Sassounian: Armenia-Diaspora Unity Must be Preserved at All Cost

In recent months, as heated debates raged on the Armenia-Turkey protocols, Diaspora Armenians reacted with frustration and anger at the damage these agreements would have caused to Armenian national interests.

While Armenia’s leaders have the right to take decisions on behalf of the country’s 3 million inhabitants, they also have an obligation to take into account the interests of all 10 million Armenians worldwide on pan-Armenian issues, such as the genocide, the Artsakh (Karabagh) conflict, and demands from Turkey.

In negotiating the Armenia-Turkey protocols, Armenian officials should have shown more sensitivity to critical national issues. By signing the contested agreements with Turkey, they alarmed and deeply hurt Armenians worldwide. Thousands of angry demonstrators reacted by hurling vitriolic epithets at President Sarkisian during his October tour of the Diaspora to promote the protocols. Such confrontations, unprecedented during earlier presidential visits, reflected negatively on the authorities as well as the protesting public.

A small land-locked state faced with blockade, war, economic hardships, and enemies on both sides, can ill afford internal divisions and conflicts with its diaspora. Such discord can only please Turkish leaders who have made no secret of their scheme to split Armenia from “the radical diaspora,” thus making it easier for them to extract concessions on Artsakh, genocide recognition, and demands for restitution.

What lessons Armenians must now draw from the disheartening experience of infighting over the protocols?

1) Armenia’s leaders should exercise greater caution and sensitivity by engaging in private consultations with diasporan leaders prior to conducting negotiations and signing agreements on issues that impact the entire Armenian nation.

2) A diaspora-wide leadership must be elected to reflect properly the views of the majority of Armenians on crucial issues. Such a mechanism would facilitate the transmission of credible feedback from the diaspora to Armenia’s leaders and to governments and international organizations. Further details will be presented on this important topic in a future column.

3) Diaspora Armenians should not let disagreements with Armenia’s leadership discourage them from extending aid to the needy, making investments in the country’s economy, and visiting the homeland.

4) In addition to avoiding a split between the diaspora and Armenia, it is equally important to prevent serious divisions among diaspora organizations without stifling the healthy exchange of views and disagreements.

5) The Armenian president needs to receive expert advice on critical economic and political issues which necessitates the creation of a Council of Economic Advisors and a Council on Foreign Relations, consisting of internationally recognized experts. Furthermore, a team of international lawyers should be assembled to advise the president prior to signing international agreements in order to avoid fundamental mistakes which subsequently may have to be corrected by the Constitutional Court.

6) The Armenian government should have assigned the Diaspora Ministry to serve as an unfettered channel of communication between Armenia and the diaspora during the debates on the protocols. The Ministry could have been the mechanism through which the concerns and complaints of Armenians worldwide were relayed to the Foreign Ministry and the president’s office. After all, the Diaspora Ministry is supposed to be a bridge between the two segments of the Armenian nation. While it is true that the diaspora minister accompanied the president during his tour of several countries last October, the Ministry would have gained far more credibility had it been allowed to play a more independent role.

7) Armenian officials must realize that Turkey, given its size and strategic location, has a greater opportunity to get its views publicized through the international media than it is possible for Armenia. Therefore, any issue on which Armenians and Turks have conflicting interpretations, the Turkish version will prevail by being more widely disseminated than the Armenian point of view. That is one of the reasons why agreeing to establish a “historical commission” was not a good idea. According to Turkish officials, the commission was to review the facts of the Armenian Genocide, while the Armenian leaders stated that its objective was to assess the consequences of the genocide. Had the protocols been ratified, the Turks would have proceeded to deny the facts of the genocide and would have succeeded in blaming Armenians for undermining “the good work” of the commission.

8) The protocols, rather than helping to normalize relations between Armenia and Turkey, have in fact greatly damaged the prospects of such reconciliation. Future attempts must begin with the preliminary steps of opening the border and establishing diplomatic relations rather than cramming dozens of unrelated issues and preconditions into a single agreement. True reconciliation has to be based on truth and justice, not lies and cover ups.

Harut Sassounian

Harut Sassounian

California Courier Editor
Harut Sassounian is the publisher of The California Courier, a weekly newspaper based in Glendale, Calif. He is the president of the Armenia Artsakh Fund, a non-profit organization that has donated to Armenia and Artsakh one billion dollars of humanitarian aid, mostly medicines, since 1989 (including its predecessor, the United Armenian Fund). He has been decorated by the presidents of Armenia and Artsakh and the heads of the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic churches. He is also the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


  1. If Diasporan Armenians wish to have a significant say in the affairs of this country they should come and live here.Period.No argument.Thats called democracy!!

