ARF Calls for Armenian Foreign Minister’s Resignation

YEREVAN—On July 16, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Council of Armenia issued an announcement calling for the resignation of Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, saying, “Armenia’s foreign policy has deviated from the main provisions of its national security strategy,” reported Yerkir.

“For the purpose of eliminating the negative consequences that have emerged in the foreign policy domain and restoring the national-state course, we demand the resignation of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, who is immediately responsible for the sphere,” said ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian at a press conference.

The ARF Supreme Council of Armenia has called for foresight and political will from the governments of Armenia and the Nagorno Karabagh Republic (NKR) to work in tandem to secure “our place and capabilities in the region.”

“We anticipate that the Armenian president will not sign any document that will ignore the will of the Karabagh people, which has already been expressed through two referendums, and will make every effort to bring the Nagorno Karabakh Republic into the negotiations as a full party to the conflict,” read the statement.

“If, God forbid, such a document is signed, our struggle will receive a completely different nature,” said Rustamian, adding that the ARF has “repeatedly said that no matter who the incumbent president is, we will oppose such a policy with all available constitutional means, including by demanding [the president’s] resignation.”

“The president still has an opportunity to make a drastic change in the situation and, most importantly, not to sign the document that is being proposed today,” he said.

Rustamian also noted that while Armenia’s recognition of Karabagh’s independence was always a priority, the time had come for Armenia and Karabagh to sign a strategic political agreement, whereby Armenia is clearly identified as the guarantor of Karabagh’s security, calling it a “serious step.”

The ARF, he said, had addressed letters to the ambassadors of the United States, France, and Russia to Armenia informing them of “the deepest disappointment of Armenians around the world with the unjustified and groundless pressure of the Minsk Group co-chairing countries on Armenia for the purpose of imposing unilateral and dangerous concessions in the issue of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.”

The ARF asserted that “the concessions will imperil the security of Armenia, the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, and the Armenian people; increase the prospects of renewed Azeri aggression; and undermine the ability of the parties to the conflict to reach a truly lasting and durable peace.”

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  1. Calling for the resignation of the Foreign Minister of Armenia does not  addresses the dire situation surrounding Karabakh. The ultimate authority to formulate  foreign policy lies with the President.
    If this call is simply to express indignation and disapproval then it’s understandable, but that doesn’t change one iota from the circumstances that led Armenia and Karabakh to a potentially disastrous outcome.
    Alternately if this gesture intends to identify a  lightening rod then it has missed its target.

    I am shocked that we have come to this state of affairs!  When will we remember that a house divided will fall?  
    Armenian hero’s gave their lives to protect their families against Turkish/Azeri invaders historically and not too long ago, until 1993 in Armenia and Artsakh.  The blockade was slapped onto Armenia and Artsakh while the world watched.  And now comes the final insult and injury, Azeri and Turkey getting the nails ready to hammer onto  the Armenia coffin.  Is that democracy in action?  Is that justice?  Where is the moral outrage?
    Armenia deserves much better than this.  My father, Avedis Ahigian, living in his homeland, Hazarin, Chimishgatsak, Turkish Armenia, who was a survivor of the 1915 genocide, answered my question when I asked him as an 8 year old child in 1939 , “What makes us so different from othe nations, why do you love Armenia so much, what is so great being an Armenian? ”  He thought a while, then solemnly said, “Always remember that Armenia never started any wars to take other peoples land, they only fought to defend their homeland.  What other country can say that today?”
    My grandmother, Nartoohi Parnagian would always say, “The problem with the Armenian nation and people is that they are their own worst enemy.”  The bell is tolling right now to wake us up to the terrible dangers there are ahead for the Armenian nation. 
    We are being tested right now to what kind of metal we are made of.  Let’s look into ourself and see if we are truly sons and daughters of a people who come from an heroic nation which is still admired by educated people who know  their history. 
    It is miraculous that Armenia survived the Genocide in 1915 to solve the “Armenian Question”, only to threatened with another major catastrophie like the one approaching.  We must not forget  what happened to Armenia starting in December 7, 1988 to 1993.  it suffered an earthquake that destroyed 1/3 of industrialized parts of Armenia, the fall of communism to democracy overnight, an inhumane economic  blockade by Turkey and Azerbaijan, war on Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh/Armenian borders.  I saw with my own eyes the tremendous death and destruction showered on inocent Armenian lives.  Yes, there were many countries sending much needed aid which was appreciated.  But where were the democratic countries that stood up against the tyrants who believe that they are strong enough to crush this small Armenian nation. 
    And today, there are democratic countries that are trying to convince the Armenian government to give in to Turkey and Azerbaijan in order to keep Turkey and Azerbaijan happy and content, finally solving the Armenian Question once and for all.  In a short time, maybe 50 years, 100 years, or a little longer, there will be no Armenia.  That’s how it looks to me. Is that what we want?

  3. Some questions:

    What are the ARF’s ideas on how to proceed with the Artsakh negotiations? 

    What are its plans to get RNK included in the OSCE talks.

    How would the ARF’s foreign policy differ from that of the current Armenian government?

    Perhaps the ARF’s members in the national legislature can provide the public with some ideas about how the ARF would do things differently were the Foreign Minister a Dashnak.

  4. Aremenians were victorius of war. Turk were the agressor. Turks were the one who requested for ceasefire agreement. Therefore, Armenians must be the one to set the terms of anykind of peace treaty. Armenians must demand the return of Wester Armenia in order to continue as a viable state and not to cause insecurity in the region. Unless and until Armenia does not become a selfsufficient state, she wil continue create insecurity for all.

    EU, US, and Turks beware!

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