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WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Hairenik and Armenian Weekly newspapers are pleased to announce this year’s upcoming special issue magazine dedicated to the importance of our community newspapers. 

The Hairenik and Armenian Weekly are celebrating historic anniversaries in 2024: 125 years for Hairenik and 90 years for the Armenian Weekly. To celebrate these milestones, the special issue magazine will focus on the importance of ethnic newspapers in delivering the diverse voices of diaspora communities, in this case the global Armenian diaspora.

The magazine will feature articles and commentary from long-time contributors and columnists, former editors, scholars and community leaders. They will address the ever-growing relevance of ethnic publications, beginning with the genesis of the English-language Armenian Weekly through the efforts of the editors and youth of the early 1930s. Additionally, the 90th anniversary of this publication happens to coincide with the same anniversary of the AYF Olympics, so look for a special nod to this shared history.

We hope we have peaked your interest and invite you, our loyal readers and supporters, to contribute to the publication of this magazine by becoming a sponsor and making a donation online.

You may also mail your donation to Hairenik Association, 80 Bigelow Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472, with a note designating the special issue magazine.

Your dedicated support is deeply appreciated as the Hairenik and Armenian Weekly strive to continue our historic legacy, uplifting the voices of all Armenians around the world.

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