Charles and Seda Aznavour Record New Duo in Armenian

Aznavour sings in Armenian again.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (A.W.)–On Jan. 11, Armenian Weekly editor Khatchig Mouradian conducted an interview with French Armenian singer Seda Aznavour, the daughter of Charles Aznavour, who announed the release of a new music video, where Charles and Seda perform in Armenian.

The interview will be published soon. To watch the music video on YouTube, click on the link below:
Charles and Seda Aznavour new duo in Armenian.


  1. So is Charlie going to sing us a song about the merit of giving away Western Armenia? Perhaps he will sing us a song about the so called “benefits” of the protocols? If so, I have a sneaking suspicion sales are going to plummet!

  2. Hey Vache, hearing Aznavour flaunt and rave about the protocols after the signing pissed me off too! He then had the nerve of talking about getting back Western Armenia the week later. Did you catch that snippet? I was mortified and couldn’t believe how ignorant he was about what the protocols actually said. I understand he has a diplomatic post and must tow the party line but hell so did our very own John Evans but even he had enough sense to break free from the status quo and do the right thing under similar diplomatic pressures to stick to the party line. It was a different issue but more or less the same pressure exerted to conform.
    Well, lets see what Khatchig comes up with in his interview…

  3. Charles Aznavour seems confused abot the protocols. Good example with Evans Vatche e. He should probably just focus on singing.

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