  2. Thank you Harut. All of your recommendations are constructive.However one of the most critical lessons that cannot be ignored in addition to those you have listed above, is for us Diasporan’s to never underestimate the importance of democratic reform and its necessary evolution in a country like Armenia.The Diaspora must be much less accommodating with Armenian officials who turn a blind eye to issues of corruption, transparency, human rights, accountability and the rule of law.

  3. Armenian-Americans and Armenians worldwide should by now identify that the **US State Department** which  attempted to divide Armenians by forcing a  TARC (Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee) few years ago;   is the same **US State Department** that failed to fool Armenians with its latest attempt to force Armenia to accept the Protocols.
    And, this is the same **US State Department** that is actively blocking recognition of the Armenian genocide in the US Congress;  and the very same **US State Department** that has tacitly supported Turkey’s hostile blockade for 17-years;   and finally this is the same **US State Department** that has all along exerted hostile diplomatic pressure and arm twisting a tiny land locked nation of 3 million.
    Armenian-Americans  should reject Obama’s  proposed $40 million US “Aid” (corruption money) and send a message back to the **US State Department** that complicity in genocide denial is not acceptable; tacitly supporting Turkey’s hostile blockade for the past 17 years was not acceptable; and coercing Armenia to capitulate on a TARC or Protocols will not work.

  4. “A Diaspora-wide leadership must be elected to reflect properly the views of the majority of Armenians on crucial issues. Such a mechanism would facilitate the transmission of credible feedback from the Diaspora to Armenia’s leaders and to governments and international organizations. Further details will be presented on this important topic in a future column.”
    Planning to run for office Mr. Sassounian? ;)
    This sounds extremely difficult.  Who would monitor the elections?  Would we have to negotiate with the Armenian government in terms of what role this new elected person will play?  How do you decided who can vote?  And what if foreign entities like the CIA, KGB, MI6, or the Armenian Assembly decide to get involved?

  5. This is a silly proposition by Mr. Sassounian on many levels.  Firstly, it is being assumed here that the diaspora actually knows what it’s doing, which is silly. The diaspora can’t even administer itself, and it thinks it is qualified to give Armenia any advice? And as my favorite Levonakan stated above, this proposal will also quickly run into serious obstacles, such foreign agents maneuvering to have a representation within such a body… After all, isn’t that the current case with the ARF and Armenian Assembly (penetrated by the CIA) and the Armenian government (penetrated by the FSB)? Finally, officials in Armenia must be responsible only for their citizens. What if a certain policy conflicts with diasporan desires, as in the current case with the so-called protocol? Officials in Yerevan, as well as many sane Armenians today, believe that the protocol can potentially lead to Armenia’s progress and development. What gives the genocide obsessed minds in the diaspora (a vast majority of whom could careless about the republic) the right to demand anything?
    Let’s all realize that the diaspora is a dead end, and that is a best case scenario. Some of you yahoos make it seem as if the Armenian diaspora has been around for centuries. The fact is, the Armenian diaspora is not even a hundred years old and it is already dying. I don’t consider the vibrant Armenian community of Iran a real diaspora because it is close to Armenia both physically and spiritually, but even they are gradually diminishing.  Had it not been for the influx of Middle Eastern and former Soviet Armenians the diaspora in the West would have been dead a long time ago.  While it exists the diaspora’s one and only task is to – unconditionally – support the homeland. None of your complaints about Armenia or excuses about why the diaspora does not do this or that are acceptable in this discussion. The fact of the matter is Armenia today is surviving, as it has for the past two hundreds years, as a result of its native population’s strenght and perseverance as well as its close ties with Russia. In the big global picture, compared to what the diaspora could have done for Armenia it has done next to nothing. If you see yourself as an Armenian living in the diaspora, you have one priority in life: to have a spiritual/physical connection to the Armenian homeland, regardless of how much the homeland and/or its people may disgust you. If you live in the diapora and do not have, and more importantly, do not seek a physical connection to the homeland you would be better of assimilating as soon as possible. The Armenian nation does not need and can do without such  individuals.
    While diasporan Armenians should enjoy full rights in their ancestral homeland no diasporan Armenian has the right to demand or expect anything from the Armenian government – if he/she is not ready to live in Armenia. After it is all said and done realize that the Armenian population in Armenia will have to live with the consequences of government policy – not you in the diaspora. The Armenian state will not be and cannot be the diaspora’s laboratory experiment.

