Armenia: Yesterday, Today, and Maybe No Tomorrow

Yesterday, Armenia was a battlefield and prize for competing empires. Today, Armenia is a battlefield and prize for competing empires.

Yesterday, the Young Turk regime released criminals from prison to terrorize Armenians. Today, Turkish and Armenian regimes contain criminals who terrorize Armenians.

Yesterday, the Turkish government solved its “Armenian problem” with repression, violence, and murder, including the execution of 250 intellectuals in 1915. Today, the Turkish government solves its “Armenian problem” with repression, violence, and murder, including the execution of Hrant Dink in 2007.

Yesterday, in the Ottoman Empire, Armenian women threw themselves into rivers and over cliffs to avoid Turkish rape, forced marriages, and slavery. Today, in Turkey, migrant women from Armenia prostitute themselves, while Armenian women Turkify themselves through intermarriage.

Yesterday, Armenians struggled on their own lands to retain their faith, language, and traditions. Today, Armenians live in foreign lands, and while free to practice their faith, language, and traditions, let them fade away.

Yesterday, international media reported truthfully about the Armenian Genocide. Today, international media willingly publish Turkish propaganda and genocide denials.

Yesterday, Turkish authorities removed Armenians from their lands to convince the world that Armenians never lived there. Today, Turkish authorities dismantle churches, monuments, and cemeteries to convince the world that Armenians never lived there.

Yesterday, Turkish leaders demonized Armenians through word of mouth to turn the Turks against them. Today, Turkish leaders demonize Armenians through books and films to turn the Turks against them.

Yesterday, ordinary Armenians, their backs to the wall, secured an independent nation on the battlefield. Today, Armenia’s ruling cabal may willfully surrender their nation behind closed doors.

Yesterday, President Woodrow Wilson promised a mandate for Armenia, only to have the U.S. Senate reject it. Today, President Barack Obama promised to recognize the Armenian Genocide, only to go back on his word.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Simon Vratzian was forced to hand Armenia to the Soviets to save it from Turkish destruction. Today, President Serge Sarkisian and his clique voluntarily sacrifice Armenia’s interests for their own benefit.

Yesterday, Armenians mistakenly trusted the Western powers and Russia. The Armenian nation paid the price. Today, Armenians mistakenly trust the Western powers and Russia. The Armenian nation pays the price.

Yesterday, Armenians of Arstakh defended their native lands against Azeri hostility. Today, Armenians of Arstakh defend their native lands against Azeri and NATO hostility.

Yesterday, Armenian leaders sacrificed their lives to secure liberty for their people. Today, Armenians leaders sacrifice their dignity for their own personal ambitions.

Yesterday, a closed border prevented Turkey from penetrating Armenia. Today, an open border could enable Turkey to penetrate Armenia.

Yesterday, Armenia would have been eliminated if its people did not resist. Today, Armenia will be eliminated if its people do not resist.

Lucine Kasbarian is an Armenian American writer.

Lucine Kasbarian

Lucine Kasbarian

Journalist, political cartoonist and book publicist Lucine Kasbarian is the author of several books about Armenia and Armenians. Visit her at:


  1. Yesterday Armenian betrayed their own country of Ottoman Empire by cooperating Russia today American Armenian are betraying their  father land by keeping on telling the same lies…

    • And another mehmet in 100 years will say the killings in Syria are a myth and never such things happened… the mankind history has never been short of “mehmet”s

  2. This article, “Armenia: Yesterday, Today, and Maybe No Tomorrow” is really good because young Armenian readers often do not know what happened to Armenians in the pastat the hands of the Turks, except perhaps for a very general knowledge of the genocide.   These young generations may, therefore, repeat the mistakes of the past or become vuilnerable to Turkish propaganda.  We can’t assume that just because some of us know about Armenian history that all Armenians do.  In fact, I would like to suggest that seminars for young Armenians be held which actually explain the historical points raised by the author.  There is an unfortunate tendency among some liberal Armenians to say, in effect, “Oh, the Turks of today are different – they would never commit massacres or deportations again.”  Really?  Ask the Kurds what they have been going through in Turkey and tell me “it can’t happen again.”  Tell the Armenians in Karabagh that “it can’t happen again.”

  3. Permit me to respond to Mr. Guliyev’s false contention that Turkish Armenians themselves revolted with Russian help against the wretched Ottoman Empire.
    The Jews of Palestine – in Palestine itself – cooperated with the British against the Ottomans during WW I (see Yair Auron’s book, The Banality of Denial).  Should  Jews have been wiped out too, Mr. Guliyev?   The Arabs revolted with British help against the Ottomans.   T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) played a huge role in that.  Mr. Guliyev, go tell the Arabs that  Taalat should have cleansed them from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.  See what their reacti0n is.

    I wonder if Mr. Guliyev realizes how bad it makes Turkey look to use alleged revolts as an excuse for wiping out people.   Actually, as an Armenian, I kind of like his doing that.  It reflects badly on the Turkish government. 

  4. Lucine has a unique way expressing her thoughts  , it is intellectually provocative and yet
    it reflects the truth , which makes some people uncomfortable specially the ones  who are blinded by optimistic statements of some leaders in Armenian society , yet it will be well advised if these optimistic leaders look at turkey’s negations tactics for cypress they have not given un an inch to europe , US and greece  they did not do it yesterday they are not doing it today and may be they will do it sometime in the future but they will extract a heavy price

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