New Armenian Church in Iraqi Kurdistan

HAVRESK, Iraq—From Aug. 1-8, His Eminence Archbishop Avak Asadourian, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Iraq, paid a pastoral visit to the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, mainly to inspect the work of a new church that is being built in the village of Havresk (Hye Verejh) in the province of Duhok.

Due to limited funding the church was not built in an entirely Armenian architectural style. The church is expected to be completed early next year.

On Thurs., Aug. 4, Avak Serpazan traveled to the village of Havresk and met with the residents of the village in the “Levon Pasha” hall. During the meeting, he listened to the villagers and offered some solutions to their concerns.

His Eminence also visited the Armenian communities of Erbil and Duhok cities in a non-official capacity. On Aug. 5, Serpazan Hayr delivered a sermon during the Divine Liturgy celebrated in the St. Nersess Shenorhali Armenian church in Duhok city.

Due to a state of insecurity, especially in Baghdad and Mosul cities since 2003, the Armenian communities in Iraq have been experiencing inner migration, as is the case with other Christian denominations and minorities. As a consequence, a number of Armenians relocated to the Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq. Hence, the Armenian Diocese of Iraq is faced with the obligation and Christian duty of building new churches for the faithful.

The new house of worship is being built through a generous donation by the Association of Churches in Germany and Switzerland, with the able coordination of the CAPNI Foundation. The Diocese is appreciative of this Christian act of extending a helping hand.

During his visit, Serpazan supervised the progress of the work and offered details pertaining to arrangements specific to the mother church.

Due to limited funding, the church was not built in an entirely Armenian architectural style. The church is expected to be completed early next year.

His Eminence was accompanied by the parish priests of the churches of Zakho and Duhok, Fr. Artoon Khalatian and Fr. Masis Shahinian, respectively. Also accompanying Serpazan were two parish council members from Erbil.

Returning to Erbil, His Eminence presented his condolences to the families and relatives of two recently departed Armenian men on August 6 and 7  in the community center.

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  1. 1.There is no kü is a part of independent IRAQ.
    2.Musul and Kerkuk belongs to OTTOMANS, so to Turkey. Arabs invaded my soil there with the help of UK, The biggest colonist in the world.

    • Necati,
      keep in your mind when Arabs invaded Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) Armenia, Persia, Kurdistan, Ottoman Turks were in Altai mountains and herding their own cattle. Unlike Turks, Kurds are part of Indo-European people, or Iranians. They were Islamized with the rest of Persian Empire, their ancient culture and language is very similar to persians!

  2. Therewill soon be independent Kurdistan that will include the southeastern parts ofTurkey. There will be a historic Armenia covering its ancient ancestral lands,currently under the occupation in eastern parts of Turkey. There may as well bean independent Assyria, too.
    Mosul,Kerkuk, and other ancient cities belonged to Mesopotamia l-o-o-o-ng beforeOttoman pimps popped up on the face of the Earth, invaded and colonized AsiaMinor and parts of the Middle East. Forced colonization by Ottoman Turks ofancient, more civilized, and nobler nations—Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians,Arabs, and the Balkan peoples—in the 15th century AD doesn’t meanthat they were “Ottoman” throughout their ancient history.
    Did independent Cyprus also belong to the Ottomans so it was invaded by Turkey in1974?

  3. You know, necati, history of several nations, Armenians included, extends for severalmillennia. But it appears that for Turks history starts only in the 15thcentury AD with the colonization and enslavement of other nations. Is your brain at all capable of accommodating the fact that some ancient peoples existedlong before Seljuks/Ottomans’ intrusion into the region from Mongolian steppes?