  6. Hey Henry, Mr. Sassounian’s weekly columns already properly reflect
    the views of the majority of Diaspora Armenians on crucial issues so
    if he were in fact elected to such a body his insight would be credible
    and his experience invaluable. He would be an integral member of any
    such group that’s for sure. RA officials would be better informed
    about the Diaspora if they just read his columns more closely.

  7. Charles, I see your point.  However, with the same token, the Armenian government cannot give itself the right or liberty to decide for the Diasporan Armenians the fate of lost lands, property and grievances in the Western Armenian lands where most of the Diasporan Armenians come from. 
    We are all right and we are all wrong, because we are all bringing onto the table the different perspectives and experiences of a people torn apart by war and  Genocide.  We now have to work together on the very difficult but unavoidable task of creating a common experience that will unite us.  To do this, we have to come up with a well defined and thought of system that allows for an inclusive dialogue between the intellectuals, lawyers, historians, professionals of Armenia and the Diaspora that unveil and address all the international facets of our complicated existence as Armenians, so that the decision we come up with on important matters involving our homeland and our people are done transparently and with the unequivocal welfare of our people in mind.  If  for one second, I as a Diasporan believed that opening the borders will result in Turkey conducting a fair study of the Genocide and acknowledging it like Germany acknowledged the Holocaust, and that Turkey will actually start consuming Armenian goods and allow the Armenian economy to take flight, I and most of the Armenian people would have put aside our feelings regarding Turkey and have welcomed the protocols with open arms.  However, after all the hardships and lies that have festered our history, we need to be weary and recognize a poisoned apple especially when the culprits of the past are describing it as heavenly and are pushing us to take a bite.  All of this would have been avoided, if the dishonestly crafted protocols were not agreed on by the leaders of the Armenian government.  For the good of Armenia and the Armenian people, the protocols should have only said that the borders will reopen and diplomatic ties will resume between the two countries.  The historical commission, the legality of the borders etc…. all dishonest traps and preconditions that the Armenian government should have never agreed to.

