Progress in Aghavno with the Artsakh Fund

Pictured from left to right: Mayor of Ariavan Andranik Chavushyan, Artsakh Fund Director Trdat Martirosyan, and Principal Poghos Aghabekyan cut the ribbon on the newly renovated section of the school

The Artsakh Fund Committee of the Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc. (ACAA) is implementing a number of programs in Artsakh. These include the renovation of the school in Aghavno (also known as Ariavan), as well as the construction of an aid station in the community. The opening ceremony for the renovated school was held on May 9.

Among the attendees at the ceremony were director of the Artsakh branch of the Artsakh Fund Trdat Martirosyan, head of the Aghavno community Andranik Chavushyan, principal of the Aghavno school Poghos Aghabekyan and fellow villagers.

Aghavno (Ariavan) community members gather for the opening of the newly renovated school and distribution of new homes on May 9

In an interview with Aparaj, Martirosyan noted that the members of the committee arrived in postwar Artsakh to get acquainted with the situation and execute new programs in accordance with the community’s needs. This led to the decision to renovate the part of the school used for preschoolers. Construction of the medical center is in progress.

Aghabekyan says there are currently 30 students in the school. Classes resumed on January 8. Before the war, there were 52 students at Aghavno school. Aghabekyan explained that more students will return in time for the next academic year. Currently, the school is in need of an English specialist.

Aghabekyan’s family received a new house during the distribution of newly-built houses in the village on the same day. Since 2018, the principal had traveled to Aghavno from Tegh village every day for school. “Before the war I did not even think about staying here, but after the war we have to stay for the sake of what our men left behind,” said Aghabekyan. “For their sake, we must stay and think about returning the lands in the future. Both my children will live here,” he asserted, expressing hope that in a few years the homeland will be fully ours.

The ACAA Artsakh Fund is thankful to those who have supported these initiatives and contributed to ensure the successful completion of the school renovation. Please visit to make a donation to help finish construction of the medical center, as well as replacement of the municipal building roof.

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