Rihanna to Perform in Northern Cyprus

(A.W.)—On Sept. 7, singer Rihanna is scheduled to perform at the inauguration of the luxury Fashion Castle Hotel in the town of Kyrenia in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus.  Greek Cypriots and sympathizers have begun a campaign to prevent her performance there.


According to the Vatan, Rihanna is a personal friend of hotel owner Yilmaz Bektas’ wife, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, the winner of Miss Universe 2006.

Some sources have claimed that Rihanna will be joined by singer Justin Timberlake in a free concert that will celebrate the construction of two hotels in Kyrenia.  Timberlake will be paid $2 million; Rihanna will get half that amount.

Last month Jennifer Lopez canceled her performance at the opening of Cratos hotel following pressure and criticism. Her concert was scheduled for July 24, a few days after the anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Her publicist was quoted as saying, “Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution, or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse.”

Cyprus became divided after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Turkey is the only country that recognizes the northern portion as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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  1. I guess Rihana likes the way the turks lie…
    BTW Armenians, Greeks and real Cyprotis DON’T like the way this hurts.

  2. avatar Garen Yegparian // August 20, 2010 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    Here we go again!  What is it with celebreties of late?  Are they becoming completely bereft of conscience?

  3. Hye, now the next Turkish PLOY, bringing celebrities to distract and ‘lull’ citizens – thus to make nice/nice –  ‘forgetting’  the Turkish reputation of beng the inhumane murderers and worse – the ‘eliminations’ of peoples via Genocides from the 1890s until today, 2010.  Currently the Turkish Genocide of the Kurds via fighter planes and chemical warfare – still murderers, Turkish style to gain a nation for their own Turks – Turkey for Turks ONLY – Ottoman goals, Ottoman mentality – ‘eliminate’ humans in ways of the inhumanity to humans – uniquely Turkic.  Of course, then deny any guilt for all the horrors.  Genocides which Turks perpetrate and then, as is the Turkish mentality – deny committing crimes against humanity which they offer to our world – ongoing. Manooshag

  4. I’s not that hard buy some cheap people when you dangle some money in front of them. They’re dime a dozen nowadays specially in this country.

  5. I agree with Jack.

    It is absolutely sad that people are sooo driven by money and power that they forget their conscious and forget what human rights truly mean in the name of becoming rich.  it is heartbreaking.

    Turkey is definintely doing EVERYTHING to get media attention and make mends with those countries who BELIEVE in these fake, PR stunts.. absolutely disgusting..

    So being a close friend to these people Rihanna is probably going to go through her commitment to perform in a territory that was forcefully and brutally taken from Greeks.. it is an embarassment for US who is a strong advocate for Human Rights.. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!…Our own President bows down to Turkey’s feet and can’t do any wrong in front of them, why should an entertainer that makes money by performing refuse the money and perform for these unworthy people..? how sad…

    Hopefully she will follow Jennifer Lopez’s footsteps and boycott her trip to Cyprus…..but then again this one is tricky…


  6. will people just understand that turkey never invaded cyprus they came in to safe their own people after greek cypriots started slaughtering the turkish cypriots after britain made the huge mistake of leaving the island to the government in charge which was at the time greek so greeks thought they had the right to go and kill all the turks so can they stop calling it the turkish invasion because it was no invasion ! what where they supposed to so let the greeks slaughter all the turks ? their own people? but greek cypriots are to ignorant and arrogant to see reality. and i am actually not turksih so i am not being biased it is simply the truth . i go to school on the greek side of the island so i know that greek cypriots literally get brought up to be anti-turkish which is absolutly awful! even in school ! but they get taught wrong! so listen to both side of the story before you judge PLEASE

  7. “i go to school on the greek side of the island so i know that greek cypriots literally get brought up to be anti-turkish which is absolutly awful! even in school ! but they get taught wrong”


    if you ever go to school on the Turkish side and get to see how the Turkish Cypriots get brought up, I would like to hear your opinion.

  8. Its just desapointing to have people u admire espesially Justin to go to their side and sing. its like they see them and exept them as a state for the money. i guese if u dont leave it u dont know. My both femily lost verymuch for our land, so we wont give up easily never. even if they take us over we will still figthing. The side turkish Cypriots probably they are doing this to bother us, and to make us fight each other.
     thats wrong even the singers that exept to go is causing problems but they just dont know it or dont care.

  9. SHAME ON YOU RIHANNA how can you call yourself an artist when you support the peolple that illegally got north Cyprus by killing and violating the REAL OWNERS you are so cheap..??  it is a pity  that i was admiring and supporting you for so long…

  10. Gina wrote;
    “if you ever go to school on the Turkish side and get to see how the Turkish Cypriots get brought up, I would like to hear your opinion.”
    Three of my children got their education in the Northern Cyprus, that is not true that they educate the children with hate and feelings of revenge. For this reason, they have many Greek Cypriot friends. I also myself reside part time in Cyprus. I know the situation here very well. I have never heard a word from teachers that say Greek Cypriots are our enemy. On the other hand, many Turkish Cypriots say how wonderful it was to live with their Greek-Cypriot neighbors. I also hear the same from Greek-Cypriots.
    Greek-Cypriots too suffered from fascist Cunta of Nikos Sampson and Grivas, and the Junta of Colonels of mainland Grece.
    Just one final note, systematic killing of Turkish-Cypriots by EOKA and mainland Greek Militia has continued from 1963 to 1974. On the other hand, Turkey invaded the northern part of Cyprus for strategic reasons, not to save the lives of Turkish-Cypriots. That was the last move that Turkey could do, before Cyprus might be annexed to Greece.