  8. Dear  arut,
    Not  oly do I read  your columns,but also I watch you on USArmenia “interviews”Splendid  both.
    Like I have said before  you are  our ex-officio spokesman.Now  than  w/ref. to your above article.
    t is quite clear that  you also feel and point  out  to the vacuum that the Diaspora has.There  is no such a thing as Leadership per se.If  the present Spiritutal and political parties are referred to as such,just  read what a Mr. Hakob Vartivarian has publiczed  on a few Armenian web  forums  re  the unfrtunate fiasco  by one  of our politicfal arties…
    However, if a TRUE  Leadership is what  you imply, then  that  can ONLY BE ATTAINED  BY PARTICIPATION AD REPRESENTATION.No, not by  just  present above referred to, with all due resect  to the.For I am not  one  that does not appreciate  wat they have achieved  so  far,albeit  this  one  or similar mentioned  fiascos.We ought to be thankful ad greatfull to  them  BUT  WE  NEEDE  ORE  MUCH  MORE>
    BOTH  HUMAN RESOURCES AND ECONOMIC  POWER  OF THE DIASPRA RESIDES  IN  MORE  THAN A 100,000  ARMENIAN PROFESSIONAL  PEOPLE(NON-PARTISAN AD LEFT TO DRIFT  AWAY0.THESE ARE THE FUTURE  OF  OUR NATIONAHOOD  ACTORS/ACTIVISTS. Namely-5  of them  already formed  and on the scene .1.The Heath -Medical,2.The Engineers &Scieces3.THE BAR,The sportive  and the Jewellers(latter ought to enlap, furishings ande furnitures.10 moreto be foremed:- Below I shall number  them.These can be further developed   in each Armenian dense Township or district, say L.A. with its surrounding areas,  S.Francisco ,Marseilles, Beirut, Paris, Lyon B-Aires  etcf., In each  of said hubs  the aforementioned  “Colleagues  Associations” wll eect from amongst  themselves-regardless  of pertinency   and in fact  including dual pertinency(of exisiting above ) with  only one difference  that  partisan p[ropaganda  ought not to be allowed  within the “Professioal Colleagues Associations0 That  they can do in their  circles.
    From Each  of these  (16  fields  of professions)  ,aside  from their boardsAS  NOVELTY-Only 3  person Delegates would be elected, as ther ELITE  to  a CEntral Council,admitting within the 3 person delegates officaly from our 3/4 Political arties  and one each from our 3 Spiritual Denominations-by the by, all these  I have  many a time  over  described  in my web  page-now  under re-costruction as well as  it was omn the official Page  of the Minsitry  of the RA Foreign Affars  ,aong with half dozen others  for  4.5  yeaqrs ( ) now discontinued…
    Then from each Community country(Gaghout one each from the 16 fields(the 3  are  in rotative  format, each serving  one  year stits)  16  reps. would form the  said  CENTRAL  COUNCIL \The mechanism  will continue, delegating  ther delegates  to  Diasora’s  SUPREME COUNCIL, which , I  have over  30  yrs  worked  on, will have  5 Departments   .
    1.The Legal-Political  in Strasbourg(alongside,not  necessarily sitting  ex0 to the RA Delegate, but  in town..
    2,The Economic  Supreme  in Geneva  CH(with 16 offices  of the said professional  fields)Als God willing  striving  ard  to establish  by the se  good  people  the’NATIONAL  INVESTMENT TRUST FUND”
    4.THE  Social Services  and Repatriation  organizing  Supreme  in Moscow…
    5.The Spiritual  in St. Etchmiadzin in conjunction wth the Great  ouse  of Cilicia..
    All   5 Supreme Councl Deartments  in constant contact  -with  contemporary means  of communcation- and all  oter Community country Central Councils.
    Once  we  ave  accomplised  such a  re-organized  Structure (fool-proof)  indeed drawing  on  our HUMAN RESOURCES  AND…WAT  IS MORE  THEIR  INPUT FOR CREATING A  NATIONAL  INVESTMENT TRUST  FUND.latter   “suggested’  that  to begin with  a NUCLEUS  of  it ought to be created  by  our 5/6  magnates  with important  investments,say each   a  few  hundred million dolalrs, hopefully srpassing the Billion dollars  working capital, next  the over a hundred  millionares in ther turn  and thus downward to the 
    $1000.00 investors..
    Monies  accumulated  under  the  direct  control ad sgnature  of  said magnates and/or their reps.wuld encourage   nation-wide PARTICIPATION.Indeed  main actors  being the 100,000  and over  “Professional Colleagues..
    I have treid   to explain  in short  format  the idea  of  trying  hard  to  having  REAL  PARTICIPATION AND REPRESENTATION.Nowere  in my articles/Bulletins  have   even come  near  to hrt feelings  of our  hitherto existing-and I hope coninued  efforts- of our future   so far existing  and added  to similar  organization..for the Armenian mindset  is  such  that aways  new  ones  come  up.I respect  them.But  if we do aspire   to be a Diaspora  with STRUCTURES  HITHERTO UNKNOWN, then I humbly reiterate  my above sheme.
    It  is there  for  the taking.Or  if  contested  to ,I am here  to expand  further   on above  theses/scheme,formulae-whatever  further  details  are requred- to our dear compatriots.
    Hama Haigagani SIRO,ad
    E.&.O  excepted,Please  forgive  me I type fast..
    presented by
    Gaytzag  Palandjian  

  9. Bravo Berj; I am in total agreement with you.  I am so appaled by the way the U.S. State Department take Armenia and Armenians for nothing and no value, it is truly criminal.  I am disgusted how they arm-twisted and continue to do so with our government officials to accept the illegal “protocols’ that is against Armenia’s sovereignty.  For 95 years they don’t want to accept the fact that an Armenian Genocide happened?  What kind of democratically fair country they project to the world and to us Armenians?  I don’t know, but the U.S. State Dept. has been very cruel to Armenians and to our little landlocked newly formed Armenia of 3 million population.  They are  very unjust, very cruel and very appaling to all of us.

  10. This is all an absurdity. Armenia’s leadership did the right thing by signing the protocols with no preconditions.  It’s Turkey that’s backing off and trying to adjust the road map – just as most Armenians knew they would. It puts egg on the face of the western powers who so vehemently wanted this document. So now what? Will Armenia’s so called friends try and undo the constitutional court’s decision on the genocide? We Armenians did not fall into any trap. Who’s embarrassed now?

