Comments from a few pleased passengers

“This is the second time I have been on the Armenian Heritage Cruise and I have already booked for next year. I am able to speak my beautiful Armenian language without anyone wondering what language I am speaking. This cruise gave me the opportunity to listen to songs sung by professional singers, and find lost friends and relatives. All of this careful planning is the result of the Armenian Heritage Committee. I want to come on this cruise every year for the rest of my life.”
Silva Alactian
Marseille, France

“I have been traveling with the Armenian Heritage Cruise for the last 12 years. I cannot explain how much I enjoy each one. I am originally from Istanbul, and I meet old friends and make new friends each year. See you next year.”
Nivart Kachigian
Granite City, Ill.

“It was truly joyful for me to see Armenians from all over the world gathered here as one community and one family. We shared one common language, not only the Armenian language but the language of unity, happiness, and contentment.”
Carolyn Mamigonian
Fresno, Calif.

“I am upset with all of my friends for not encouraging me more to come on the AHC cruise earlier. How did I miss all of the previous 11 cruises? My husband Ara and I are having a wonderful time and we are planning to come next and bring our children and grandchildren with us.”
Beta Nahapetian
Washington, D.C.

“We had a wonderful time on our first AHC. My only regret is that our whole family wasn’t here to enjoy this beautiful Armenian adventure with us.”
Carol Bagdasarian
Troy, Mich.

“Besides being a cruise where you see different sights that most people read of, for us as Armenians it is a pilgrimage; this is the place Armenians meet each other from different cultural backgrounds, exchange ideas, and discuss issues that affect Armenia. I hope all Armenians experience this unique opportunity.”
Sossi Boladian
Beirut, Lebanon

“Most of us on the ship live in the Diaspora and do not have the experience of living and working in Armenia. The repeat booking by most on this trip is an encouraging success story. This ship should be renamed ‘Costa Armenia.’ In addition, I have lived in many countries and the cruise provides me and my friends from all over the world to meet each year. This is a great opportunity and experience.”
Nerses Artan
Los Angeles, Calif.

Barbara Haroutunian

Barbara Haroutunian

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