“Night and Day” features the art of Masha Keryan

Masha Keryan and Percy Fortini-Wright painting murals in the gallery before opening night

BOSTON, Mass. — Dozens attended an electrifying and intimate opening reception for Boston-based artist Masha Keryan’s first exhibition at Pellas Gallery on Newbury Street last week. “Night and Day” is a duo exhibition that also represents the work of Percy Fortini-Wright.

The 26-year-old Weekly designer contributed nine pieces to “Night and Day,” abstractly depicting both these uncertain times as well as the influence of her experiences living in Armenia and the US. Keryan’s body of work on display is both minimal and vibrant, using specific colors with skillful textures and form to elicit an emotional response. Admirers are drawn to Keryan’s anthropomorphic depictions which radiate the human condition from their placement throughout the gallery.

Masha Keryan

Fortini-Wright, for his part, is well-known for a style that “inhabits the space between abstraction expressionism and graffiti art.” More than a dozen of Fortini-Wright’s mixed media pieces combined with Keryan’s vibrant and anonymous abstracted figures create an intriguing and inspiring environment and invite moments of reflection and conversation in the human experience.

“Night and Day” is on display at Pellas Gallery until August 30.

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