Hovnanian School, We Thank You

Aynilian twins jumping for joy outside Hovnanian School

As I sit to write this, our boys (age five – how did they become so big so fast) are off to their last day at Hovnanian School here in New Milford, New Jersey. For the last three years, Hovnanian School has given us an extended family, a rich school experience and the foundation upon which our sons will build their Armenian identity. The teachers and faculty, PTO and volunteer committee members, administration and staff have had a profound effect on our children. Our children head off to school each morning with excitement and anticipation for what the school day will bring: gardening, cooking, dancing, singing, visits from professional soccer players and music artists from near and far. One thing for sure, they will leave each day even better than they were. 

Hovnanian students with musical artist Arthur Khachents

Each day our children come home singing songs in English, French and Armenian, telling us about the things they learned and the high expectations their teachers have for them. They lay in bed before bedtime talking about their friends and the silly and fun things that happened during the day. On the weekends, they tell us how much they miss and love their teachers, and we assure them they will see them in just a few short days. The impact the teachers and staff have had on our children is profound. We are so grateful. For establishing a strong academic foundation and a love for school, we thank you! 

Hovnanian School’s sense of community is second to none. The school continues to envision new, innovative and fun ways to bring its community together. Families feel welcomed and included. Events like Field Day, the Mother’s Day Luncheon and Family Night allow families to be a part of the community. These gatherings have breathed new life into the school and make us so hopeful for the future of Hovnanian School. For friends who have become family, thank you! 

Field Day 2022 at Hovnanian School

Despite the challenging circumstances over the last few years, Hovnanian School remained a constant for our family. We felt safe sending our boys to school each day, knowing the school would care for our children as their own. As a public school teacher, I was acutely aware of the willingness of the school to make this challenging time one of consistency, security and safety. During scary and uncertain times, the courage and care did not go unnoticed. For keeping our children safe and in school, we thank you! 

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In a world where so much changes so fast, it is challenging, to say the least, to hang on to our roots. Through the efforts of Hovnanian School, our boys strongly identify with their rich Armenian culture. Our boys can be heard soulfully singing “Mer Hayrenik,” reciting “Hayr Mer” and “Jashagestsook” before meals and energetically dancing and clapping to “Hey Jan Ghapama.” The school embodies a celebration of vibrant Armenian culture and instills in the future generation the importance of holding on tight to those roots. It is an honor to be an Armenian, and from such a young age, our boys fully feel this. For keeping the Armenian spirit alive, we thank you, Hovnanian School! 

Hovnanian preschoolers, 2022
Simone` Aynilian

Simone` Aynilian

Simone` Aynilian is an instructional math coach for Ridgefield Park Public Schools. She graduated from Wheelock College, Boston with a degree in elementary education and has since earned a degree in education leadership. She is currently working on a second master's degree in curriculum and teaching from Boston University. Simone` grew up and currently resides in Bergen County, New Jersey with her husband and two sons. She spent much of her youth at Camp Haiastan, Armenian dance group practices and volunteering at Sts. Vartanantz Church. She hopes to be able to create many of these rich Armenian experiences for her own family and instill the same sense of Armenian pride in her children.
Simone` Aynilian

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