What kind of an Armenia are we aiming for and how?

Ishkhan Saghatelyan, May 9, 2022 (Photo: Hayastan Dashinq)

The future plans for Armenia and Artsakh, presented below, were articulated by Ishkhan Saghatelyan at the May 9 gathering of the Resistance Movement at France Square in Yerevan. Saghatelyan, the representative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Body of Armenia and vice chair of the National Assembly, has made additional remarks over the past few days, where he has clearly stated that the popular uprising is not an attempt at a power grab, as portrayed by the current authorities. It is a movement borne out of the many indignations suffered by Armenia and Artsakh over the past few years, a direct consequence of the treasonous policies and actions of the current authorities. Neither is the removal of the current authorities the end goal. It is merely the beginning of a long overdue national reconciliation, enforcement of territorial integrity and provision of safety for all citizens, re-establishment of our national values and rejection of policies based on fear, defeat and upholding of our enemies’ interests ahead of our own. Most importantly, the ARF states in no uncertain terms that the unsavory elements of the previous regime have no place in Armenia’s future. We have a cadre of young, educated, capable and patriotic Armenians who can lead us toward a better future and a stronger and more unified Armenian nation.

The end of Vichy Armenia is near, and we have a long road ahead of us, one that we must travel together in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. Once and for all, we must show our collective strength and not allow our enemies, as skillful as they may be, to divide us. Our strength is in our unity and in our steadfast belief in a shared and bright future.

The month of May holds a special place in our modern history, where we celebrate the first liberation of Shushi on May 8, Victory Day on May 9 and the independence of the first Republic of Armenia on May 28 following 600 years of foreign rule. Let this May bring a renewed spirit of hope, reconciliation, patriotism and optimism to our nation. 

ARF Sardarabad Gomideh of Boston

Fellow Armenians:

The independence of Armenia and Artsakh are under threat, a direct result of the anti-national, weak and treacherous actions and policies of the current administration.

It is incumbent upon us to right this ship and to bring Armenia and Artsakh back from the edge of the precipice. Are we capable of doing so? The answer is a resounding yes. How will we do so? We will build a strong Armenia with a unified effort rooted in security, solidarity, stability and progress.

To do so, we must remove the current administration and replace it with a government that will:

  • Bring to an end Turkish-Azeri attacks and incursions by modernizing the common security systems of Armenia and Artsakh. This effort will be based on working with strategic partners, rebuilding Armenia’s Armed Forces and improved international diplomacy.
  • Reaffirm the rights of the people of Artsakh to security and self-determination guaranteed by the Republic of Armenia, commitment to protect Artsakh from any status that would place it within Azerbaijan and formation of reliable land access between Armenia and Artsakh to prevent any enclave status. Active steps will be taken based on the 1994 OSCE format to reinstate the negotiation process.
  • Prevent any effort toward provision of corridors under the guise of unblocking communication roads at the expense of Armenia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • Not implement any border demarcations under Azeri force or threat of force.
  • Exclude any agreements in the Armenian-Turkish relationships that will question the realities of the deportations and genocide of the Armenian nation, as well as Armenia’s right to her spiritual and cultural heritage.
  • Give priority to issues related to food security and state reserves.
  • Consider the return of Armenian POWs and all hostages as an issue of utmost importance and urgency.
  • Carry out policies professionally with clearly articulated standards to overcome the state of crisis in the management system. We will eradicate populism, lies, deceit, inaction, irresponsibility and all overt and covert manifestation of corruption from the management of the affairs of the state. We will promote hard work and diligence, development of a healthy state and a national mindset and individual and collective responsibility. We will form a new functional and effective state management structure. We will prioritize the revival of the agriculture and culture ministries, in addition to the law enforcement system to fully serve our citizens. The accomplishments of the policies established for the welfare of our citizens, in both rural and urban areas, will be used as the success criteria for evaluation of state officials. Economic growth must be directly reflected in increasing standards of living, providing stable revenue growth. The citizens’ credit and debt load must not deprive them of the opportunity for a dignified life.