    The United States State Department calls a diaspora conference with Secretary Clinton and  and shuts out one of Armenia’s largest advocacy groups.  Isn’t that the same scenario that’s occurring with Turkey? Preconditons? What’s with all these preconditions? Who are these people trying to fool anyway. Not us Armenians!

  11. Avetis,
    Assuming you live in the Diaspora — wouldn’t it then be your duty to support the will of the people in Armenia, and thus, the HAK?  Are you still hanging on to the bit that the protestors were a crazy deranged 20% minority?  Funny how you said the Diaspora has no idea what’s going on in Armenia.  You seem to be the case in point.

  12. Yes my fast talkin’ used Levon salesman, anyone that supports that filthy 1990s gang is either utterly naive (ignorant of the world around them), hopelessly crazed or a criminal. As far as I’m concerned,  I don’t think you are crazed or a criminal… You see, and you thought I didn’t like you.
    Fortunately, I spend enough time in Armenia every year, time with real Armenians, to know that Levonakans are nothing but a vociferous minority. Realize that everything you and I hate about our republic today have their roots in his administration. As bad as they may be, Sargsyan and Kocharyan are several heads above your Levonik.  I would hate to think just how much worst Armenia would have been had Levonik not been forced out of office. And guess what, I’m not a Dashnaktsakan either. Anyway, don’t bother trying to get into a debate with me on this topic, I’m not going to waste my time debating the very obvious.
    And I am not going to explain to you what my relationship is with my homeland. Just know that When it comes to political, historical and military matters I know what I’m talking about, and I have been around the block quite a few times. You are barely out your front door on a tricycle. Anyway, I know you mean well and I know that you have the potential to be intelligent. I suggest you be humble, observant and more importantly read and learn from what I write.

  13. Henry jan, another thing I forgot to mention in my previous post: You are mistakenly thinking that I believe in the idea of “democracy”, the absurd notion that the ignorant masses can effectively rule themselves. When you get older and wiser one day you may realize that “democracy” is just as flawed and unnatural as Bolshevism. Just think Henry, we are required to get a higher education, good vocational training and/or a government issued license for doing practically anything of value in the civilized world… So why is it that the most important task of electing a nation’s officials is expected to be handed over to the masses? When this is practiced in developing/third world nations it usually ends up in chaos. The world has always been ruled by a financial/political elite, and it is no exception today. Do you know how the elite in advanced nations of the world, namely in the West, gets around this dilemma? By having politicians on both sides of the fence work for them. Whoever wins, the elite wins. Do you get it? So when you see a Clinton or a Bush or an Obama or whoever they are going to appoint next in the White House  realize that he or she is ultimately responsible not to the people – but to the financial/political elite (also known as oligarchs in former Soviet states) that made it all possible for them.
    Sorry to ruin your little party, but your favorite US president is nothing but a spokesperson for financial/political elite in this country, and he was appointed by them to run for the presidency six years ago at the closing of the democrat convention in 2004. It would have been the same story if McCain had won the elections…