  11. Get on with the realities gentelmen and ladies, Turks are the reality in this world.  How could you lived over 1,500 years under Turkish rule and nothing happened.  Aldulhamid han ( emperor of Osmanli Empire ) has trusted and had an Armenian handled his own personal wealth.  Armenians were chosen subjects and were sent to many missions for 1000 years.    You have sided with russians, french , Greek , Italians and other invaders of your own country and killed many turks at the beginning of 20th century.  Please think that again hard……Armenians did not do anything…. all of a sudden Turks decided overnight to exterminate all armeinans.. This is simply a Joke..

  12. I personally have nothing against Turks, but the truth is the truth. This is History, they’ve invaded Cyprus because the Cypriots were “fighting”. At the time the Greeks could not stop the “fight” and the Turks had to come in. Indeed they killed a lot of people and lots of families fell apart as they invaded the country. There are 1614 people still missing since the 20th of July 1974, which for me is really a coincidence because I was born 20 years later. I don’t hate the Turks but they did what they did.. Nothing will change. It’s inhumane. Trust me, people are still crying about their lost property and missing relatives. Cypriots need your empathy. I’m glad to say that Rihanna did NOT perform in the Turkish side and it is sad to see how such influential people are so close to doing things like that. I repeat I have nothing against the Turks but this is the TRUTH. Many people would be disturbed.

  13. You know what is a simple joke Kurt… ??  You are…

    Are you seriously saying that Armenians triggered what Turks started but THANK GOD could not accomplish what they were set to accomplish… ??? You must have serious history lesson distortion… but then again there is no difference between you or any other Turk who thinks like you… it is the fault of your brainless govt who have been feeding gargabe for years to cover the truth and try to  wiggle out of it… now THAT is a simply a joke….

    Alex, thank you for your comment.. appreciate your input because it always helps to see matters from a different side…..

    Thank you

  14. Gayane,

    Why do you even bother to post? Take a moment and just read one of your posts. Then you’ll see how obtuse, acridic, hate-filled and misinformed you truly are (a.k.a. Brainwashed). Because of this, there’s no point in anyone’s responding to you, since you’re incapable of thinking acutely and with objective reasoning. In your mind, you MUST carry the ARF party line, no matter how flawed it is…Comrad!!

  15. Robert… have you read YOUR comments? obviously not..

    Takes one to know one FRIEND…

    ARF Party line? LOL.. oh my GOD.. please help me.. Robert is now telling me what line I belong to.. lol

    Get a life sir…or maa’m…

  16. Boytcott her! We must support our Greek friends against the turks.

    • I don’t like her at all.. like I said.. she can’t sing a tune without her back up singers and all the machines that help to produce the sound … i wonder sometimes how these artist make money with such skills.. well no wonder Turkey invited her because no other reputable singer who not only is good but also understands history and justice would have accepted this invite..

  17. i rihanna how are you i love you your songs are so good that i aways singing alon to

  18. She can’t sing a tune.. i recently heard her sing live without all the fancy machinery that help better their music/songs and her voice is not that great AT ALL.. i was dissapointed.. but then again if one is planning to go to a country that Turks took from Greeks illegally, then why would Turks invite someone who actually has talent….

    It is sad….

  19. rihana is the most beaty

  20. I love you Rihanna  ..!

  21. All of your comments here, bar ‘Isabeau’ and alittle of ‘Resomans’ points are Anti Turkish and are fuelled by your Greek/Armenian hatred for Turks- the rest of you who declare yourselves as ‘unbiased’- are clearly just a mechanism of their propaganda. The few random statics that some of you have thrown in are continuing manipulatively regurgitated and do nothing to support your argument. Anyone who has the ability to pick up a book themselves and read would not repeat the uneducated racist views that have been clearly displayed here. Quite embarrassing really.

    • Lara.. it is quite embarassing is not?? That your beloved Turkey is doing everything in their power to rip benefits from others by manipulating, lying, cheating, and most of THREATENING… it is quite embarassing for YOU not to see what is happening.. put aside your pride and see beyond what truly is happening..

      Armenians don’t have HATE or we are racist toward ALL Turkish people.. we said this million times and it is quite annoying to have people like you come here and repeat the same thing over and over.. we dispise your govt and nationalist Turks view point and their denial.. please write this somewhere and keep going back to it.. it seems like denialists always forget this and try very hard to hold on to something to prove their untrue story.. it is quite embarassing.. you are right..


  22. Maybe she doesn’t care? She’s a singer, not a politician- let her do what she wants. Visiting Northern Cyprus does not mean she’s taking sides with Turkey. If a hotel in Greek Cyprus offered the same deal, she’d go there. It’s just business, it doesn’t mean anything.

  23. cox gozellllllllllll

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