Fellow Armenians, we will restore internal solidarity and achieve our immense pan-Armenian potential by eliminating deepening hatred, division and indifference. We will reject the low moral standing of the past and the present and will shield the nation from destructive shocks and reverberations.

Fellow Armenians, we would like to address a question that has been raised often during the course of our rallies. The question pertains to the appearance of unacceptable and unsavory individuals in the rallies who have held positions of power previously. With the direct involvement of the Diaspora, the holy Armenian Apostolic Church and other national structures, we will formulate internal and external agendas to face our pan-Armenian challenges.

To formulate such a power, it is necessary to:

  • Create a national consensus temporary government. This means that responsible political forces will undertake the collective responsibility to formulate a unique state management national collective that will prevent the centralization of power under one person.
  • After the removal of the current administration, we will publish the names of 250 renowned specialists, who will serve as the pillars of our management system and state administration structure over the next few years. They will not be required to have any party affiliation, loyalty to any one person, or any expression of obedience or submission to any entity or individual. These individuals will not be beholden to anyone, nor will they be prone to such behavior. You know many of them, as they serve among us. They have been and are fighting in the name of our nation’s freedom, strong statehood, Artsakh, empowerment and driving the Turks out of our country. They are all in the thick of it at the Square, on the streets or in the free press. They are real patriots and professionals whose activities will be a source of pride for any state system in any country.
  • Remove the ability of the Prime Minster to make sole decisions on matters of significant importance. The Prime Minister can only make decisions on matters of defense and security with unanimous support from the Security Council. The Prime Minister’s authorities will be limited and replaced with actual parliamentary management mechanisms. Pass new laws regarding the Security Council and government structure and activities.
  • Urgently structure the Armed Forces high command, strengthen the diplomatic corps and bring back the professional cadre and minimize political appointments.

The role of the temporary government will be to:

  1. Immediately form a senior political and professional negotiation team that will negotiate with Azerbaijan, and if needed Turkey, based on our national and state interests with a clear and well-developed plan, as opposed to the existing pro-Turkish approach hampered with fear and defeat. The negotiation team will not lower the bar. It is noteworthy that any reduction in the role of the Russian peacekeepers stationed in Artsakh is inadmissible.
  2. Reduce the atmosphere of hatred in the country with consistent steps, where people will not be persecuted for their political views and the rule of law will apply to everyone, regardless of status.
    Armenia will once again become an attractive destination for investments, and Yerevan once again will become the capital of all Armenians.
    -Upon stabilization of the situation (presumably in one to one-and-a-half years), free, fair and competitive extraordinary elections will be held. 

Removal of the nation-destroying authorities will consist of an initial dual power status, followed by the removal of the current administration. Dual power is already in effect, whose manifestations are:

  1. The formulation of a far-reaching consolidated effort supported by different segments and structures.
  2. It is clear both inside and outside Armenia that the current Prime Minister has neither the legal standing nor the capacity to make new concessions on behalf of the nation.
  3. The current authorities are already trying to cover up their treasonous plans under public pressure.
  4. The current authorities’ sole power lies in the brutality of the police force.
  5. The country is in a state of crisis, as the 2021 elections have not resulted in any meaningful gains.
  6. We can clearly state that all conditions for the removal of the current authorities are in place.

It is impossible for the current authorities to halt the popular movement.

To that end, our goals are to:

  1. Establish that actual people’s power is based at the Square.
  2. Realize that the current authorities are powerless in the face of the people’s anger and indignation. In other words, the people have full control over the discourse and can dictate their will by closing and opening what they want, when they want. This will effectively remove the current Prime Minister from power, in which case his resignation will only be inevitable.

What is needed for this? Only one thing, dear compatriots. Increase the size of the disobedience demonstrations, the number of the participants and become masters of the situation.

I submit to all political forces in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora, the public, professional circles, capable individuals, spiritual, cultural, educational, business, IT, military, and to all that Armenia is ours. If we stand shoulder to shoulder, we can solve any problems. This is not a political party struggle. There are no authorized groups or people. This a popular uprising in the name of our dignity, our national identity, in the name of a just, strong state of solidarity with her citizens, and in the name of Armenia and Artsakh. Trust, participate, and we shall be victorious.