    Dear  All,
    Firstly I beg  pardon  for so hastily and badly  wriiten above  post  of mine.I repeat  I am a fast  typer with pleanty typographical errors.But do bear  with  me  please.
     Each  of the democratically  elected  has  to ostentate ,rather unite  ONE  OF THE THREE BELOW MERITS, in order  to be  elected  by fellow  Colleagues Associates.
    1. One  ,most  advanced  in his /her profession ,i.e., as example.(amongst, say  the Health /edical Group,elected  by all others  for  his  /her achievments  in said Profession.
    2.One  most  advanced  in his/her  capacity  of being  culturally(National/International0 most  advanced  and a politicized  person.
    3.One  that  has  in his/her spare time-besides being a physitiomn-as example- invested  his/her earnings in whether property,funds/business, such as  establishing  his/her own Clinic,thus Financally mst  advanced.
    Each  of  above ,Thus compliments  the other two.By the by  THERE  IS  NO ANY OTHER  MERIT of importance as  such,thence those  elected  as  Deelegates  of a given rofession represent  actually  ELECTED  FOR  THEIR  WORTH. Not haphazardly…as  has been the cdase  so far  -like say  campaigning  by spending  funds   to have  one  elected  himself/herself by spending  monies… or  for  that  matter by the politico elected  by  comrades,having followers  of an ideology…WITH ALL RESPECT  TO  THEM,but  we  now should think /contemplate  in presenting  those  above  mentioned  as well, since  these  good people  also  have a RIGHT TO   PARTICIPATE  AD ELECT  THEIR  PREFERRED REPRESENTATIVES  TO  THE NATIONAL AFFAIRS ARENA..
    As  one can see,so far very clearly the politico  ave taken centre stage  not  only in diaspora, but  also in the Homeland as well.By campaignings  and/or  taking  to  the streets  and delivering discourses  to  the people  at  large(composed  mainly  of those  who are  not  in the advanced professioally Groupings..who can indeed steer the aforemetioned  more  properly and have  them follow  a  TREND  SO FAR  UNKNOWN  T THEM.THAT  OF THE 16 FIELDS  OF THE PROFESSIONS.Our dear politial parties  used  to call  these  non-participating  people …now well advanced  in the following  professionscalling  them “silent  majority’  NO  MORE,  I hope…
    Rest  of the Fields  in which the diasporan Armenian and also Homeland’s  are by far a COLLECTIVITY-if  grouped together- and can come to sit alongside  the poltico  and Spiritual fathers…
    I mention  now the remaining  fioelds  herebelow.
    6.The Banking  & Finance,
    7.Travel & Transport,  8.Industries  & mines.8.Communications IT.9.The Press/Adevertising.10Food & catering.11.Agricultural Field.12 Enironmetal & Forestry.13.Education & Culture.14. The Construction Field(Architects et a  relatedl.   Another  tw  that  now  does  not  come to  mind have repeatedly written about  these. Indeed yesteryear’s  telegraphist  is  now  AN  IT  EXPERT, the userper  a Financial & banking expert…this goes  on with all above  professions.
    Believe  it  or  not  the great  majority  of Armenians   have registered tremendous advances  in all above  and then some..
    Who says  the non-politico  are    A  SILENT  MAJORITY?
    WE can either  go beating  around  the bush   and come  up with  new  establishments  not  LINKED  AS  ABOVE  OFFERED’/SUGGESTED  OR  STRIVE  FOR  THE  SUPER-STRUCTURE  THAT   AS YET  CAN BE  CREATED/BUILT….
    With Best  Regars  to A ll,
    Hama Haigagani SIRO,
    Gaytzag  alandjian

  15. The US State Department, State of Israel, and England form the axis-of-genocide-denial.  –
    The eyes of the World focused on Armenia immediately after the Russian-Georgian war of August 2008.  – Why?  –  Because, the West (primarily the US State Department, UK, and the EU) deemed Georgia unreliable and unstable as a transit route for Central Asian gas (Turkmenistan) & oil (Kazakhstan) .   –  Russia would not allow Georgia under any circumstance to join NATO or the EU, as that would provide the West an alternative to Russian gas & oil dependency; and it would seriously weaken Russian leverage and influence over the West.  –    What does this have to do with Armenia and Protocols? (Everything)  –  The US State Department views Armenia as the  most direct and viable route from Europe-across Turkey-via Armenia- and on to Azerbaijan and the Caspian basin gas & oil fields.  –  Neither Azerbaijan (nor the Caspian basin) can export its gas & oil to the West; neither Turkey can serve as the energy corridor between Europe and central Asia as envisaged by the US State Department.  So, no open border, no gas & oil.  –
    In addition to Armenia’s geo-strategic importance to the West and Russia; Armenia is strategic to Iran as well.   It provides Iran with a direct route to Europe (independent of Turkey).  Iran’s interest in building a highway, railway, gas and oil pipelines, Tabriz-Yerevan-Batumi, provides the shortest direct route for import and export to the West.