  4. Necati, you have made an error in your thinking.   Please compare your statement below to the one from the article that follows:
    A.  “There is no kü is a part of independent IRAQ” (from your post above)
    B.  “…Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Iraq, paid a pastoral visit to the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, (from the opening paragraph of the article).
    Now,  please review the meaning of the term autonomous region (a simple google search). 
    This  mistake is common among many Turks and Azeris when discussing Karabagh and they neglect to recall that it too was an autonomous region before declaring independence.  Does this concept not exist in the Turkish language?  Perhaps this explains the inability to accept the notion of other peoples’ freedom.  Perhaps the centuries of pillaging and murdering have left the Turks without the experience to understand the concepts of co-existence, mutual respect and equality.  Perhaps it is time for Turkish society to experience an epiphany of humility.

  5. Necati, I am very surprised that you recognize Independent Iraq. Iraq was
    part of Ottoman Empire until Arabs discovered that a fake Caliphates had been
    fooling them for centuries. You see, you cannot fool all the people all the
    time. Only way Turks can live in peace to return Western Armenia and
    establish a free and independent Republic of Kurdistan. Kurds have authonomy in
    Northern Iraq already. PKK has been fighting Turkey more than 30 years. NATO soon is
    going disappear. Turkey must deal with these forces alone.

  6. Re-post after correction  grammatical mistakes:

    You all, including newcomer BERJ forget something. Kürts have never been able to  have an independent country in history.Always under control of others..
    I have a question: PKK claims some part of Turkey belongs to kurds where the Armenians ,as Sarkisiyan declared, too, says belong to Armenians.

    Now: Who is right? A groom with two husband. who will sleep with her?

    I think history will repeat itself and kurds will try to kill all Armenians same as they did during ww1.

    I would be so glad to get a reasonable answer from anyone. especially from Ms. Gayane  and Avery, the hero.

    • PKK are Armenians. Most Kurds descended from Armenians. If Kurdistan in Iraq gets independence they will later incorporate it to a greater Armenia. However, real Kurdish areas in Iraq are Nineveh Plains, Eastern Mosul, Shingal, Rabia, plus provinces of Dohuk and Erbil (Most of the province, including capital of Iraqi Kurdistan).

  7. berj,

    necati’s mental horizon is too restricted to think that far.  
    Also, note how Turkey becomes the natural successor of the Ottomans in the above post when it serves Turks well, that is, to “explain” why Musul and Kerkuk belong to Turks when they don’t. If you talk about an apology for the Armenian Genocide and reparations, they will immediately tell you that modern Turkey has nothing to do with it, it’s a different state. Too primitive to even think and talk consistently without contradicting themselves.  

    • We have broached the subject with Kurdish leaders. “Hystorical Armenia vs Modern Kurdish maps.” Their answer was that the “modern maps represent areas of Kurdish population, and not necessarily a land claims.” And how can you argue with that? It is true that my sheer hystorical luck, Western armenia could be awarded to a Western Armenian government.But, then what? A land populated by Turks and Kurds. Armenia does not have enough population to guard those borders. A “modus vivendi” will be required. For that, early contacts and cooperation is required. Modern Iraqui Kurdistan, the Diarbekyr municipality, shows that it is possible to co exist. We need the Kurdish boys in our army, and they should need Armenian entrepreneurial experience, international contact and financial skills. What an opportunity! I see Syrian Armenians killing themselves to come to AMERICA. So they can endure humiliation an servitude? Lets face it. It is not all roses for impoverished newcomers. They would do better to settle in Iraqui Kurdistan and take part of its booming economy.

  8. I’m not a “newcomer”, necati. I’ve been posting in other threads where you were non-existent. But since you’re a Turk, you think if you don’t see a commentator in a thread you’re posting then he should be a newcomer? Kurds were assigned an independent state in the southeastern parts of the Ottoman empire as per the Treaty of Sèvres, while Armenians were given several of their historic provinces, mostly in eastern and central-eastern parts plus Trabzon. During the five centuries of the Ottoman regime, Turkish policy was to inhabit Armenian vilayets by Muslims: Kurds and Turks. Therefore, by the year of genocide in 1915 the population was mixed. Re: “Kurds trying to kill all Armenians during WWI”. The main perpetrators of the genocide of Armenians were ethnic Turks. In some rural areas with mixed Kurdish-Armenian population Kurds were played by the Turks against the Armenians to kill them. However, the central government that gave orders at physical mass extermination of Armenians were mainly ethnically Turkish. Provincial governments, village administrators, army commanders, the gendarmes, soldiers, the chettes, bank and insurance employees, who were busy appropriating the accounts and properties of the Armenians, were ethnic Turks.