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Guest Contributor

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  1. I love this guy. He is correct on pretty much every point. He is a real patriot. He talks of unity. Non of the past thieves and the current incompetent loser ever talk of unity. He correctly calls out not only the current useless traitor but separates his vision from the the past thieves as not part of his movement. His vision is correct, basically a one world wide Armenian nation whos sole aim is military superiority, political savvy and full economic development through honest innovation and collective hard work. Also he will never bargain away the injustice of the Armenian Genocide and more importantly the independence of the people of Artsakh. The current loser PM is a traitor and too stupid to do good for Armenia. His loathing for Artskh is clear. It is no coincidence that as soon as he is in charge a war breaks out resulting in the worst most mismanaged loss of historic proportions. Even more alarming is that he is still in charge and about to negotiate his great giveaway, this mostly done in secret of course. People talk of the opposition bringing no alternative resolution. Seriously what has Pashinyn brought other then major loss? Pashinyan the traitor needs to be rid immediately that is clear.

  2. Robert Kocharyan, the most ever hated Armenian, and Serzh Sargsyan, a drug addict and gambler, who are behind the so-called ‘resistance movement,’ are not opposition, but revanchists, who have two goals. The first is to overthrow the legitimate government formed in Armenia as a result of the revolution and elections to avoid the return of what they had stolen and also criminal liability for numerous crimes, including murders, and the second goal is to make the Republic of Armenia join the Mongol Empire (Russia). The overwhelming majority of Armenian citizens are well aware of this and they will not allow Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan to succeed. Never. Both must be behind bars.

    • The nakhkin battle cry has been the mainstay of the Pashinyan regime. Unfortunately, this government has done little in 4years to return any of the stolen funds, as they put it. The country is run by oligarchs, annointned by LTP and continued on through RK and SS and now NP. Are you ok with one set of oligarchs and not the other? The logic does not apply, as we see numerous cases of current regime officials moving contracts to their families, living luxury lives, Grrzo doing what he does best…How come none of these bother you? which are no different than the actions of the nakhkins? Nakhkins were terrible and will not be in power – we thankfully have capable, young people that can lead the nation. If your fear of nakhkins is greater than the fear of losing, Artsakh, Syunik, and eventually Yerevan, then the nakhkins are not your main worry.

    • Kocharyan sold the Ararat cognac for 30 million dollars to the french, levon ter petrosyan and vano siradelyan (wanted by InterPol, now a national hero under pashinyan goberment) and khachatur sukiasyan (grzo) sold the entire Armenia’s manufacturing industry for 700,000 dollars to “privetize” the country which was worth at least 700 million dollars then and was the economic back bone of the country. grzo is a mp today and best friend of pashinyan. Btw Ararat brady company is mow a major contributor of Armenia’s GDP but all that ltp sold is gone. Who are the corrupt in Armenia? Open your eyes, pashinyan is much much worst than Kocharyan or Serj

  3. The goals of the writer are laudable and even idealistic. That is why the movement in the Square must go through the ballot box. The political process will force necessary compromises, which is actually healthy. That is how democracy works and improves society. There is nothing stopping this opposition movement presenting their platform to the Armenian voting public at the next election. By the way, to lay all the blame for the 2020 defeat on Pashinyan is not realistic. There were complicated changes occuring since 2016 in the political relationships between Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey plus advances in military technology that Armenia did not counter. In order to survive in the Caucasus, Armenians must be the very BEST or they will perish. This applies to Pashinyan or anyone else who replaces his government.

    • While your comments are appreciated, waiting for elections to rid the nation of this collaborator government in 5 years will be too late, as there will not be much of an Armenia left then. Also, as much as everyone wants us to debate who bought or didn’t buy what weapons and when, and how that affected the war – the sad and simple reality is that the collaborator government did not fight a war to win. It needed to sacrifice 5000 boys’ lives to justify what he was going to do – dismantle Artsakh and Armenia.

    • By the time there is next election pashinyan would finish his traitorous plan of “lowering the bar” on the right of self-determination of Artsakh and accept a part of our homeland to be under dictatorship of Baku which it has never been. Wake up before it ia too late.

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