  16. Avetis jan, another thing — we really must visit two very different Armenias.  All you seem to do on this board and Asbarez is go around asking people to take a “course on geopolitics,” remind Armenians of how “stupid” people they are, and rephrase all that nonsense you read at the Jamestown Foundation’s website (which, if anybody is interested in knowing, is a discredited think tank that blames everything on Russia — from the black plague to the fall of Rome — and thus gives it more power than it might deserve.  Most of its rank and file are neocons and or ex-Soviet dissidents [i.e. from Georgia] who have some complex against Russians).  And to top it off, you offer us some “personal experience” — “been around the block,” “spiritual connection with the homeland,” etc, as if that is somehow suppose to accept your severely flawed analysis and understanding of Armenian politics.  There are many Fidayis have more of the “been around the blocks” and “spiritual connection to homelands” sort of backgrounds who disagree with you (in fact, I don’t know any are sympathetic to what you’re saying).  You know — if you rely on people who “take a course on geopolitics” to understand what is going on — you must be a very confused person.  Many international relations experts, both in Armenia and the U.S., including many former foreign ministry officials who I assume have a lot to bring to the table, oppose the protocols in very basic geopolitical terms.  Does Vartan Oskanian, foreign minister for 10 years, need to take a “course on geopolitics,” or Raffia Hovhanissian?  Or Alexander Arzoumian?  (That was quite a bipartisan group wasn’t it?).
    But I guess you’re right, an unelected president signing a historic deal with our genocidal neighbor without any transparency in a European city, in a locked room with Turks and Americans is a good thing.
    Explain to me again why a man who wins 52% of the vote is having problems getting a rally together?
    Anyway, I hope you can realize yourself that you’re a waste of time.  (I’ll be sure to take a course on geopolitics…just in case you decide to reply).

  17. Paul, are you a young simpleton? If it helps you, I’m middle aged. And I am bitter (more like disappointed and frustrated) at all the ignorant, hysterical, genocide obsessed, paranoid, irrational and/or big talking hypocritical Armenians I see everywhere. I grew up thinking that Armenians are brave, honest, intellectual and wise… Now do you see where my disappointment stems from? However, instead of making a fool of yourself why don’t you deal with the content of my comments…

  18. Sadly Above  commenets between two  or  three or even all, is very typical of  an Armenian Forum.No one stops to think that in order  to occupy a POSITION  ONE  HAS  TO BE ELECTED BY MAJORITY…
    Here on this forum or on others, the situation is the same,albeit  on some  non-Armenians also participating.
    Thence, what  the Administrator  ,-understandable a partisan- or a Govt. one(RA0 reads  all psts, skipping  or  or tw or more ,admitting  only those  that  best  suit  the purporse  of a “BABYLONIAN” OR “ARSHAGAVAN” MODE-SYSTEM..
    INDEED  STICKING  ONLY TO THEIR PARTY  line,dogma.With all respect  to them all, whether ARF,Ramgavaragan or S.Demo Hunchagians..they miss  one  IMPORTANT ISSUE, that  by keeping  this  present Armenian status quo “Arshagavan” like…the ARE  NOT GETTING  THE SUPPORT  OF THE 100,000 Armenians  who OCCUPY  “PROFFESSIONAL” POSTIONS  IN THEIR RESPECTIVE FIELDS(ABOVE  NMBERED  BY SELF)  WO can ideed  muster  up clout, BOTH HUMAN-RESOURCES-WISE AND then create   by themselves  the ECONOMIC  POWER  OF THE DIASPOR(S).SO BE  IT..
    CARRY  ON THIS WAY  UNTILL ONE DAY YOU WILL FEEL/SEE THAT  OUR HUGE COLLECTIVITIES  THAT  ARE  LEFT  TO DRIFT  AWAY-NAMELY THE NON-PARTISANS  ,and then ..some day themselves  feel that  they are  getting weaker  and weaker…
    Thus paving  the way for complete capitulation or partial capitulation, above all to  our adversaries  and also our  Homeland BBB’s (Bishops Bosses  and Benefactors or oligarks  whatever  …who ENJOY SEEING  THE DIASPORA  in this un-enviable  situation and indeed taking advantage  of  the BBB (their supporters giving  them both economic icentive as well as  moral..since  the GREAT  MAJORITY ,i.e. the 100,000 strong PCA’s  are  driven further away from ational Affairs Arena.
    May God help this miserable  un-organized Armenian Diaspora(s)…
    Hama Haigagani SIRO
    Gaytxzag  Palandjian

  19. Well said Gaitzag
    When I look at some posts here and on other Armenian portals, my heart sinks low. Armenians for some unknown reasons never try to find a common ground. It is either the left or the right, nothing in between. And this sad reality gives our eternal enemy, the turks, more power, more incentives and more opportunities to divide and conquer.
    The whole Kurdish nation is looking up to the young Armenian republic and the Armenian diaspora for signs of unity but find none. And who benefits from this chaos? None other than the turks. 
    We all envy Jews and the state of Israel for their rock solid unity, but we never learn from them. That’s why Armenia and Armenians need a new national leader, a second Tigranes II, who would unite all Armenians and make Armenia the most beautiful and the most envied nation on earth.