  9.  “NATO soon is going disappear”  …hmmm…  nostradamus is alive..

    Meanwhile, i am still waiting for someone answer to my post above..i really need answer.

  10. You know why i call UK as the biggest colonist? Here is the answer:

    I have been to Hongkong many many times when i was in China..I saw leftovers from the brits everywhere..UK not only soaked up their wealth and labour but also  changed their culture , religion (for some people) .

    Then, i checked the world map…what i saw was that UK and Hongkong were at  two 180 degrees opposite points of the globe.No colonist ever achieved this long.Portugal, spain, Holland,France, italy…none of them.  

  11. Where are my people?..Ms. Gayane and Avery, The ex-KGB(this is his word ,not mine).

    Oh ..i forgot it  is Friday night…

    Enjoy yourself…!

  12. Necati,

    Let me have the pleasure to answer your question above.  (as I told you earlier, any questions you have, bring them on, don’t hesitate)

    re.  I have a question: PKK claims some part of Turkey belongs to kurds where the Armenians ,as Sarkisiyan declared, too, says belong to Armenians.Now: Who is right? A groom with two husband. who will sleep with her?

    OK! Ready Necati.

    First of all I wasn’t excepting such a question from a muslim?  Is it not legal in Turkey to have more than a one spouse???????????????????????????????????????????

    Or maybe I have been too busy lately and haven’t paid attention a lot on the development of the Turkish civilization.  Anyways, your question suggests that you guys are getting more civilized.  I am glad!

    But, lets not jump away from the subject.
    I will tell you a secret, but promise me not to share with anyone OK?

    We are going to use Kurds angainst you Turks to start the uprising. (since most us ARmenians are away from the region and kind of busy).  Then when the time is right (like you said Kurds never had their own country) we will slice a deal for them to have their own country.  SO keep on bombing PKK.   

    The rest depends on how vivid your imagination is.

    Also by the way, you said:  re.  I have been to Hongkong many many times when i was in China..I saw leftovers from the brits everywhere..UK not only soaked up their wealth and labour but also  changed their culture , religion (for some people) .

    Don’t you realize that the reason that you don’t look like an asiatic mongolian and insted look like an ARian ARmenian is also partly because of Brits???????????? You should at least be thankful to them.  And if you don’t, you know what will happen?
    They will change your culture one more time.  Actualy I think you are the next on their list.  :)

  13. You Turkish also claim that the Balkans belong to Ottoman. The only thing that really belongs to you pan-Turkish is Mongolia.

  14. …..’ I would be so glad to get a reasonable answer from anyone. especially from Ms. Gayane  and Avery, the hero.’
    Before the Petitioner – aka Necati Genis oglu Beygets  a reasonable or unreasonable answer from the  poster known as ‘Avery’, Petitioner is kindly requested to explain why does he continue posting on the pages of ArmenianWeekly given that petitioner – being an adult (we assume) of sound mind and body – voluntarily, specifically and explicitly  entered into a legally binding  contract – known as a ‘Promissory Note’ – in which he promised the following in bold:
    [Necati Genis August 16, 2011  Ms. Gayane, (or, should i call you the last samurai?)
    Even though you mention my name  in your every other post, i will keep silence until You or AW invites me back to  commenthere in AW .]
    {citation from [Bedrosyan: Searching for Lost Armenian Churches and Schools inTurkey] thread}
    We have incontrovertible evidence that the poster known as ‘Gayane’ (aka ‘gayane’), whose permission the Petitioner was  explicitly seeking, has explicitly Dis-Invited the Petitioner, to wit:
    [gayane August 16, 2011  NEcati……
    ……We told YOU many times to dissapear did we not??? Why are you still here?? So why are not silent?? ]
    {citation from [Bedrosyan: Searching for Lost Armenian Churches and Schools inTurkey] thread}
    We have no evidence that Petitioner, hereafter known as Petitioner, has secured an invitation from ArmenianWeekly to post.
    On the contrary, given that Petitioner has insulted several members of ArmenianWeekly staff, we find it extremely unlikely that such an invitation would be forthcoming before the Sun runs out of fuel. Nevertheless, we will consider any evidence that Petitioner may produce in future  in support of his petition to continue posting @ArmenianWeekly.
    Until such time, according to the terms of his Promissory Note, Petitioner is requested to Discontinue posting @ArmenianWeekly, until such time that:
    [1] Petitioner Withdraws his PN with express regrets and genuine contrition,
    [2] and apologizes to the Staff of ArmenianWeekly,
    [3] and apologizes to Armenian posters @AW he has previously insulted.

