Providence AYF Olympics Summary Results 2021

AYF Providence “Varantian” Chapter, 2021 Olympics

Here are the results of the 87th annual AYF Olympics that were held in Providence, RI over Labor Day weekend. The Greater Boston “Nejdeh” Chapter defended their 2019 title in a tie with the host chapter, the Providence Varantians.

AYF Greater Boston Nejdeh track team, AYF Olympics 2021

Look for extensive AYF Olympic coverage by longtime contributors Harry Derderian, Mark Gavoor, Bob Tutunjian and others in the AYF Olympics Special Issue, slated for publication in the Armenian Weekly on September 25.

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Final Chapter Standings

1 Greater Boston
137 (TIE)
3 Detroit 132
4 New Jersey 80
5 North Andover
34 (TIE)
7 Middlesex West 26
8 New York 13
9 Racine 9
10 Chicago 6
11 Granite City 6
12 North Valley (West) 5
13 Washington, DC 4
14 San Francisco (West) 3

Most Improved: North Andover

Softball Winner: Detroit

High Scorers Chapter Event 1 Event 2 Event 3
Natalia Oganesian Providence 50 m. Freestyle 25 m. Butterfly 25 m. Freestyle
Melanie Sarafian
Detroit 50 m. Dash 100 m. Dash 200 m. Dash
Knar Topouzian
Detroit Shot Put Discus High Jump
Zach Semerjian
Providence Shot Put Discus Javelin
David Barsamian New Jersey 800 m. Run 1600 m. Dash 3200 m. Run
Nareg Minasian Greater Boston 50 m. Butterfly 100 m. Freestyle 50 m. Freestyle

Women’s Pentathlon Winner: Anoush Krafian (Greater Boston), 3036 points
Men’s Pentathlon Winner: Sasoun Tcholakian (Detroit), 2557 points

Outstanding Records

Alex Kassabian New York Golf 69 (Old record 71 set 1999 by Haig Altoonian, PROV)
Swimming Relay Greater Boston 200 yd. 1:56.95* (Old record 1:58.10 set 2019 by Detroit Chapter)

Note (*) time converted from meters to yards

Ernest Nahigian Sportsmanship Award: Nareg Mkrtschjan (Providence)

Editor’s/Author’s Note, September 10, 2021: We have edited this article to reflect the correct chapter that received the title of Most Improved: North Andover “Sassoun.” We apologize for the error.

Author’s Note, September 13, 2021: The summary results have been revised to add one point to the Philadelphia total and deduct one from Detroit. The men’s high jump was entered as a tie for first place at the field when it was actually won by Anto Keshgegian from Philadelphia.


    • Sophia from Worcester placed third in the preliminary heat for the 25 freestyle but then placed fifth in the final of that event.

  1. Where do I find the Olympic individual results from last year? It doesn’t come up on a Google search.

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