  20. Ferhat, when you (and others like you here that share your false belief) grow up someday you may realize that internal divisions and problems found amongst Jews are far worst than those found with us Armenians. International Jewry and the Zionist State are held together by two powerful factors –
    1) an old Western group of billionaires and trillionaires, like the Rothchilds, who have intimate contacts with the Western world’s most powerful policy makers…
    2) an institutional instinctual fear/distrust/hate of non-Jews that comes from thousands of years of being persecuted everywhere and everyone -…
    Comparing a small, poor and dispersed nation like us Armenians to a major religious/financial group that is firmly based in the most wealthy states of the West is like comparing apples to falafel.

  21. Avetis
    To succeed in our times and in this international arena, you need to move and act prudent. Armenia, as the smallest country in the Caucasus, with only 3 million people, and with an army of 10,500 (excluding the additional 30K stand by reserves) Cannot afford to be divided. Remember, a house divided will fall faster then a house united.
    Why do you think turks are successful on the international arena, whereas Armenia(ians) and the rest of us Kurds, Greeks etc are not? Simple: turks are seasoned politicians, Armenia being a young nation, lacks that particular political savvyness that turks possess. Plus Armenias 101 plus political parties don’t help much either.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not accusing nor belittleing anyone here. As a friend to the Armenian people, and as someone who spend years learning your language and history, someone who has visited Armenia, someone who admires Armenian architecture, and someone who know everything about the Genocide, it hurts me seeing Armenians divided in a small country. That spells DANGER.
    Yes, you might point out our situation. My people not only are divided along political lines, but we are divided along tribal lines too. That is the ONLY reason we don’t have a country, and trust me it is a herculean job to teach one people divided along tribal lines. But since Armenia has achieved its independance, don’t have any tribal issues like we do, therefore you have absolutely no room for mistakes which might spell disaster for Armenia.
    That’s all.

  22. Ferhat,
    Armenians are often united when it counts the most.  These divisons are ultimately political and thus healthy.

  23. Ferhat, I don’t know where you are getting your wacky numbers regarding Armenia’s military from but I suggest you worry about your “tribesmen” (currently led by the CIA and the Mossad in northern Iraq) instead. For your information, Armenia’s active duty military personnel number around 75 thousand. And Armenia’s leadership simply cannot afford to make any mistakes, and thus far it has not. Against immense odds and without any Western support, we Armenians have been able to create a viable, powerful, progressing nation…

  24. Incidentally, Armenia is a haven for Kurds that respect our nation. Despite cultural differences, Armenia has a record of being a friendly destination. Too bad its neighbors don’t reciprocate.  

  25. Ferhat,
    It  is no use.While you were the only one -regrettably not a single co-Armenian- to cmment  on my above few articles -(for  they are busy  with their over-enthusiastic give  and take,I do appreciate  your comments and that come from a Kurd.Me? I really think your presence  here  of utmost importance,since  you -your people  have lived alongside  our s for millenia-WE  WERE BOTH  OF  same religion  then,before  we accepted  Christianity and then your people Islam.Both very respectable religions  and all  others.
    No ,it is not   being  not  united  .I  am a Euro Armenian and a Euro -bird on the other side  of the ocean.I do make my yearly  pilgrimage to RA/Artsakh since  near a dozen yrs and that  may times.
    ANYHOW,WE SALL B AND BY BEGIN TO REALIZE  THAT  THE power  lies  ,no  not in the 3/4% ERCENT  
    ARMENIAN POLITICFAL PARTIES  MEMBERS-WITH ALL  DUE RESWPECT  TO  THEM BYT  OVER A 100,000  Armenians  that  are  not yesteryear’s telegraphist  but  much more advanced  IT  experts  so the Banking  7 Finance experts etc., these  people are or form our Vertebral column-ALBEIT  NOT  YET  ORGANIZED, but just  commencing…
    thaks  ferhat  for  your  kind comments.Tell your people  we  may forgive  your past  attrocites-alongsde  the turk  if  you ask  forgiveness and SDE  WITH  US FROM  NOW  ON…IT  IS  ALSO  OF UTMOST  IMPORTANCE.SOME ARMENS  DO  NOT REALIZE  THAT  WE  NEED 20  MILLION KURDS  TO SIDE  WITH  US.TERRITORY?

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