    Court adjourned. 

  15. editor: i know you think i am a fascist, racist .

    you know that i was full of humanity until i met you Gaymenians in this fucking AW?

    You know i was one who can not kill even an ant ?

    You know i liked my ermeni friend too much before i met you?Now i  am thinking he makes role being  a human..

    sorry to tell you..i am not human , but a monster, a butcher, a pyschopat against you gaymenians…this is another reason for me to hate you made me an animal.

    You must be proud of yourself.especially that one , fucked-up gayvery, the ex-commy.

  16. i just want to know: how a human can get happy for the death of another human who is even  a soldier? This avery is not human..neither am i from now.

  17. Gina,
    Right on with your point on Turkey trying to have it both ways when it comes their Ottoman past and the Armenian genocide.

  18. Thank you very much ArmenianWeekly for posting the love letter above from our lovely neighbors.

    Let everyone in the world see what we Armenians have to deal with. 

  19. necati,

    before you throw the stone at all your non osmanian (turk origin) enemies,
    why don’t you research your ancestralral lineage,
    i am certain you will find out that you are more of the same as those you claim to be your enemies, than a true turkic blook-line… according to the official figures from turkish university studies, not even 20% of the population of turkey today are genetically linked to the original turks from central asia, do the math, use your logic, connect the dots, most of you look like us, the armenians, persian, greeks, Kurds, arabs/jews, and the slavs…what could that really mean?????
    how did you end up looking like us, if you are a blood line turk from mongolia????
    if you don’t look like a turk and more like us, what could that mean, did we perhaps hold each others hands, or did we drink from the same cup, or did your ancestors steal our women and children and force-convert our people to turkishness????  
    before you shoot all your non turkic enemies, think hard you might actually be killing your own kind, while being under the false indoctrination that you are indeed a real turk

  20. Necati, denial can do that to a person.  Now, come toward the light.  You will find many other Turks waiting there for you, to help you debrief the hard realization that your government controlled education has been full of lies.  These Turks can show you how to feel fully human again. 
    Why does the happy occasion of an Armenian Church in Autonomous Region of Kurdistan of Northern Iraq bother you so much?  You posted eight times here already.  Take a break, go for a walk and rediscover your humanity.

  21. Boyajian

    Yes, the Turkish government controls the education strictly. Bu As far as I am concern, at least in my scool years, the school books didn’t mention about Armenians in a good way or bad way except one paragrapgh with regards to the Armenian revolutionaries in the history book. The government also doesn’t say anything regarding Armenians in the daily life. We can only learn what the government thinks  about Armenians when we go to the foreign Ministry website. I think your belief is widespread in the Armeninan community but it is different.

