned.

    Turks’ Kemalist experiment with secularism has ended: Turks are reverting back to their Islamist roots. The West which had been supporting and protecting Turkey, will gradually pull away. Turks will have no powerful countries backing them. Turks have many enemies (…and no, Armenia is not one of them). And Turkey cannot fight the whole world alone.

    I believe internal and external forces will tear Turkey apart.
    Same thing that happened to the Ottoman Empire on a smaller scale.
    Kurds will get an independent state.

    Many interesting developments coming up.
    Armenia just needs to stay the course, continue advancing, clean up its own house.
    Watch the developments form the sidelines.
    And be ready to accept the gifts that Providence will present her on a silver platter. 

  39. Yilmaz,  No matter how terrible he is, i think you made a mistake calling Erdogan “son of bitch”. He is PM of our country and this  AW  is not right  place to criticise him in this way.  dont forget, kol kırılır yen içinde kalır.

  40. Oh I see Necati, AW is not the place to criticize Erdogan but it is the right place to refer to Armenians with foul language and the term ‘gaymenian.’  Interesting choice.  You forget that the Armenian Weekly is an English language paper that is published in the US and protected by the freedom of speech laws.  Quite different than what you are used to, I suppose.   I guess that means that its also a good place for us to tell you what we think of your small-minded Turkocentrism and anti-Armenianism.  

  41. Dear(Harkeli)Avery,
    I concurr with  your above  post  which is better phrased  than  my 2 above posts.You do see,like I do ,that great Turkey-in the opinion of a Persian/Iranian friend-a paper tiger,will by and by get bigger  for  their boots,whether through Islamist  extremists  or theirmilitary  Juntas -back again,you can never trust  the Think tank, the deeper state…oh  yes  they are there Avery et al..-pretty much like  in other two or three Powers  to be. Mr. Erdogan or pres. Gul are  there like acting spokesmen…
    Then when any of  above two scenarios occur,hopefully  not the second, new states  will emerge on Anatolia(a  fake  denomination, concocted  up by them).Same will occur believe you me   with Azerbaijan. A  country,that  did  not exist as a state, prior to 1918.Composed  of dagestani,Lenkorani)Persians, tatars  etc.
    It is a matter  of time,as well as  Economical tough decisions  that  the powers to be  have to take . For Political Economy  is very much involved in the politics  of  today.
    Greece  is being rescued  these days by Germany-above all- with a 210 billion Euro aid,close to 300 billion dollars or more. Country  that  forms  part  of  EU,wjereas great Turkey, as  yet  does  not form part and will not b e rescued,unless oil Transit duty  is not paid to  it,but  that  is   hardly possilbe.Oil has to flow  thru.>Other scenario will be the kurdish Autumn  or Winter, similar  to the arab  one and yet the West  has  not ,will not  give  up on this ¨ally¨ until real catastrophy occurs,or  another emerging power takes centrestage,say Iran, combiend with another…
    Anything is probable… 

  42. Dear Mr. Palandjian:

    I am honored and humbled that someone with your vast experience and knowledge of the world (of politics) concurs with my post.  Thank you very much. I try.

    We Armenians are lucky to have you in our midst. Many more years of lucid mind and active fingers.

  43. I think Avery needs to remember that whenever there has ever been a major political upheaval in their region, Armenians have paid a very heavy price – more than most – despite not being active combatants or participants. We don’t have to look too far…the fall of the USSR left Armenia in a horrible position, as did the fall of the Ottoman Empire, which decimated millions. Believe me, it is not something that anyone should wish for ever again, especially considering today’s geo-political ramifications. 

  44. Karekin– you lost me with your comment to Avery…

    this is how I understand about the fall of USSR and Ottoman empires…the fall of USSR is obviously not the same as the fall of Ottomans empire in the sense  Russia was not paranoid of the Armenians running a mock and taking over the empire… but it was apparent during the Ottoman times… two different circumstances…and the difference between fall of USSR and fall of the Ottomans is that USSR at least protected and treated Armenians with some decency even… yes commie country who loved to run its show but at least we lived in peace without fear that we will be wiped out…well we know how our ancestors were living during the Ottoman times…no need to go into detail again..yes two empires fell but both have completely different effect on Armenians.. one did not blame nor attempted to blame the Armenians.. when the other blamed all of their failure and collapse on Armenians…..

  45. Gayane….I was referencing Avery’s comment:

    I believe internal and external forces will tear Turkey apart.
    Same thing that happened to the Ottoman Empire on a smaller scale.

    In reality, this is a dangerous thought. As they say, be careful what you wish for, as it might come to pass.  The consequences, when things go haywire, are unpredictable, and for those without the big guns, aka, the Armenians, the danger is even higher. Armenians, like most people, do best in times of peace.  

    Avery also asked, where would the Ottoman Empire be without the Christian West?  I disagree w/ that train of thought. He really should be asking them, where would they have been without their Armenians?  Since, as we know, without us, they would have had no music, no art, no turbes, no cjamis, no food, no technology, no theater, no photography, no newspapers, no literature, no music….everything they learned came after their arrival in Armenia – and had NOTHING to do with the ‘Christian West’, which by the way, wanted to destroy Armenia as much as anyone else.



  46. Avery,
                       Here we go again, Mr. Turkologist Karekin is back to defend his hometown…
    KAREKIN  PASHA,  Armenians can defend themselves the way we did in Artsakh, we will be able thrown invading Turks, just like the way we did in Sardarabad…there is 8 million Armenians living outside of Armenia, at least half of us can be trained as patriotic soldiers..we will defend our fatherland and Artsakh with no problem!!I wonder why Turks stop their invasion in 1994, when we thrown azerBYjani turks and their jihadist allies, such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Pakistanis and Turkish missionaries out of  NKR..

  47. Karekin– Armenians were the ones who helped Turkey to become who they are now and have a country they falsely call home..  it was absolutely because of Armenians Turkey has the wealth to enjoy …..however, it is the Christian West that is helping Turkey who in return boast by screaming ” We are the cream of the crop among the Arab countries”… Christian West is pumping all the necessary assistance to keep Turkey to have their big mouths big.. without West Turkey will drop on her knees without a penny to her name and with their backwards thinking and Ottoman mentality it will never survive… to some degree I agree with you on the fact that even Christian West does not want Armenia to flourish and advance…but everything else I agree with Avery….

  48. Grish…arrogance and boastfulness are not helpful to Armenians, anytime, anywhere. The point is to be painfully honest and realistic…and not dwell in fantasyland. Look…you may not realize it, but those who seem to despise Erdogan all fall very neatly into the hard line, anti-Armenian camp: the Kemalists, the military, the ultranationalists, the heirs of the CUP, the old republicans….none of whom have done any favors for Armenians over the last 95 years. So, someone comes along who is radically different – in a very good way – and the guy still gets bashed?  Come on…as I said, get real. Biting the hand that’s feeding you (even if it’s temporary or not wearing diamonds) is not a useful strategy, unless you want that same hand to turn against you.  So, why provide a reason for the latter?  Makes no sense, my friend…makes no sense at all.  

  49. Karekin, in 1994 still Kemalists (military) were in power go check it…they march Turkish soldiers across Armenia’s border, next day they all disappeared do you know why??Even Armenian military was not stronger as of today!!you have your own day reams about Turkish military!!Turks are losing copter one after another these days, and begging Washington and Israeli’s ass for replacement..do you know why??Check the news!! and remember there is no different either they are Kemalist or Ottomanist, both are Turks for Armenians, of course they can fool the world!!  
    US to provide Turkey with attack helicopters – Israel News, Ynetnews

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