Armenian community of Michigan protests visit by Turkish Ambassador to the United States

Armenian community of Michigan protests the visit of Turkish ambassador Murat Mercan, July 29, 2021

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.—A visit to a Michigan country club by the Turkish Ambassador to the United States drew swift condemnation from members of the local Armenian community on Thursday.

Dozens of members of the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Michigan and the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” Chapter quickly mobilized on Thursday afternoon to protest the visit of Turkish Ambassador Murat Mercan, who was scheduled to meet with local businessmen at the Wabeek Country Club of Bloomfield Township.

Protesters were seen outside the entrance of the country club proudly waving Armenian and American flags and signs that highlighted Turkey’s atrocities against Armenians and its continued Genocide denial campaign.

Many local residents took interest in the protest and were quick to express their shared disappointment with the Turkish ambassador’s visit.

Protesters were there as the motorcade made its way inside the country club, shouting “Michigan does not support Turkey.” They say they were met with shocked and angry glares.

Bloomfield Township police officers were on hand to ensure everyone’s safety. City Treasurer Brian Kepes also participated, as well as Michigan State Rep. Mari Manoogian (40th House District). “Genocide denial is unacceptable, and we won’t tolerate it,” she later wrote on Facebook.

Bloomfield Township Treasurer Brian Kepes and State Rep. Mari Manoogian also participated in the July 29 protest

ANC of MI says its activists will continue to raise awareness about Turkey’s genocidal history and its pan-Turkic ideologies, while working hard for Hai Tahd (the Armenian Cause) and toward a free, united and independent Armenia and Artsakh.

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Araxie Tossounian

Araxie Tossounian

Araxie Tossounian is an active member of her local Armenian community in Novi, Michigan. She is a proud alumna of the AYF and a member of the Detroit Azadamard ARF Chapter. Araxie is a mental health professional with a deep love for poetry.


  1. You miss the true point. Protesting against a visiting ambassador or foreign head of state does not bring any tangible benefit to Armenian. Nor every time dropping oneself in the flag. Flag is a sacred sign of a nation but excessive obsession and unlimited love with it leads to some extreme form of nationalism and patriotism on the verge of xenophobia rendering the person insane to everything non Armenia. I read dozens of articles by countless authors in Armenian publications like the Mirror Spectator, the Weekly, Asbarez, Sputnik and many other where everyone give suggestions in free for the country to come out of this mess. Suggestions like people raising honey bees, civilians from other counties come to join and fight none of these can help the impoverished nation. Let ponder any civilian become a temporary soldier and start toting an AK 47 this does not have an impact on the invading army. Cursing other counties and institutions like Russia, EU and the US why they don’t fight on Armenia’s behalf but no one ask why other countries will fight for you. What you can offer them in return. The beat thing in my view for Armenia is to conclude peace treaty with Azerbaijan and Turkey, recognize their integrity then I can assure you Armenia will not need to run everytime and beg to the cursed Russians, there will be no need of being in the useless CSTO and EEU, Armenia will start regaining it’s it’s not mortgaged sovereignty bit by bit. Peaceful and cordial relations with neighbours will free Armenia to focus on socioeconomic development and HR development. Look the example of Germany and France. The reverse example is of India and Pakistan. In absence of good relations between these countries 400 Million Indians more than the combined population of Russia, South Caucasus, Central Asia, Iran and Turkey are languishing below the poverty line. They can’t manage 2 dollars a day. Same is the case with Pakistan. So learn from history, give up designs in the territories of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia then Armenia can think of serious development.

    • No, you missed many true points. So glad you’re interested in these articles. You conveniently left out the “G” word. Yes, Turkey committed a Genocide against the Armenians. The key difference between Germany and Turkey is that Germany was able to come to grips with their history. Turkey on the other hand, rather pay stooges to make baseless claims, you know spin, spin spin… The history is rock solid. So Shahid, spin, spin, spin…

    • Turks admit atrocities took place. We can find common ground. I thought us Turks were bad thinking we are special then I met Armenians. Come back to Earth. We get it first Christian nation…

      Demanding half of each modern country to build your own empire is borderline insanity. Us Turks need to get out of Cyprus too along with Russians from Crimea. Ancient lands, empires are long gone.

  2. As an American I like many others welcome both the Armenians & the Turks. Protesting the visit of an ambassador? Get over yourselves. Perhaps this is the reason the Armenian community can’t move on or up.

  3. Just want to applaud the Armenian Weekly for having the courage to run comments regardless of position. Such is an example of true discourse which much of society now seems to ignore in favor of simply attacking one another. Kudos!!

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