  22. The following news items are obvious  Armenian fabrications. Turks could never commit  Genocide. Turkish Education System does not engage in Anti-Armenian propaganda.
    ITEM: “Turkish Children Drawn into Armenia Row” (Saturday, 21 March 2009)
    Some excerpts:
    [‘The father of an 11-year old girl, Mr Kaya is angry that she was forced to watch what he calls a “very bloody propaganda film” at school.’]
    [‘The DVD was sent to all elementary schools with a note instructing teachers to show it to pupils and report back.’]
    [‘The education ministry’s statement calls Sari Gelin a balanced, historical account, but the clear message it gives Turkish school-children is that Armenians are traitors and their enemies.’]  (emphasis mine)
    The rest of the article can be read here:
    ITEM: “Tests at Turkish university contain anti-Armenian wordings”  (May 16, 2011);jsessionid=7C03F5B117960076117EB7B03328C05C?newsId=244113
    [‘Recent practices by some educators who discuss the Armenian issue in their lectures have caused controversy since some of their explanations pass certain judgments and carry elements of hate speech.’]  (emphasis mine)
    And that fabrication  by the Armenians they call ‘Armenian Genocide’ ? never happened, according to our esteemed Turk guest above:
    [Guest – Monastras  2011-05-16 16:38:37  Calling the issue that was fabricated by the defeated armenians as the Armenian Genocide is an insult to the memories of the Jewish victims of the holocaust] (posted   @Hurriyet) 

  23. Monastras,

    Exactly. Your history textbooks never talked about Armenians because your government does not want you to know that we ever had any significant presence in Asia Minor. Otherwise, the more intelligent students would next ask to explain what suddenly happened to all of them in such a short period of time. Isn’t it easier to just bleach the minds of the younger generations?  

    Interestingly, Koc University, Turkey’s top University, has a Research Center for Studies of Anatolian Civilizations. I am wondering who represent the Anatolian Civilizations in today’s Turkish minds. Do you know?

  24. Dear armenian friends the lands you  want also wanted by kurds and we turks are fighting with them  i understand that you want pkk to be succesfull which is impossible but even if they did they wouldnt let you have a deal as one of you said 
    i been following this forum for long time and posted acouple times to express my opinion but its been blocked for unknown reason i hope this makes through
    and i dont udnersatnd your name calling to turks and  cursings i undersatnd we are barbarians but arent you suppose to be civililazed people?

  25. dear Turk  neighbor Anton: There is  a post above by a Turk, posting under “Necati Genis’.

    There are a few posts by him, but this is the one you need to read: [‘necati August 20, 2011 editor: i know you think i am a fascist, racist …..’]

    After you have read that post carefully  – word for word  –  please do come back and again give us another  lecture about name calling to Turks and cursing. We eagerly wait for your next post.

  26. Boyajian, Bravo very well said to Necati.  It is high time for Turks and Azeris to understand the very meaning of co-existence.  The Turks have to learn and let other people to have autonomy of their own lands so that they’ll be differences in the world; such as different languages, cultures and music.  Let us compare this to the simple fact as to why people like to go to various restaurants and have a taste from various different cuisines and culinary experiences.   If there was no co-existence of autonomous lands and countries, people will not be able to practice their own cultures such as; language, food, music, dance, architecture, religion and their own way of communicating and living with one another.  Without it life becomes very mundane and utterly boring.  Thus when every country has their own autonomy of their own lands, are able to practice their own cultures, only then they’ll be inclined to offer the world the beautiful variety that nations can and do offer to mankind.  This simple fact that yet the Turkish people have to learn and hopefully to master it someday soon.

  27. The Kurds have through many channels apologized for the Armenian Genocide. Can we Armenians really trust Kurds or Turks to live beside? After a GENOCIDE< can you ever live intermingled with your murderers?

  28. Van jan- I would not want to be even one feet away from such people especially if it neo Ottoman soldier Necati…

    Necati, you are calling me and Avery out to comment??? Here is my comment..

    I do not communicate with anyone who is not from planet earth.. meaning if you are not human, you are no right to receive any communication from an actual human being.. and I personally do not see you as a human being.. your behaviour resembles exactly what your barbaric ancestors displayed when they murdered my family in cold blood…… talk about inheriting the genes…wow..


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