ARF Artsakh Youth Organization issues statement on 100th day of blockade

Stepanakert marks 100 days of the Artsakh blockade, March 21, 2023 (Photo: Vahagn Khachatrian)

Artsakh has been under blockade for 100 days. It’s been 100 days that the enemy Azerbaijan has failed to achieve its goalsdepopulate and occupy.

After the war of 2020, the heart of Artsakh was beating, although injured, which means that it continues to struggle.

The people of Artsakh live in spite of the lack of food, medicine, fuel, gas and electricity. The will of the people, who survived three wars, deprivation and violence, is unbeatable. These people are loyal to their chosen way of struggle. And today, on the 100th day of the genocidal activities organized by Azerbaijan, the youth of Artsakh again show their willingness to live on this land.

On March 21, 2023, the ARF Artsakh Youth Organization held a rally in Stepanakert to reaffirm their will, to make their voice heard for the world, to express the determination of the struggle and to prove the united will of the Armenians.

Today in many countries, where there are ARF institutions and youth organizations, many similar demonstrations are being held, showing that the ARF youth have not forgotten Artsakh and represent Armenian demands on international platforms.

Today is a symbolic day of the struggle. Artsakh persists and resists the enemy. At the rally, the ARF Artsakh Youth Organization issued the following statement.

Stepanakert marks 100 days of the Artsakh blockade, March 21, 2023 (Photo: Vahagn Khachatrian)

100 days. The 100th day of the struggle. Even pronouncing these two words, you feel the heaviness of these 100 days.

The terroristic authorities closed our road of life, cut the only vein feeding Artsakh, separated mothers from their sons. It’s been 100 days. For 100 days, we have been struggling for life against a deaf and dumb world.

Struggle, struggle, struggle. The destiny of the Armenians has always been a struggle. Struggle against the world to save your homeland and home. Struggle against the enemy to avenge your ancestors. Struggle for the right to live our own lives. Struggle against the blockade to get the road of life openedthe life which seemed to cease for a while because of the blockade.

During these 100 days, we have seen empty streets and schools, long queues, gas and electricity shutdowns and sadness in the eyes of children waiting for their mothers. We have also seen kindness and sympathy in the people of Artsakh. We found light in the sorrow and continued living, struggling, flourishing and creating. We are like dandelions. Like this fragile flower, we have acquired the ability to withstand unfavorable conditions and bloom, so that we can rise up and show our desire to live and reach heights. We must never break, because we are strong like our mountains. It’s the 100th day of struggle and another day of Artsakh’s struggle for survival.

This struggle started with our Armenians in 1988. That was 35 years ago, when our nation faced a vital question which hadn’t appeared before. At that time, the realization of the need for struggle united all Armenians around a national goal, forming a national movement, which was later named the Artsakh movement. In those days, the Armenians united and showed their power on the enemy, who, feeling frightened, escaped from Shushi and from the rest of Armenian territories.

Now after 35 years we appear in the same situation. The genocidal enemy tries to depopulate Artsakh and finally destroy Armenia. The fall of Artsakh will open the gates to Armenia, and the Armenians will lose the shield which protected them for 35 years. There must be an end to this. The people living in the maze of uncertainty must wake up. They have to understand that Artsakh and Armenia can only exist together. In the 1980s, our elder generation understood the need for unity and won.

Now it is our turn. The homeland needs us. The boys who gave their lives to protect us now need our protection. Two years after the war there are new graves, though. A few days ago, three of our policemen, who were the victims of the enemy’s sabotage attack, found their rest beside our son’s graves. We must protect the land where they rest. This land is covered with the holy blood of our grandfathers and fathers. We lost lives to save this piece of land and keep its name “Artsakh.”

In spite of the current situation and ongoing blockade, we can’t give up and stop struggling. Remember, our destiny is to struggle! We must struggle to save our homeland; it isn’t just a piece of land. We, the youth of Artsakh, refuse the demands of Azerbaijan and announce to the world that we exist. We struggle and will struggle for the peace of the souls of our thousands of soldiers, for Armenia, for diaspora, for our dreams, for independent Artsakh and for independent, free, united Armenia. We call on the Armenians living in Armenia and diaspora to join our youth, who are holding demonstrations in different parts of the world in support of Artsakh.

Stepanakert marks 100 days of the Artsakh blockade, March 21, 2023 (Photo: Vahagn Khachatrian)
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