Forget Me Not: Armenian Genocide Recollections published

NOVI, Mich.—Michigan-based author Ariana Kabodian has published Forget Me Not: Armenian Genocide Recollections in honor of this year’s 106th anniversary commemoration on April 24.

Kabodian, a descendant of Genocide survivors, wrote Forget Me Not: Armenian Genocide Recollections to honor her ancestors. The book centers around their experiences and stories of survival during the Armenian Genocide. 

Kabodian, a member of St. John’s Armenian Church in Southfield, Michigan, is hoping to raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide through this publication.

She has partnered with the Paros Foundation, a humanitarian nonprofit organization in Armenia; 100-percent of the proceeds will be donated to support children in the homeland.

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Guest Contributor

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  1. Ariana, thank you so much for documenting your grand parents’ histories. My parents were 1st generation Armenian-Americans. Mom died last year from COVID-19 at age 93. While going through her documents, I found 103-year old documents from my maternal grandmother’s heroic effort to gain safety in the New World. Fleeing the genocide was just the 1st step. She had to cross war-torn Europe to get to Norway. Then she crossed the North Atlantic, where the Germans were sinking ships, and then arrived in the New World with nothing but the clothes on her back. Then just as she established a new family and was starting to have a normal life, the Great Depression brought about more hardships. But through it all (including WW-II), she kept her faith and love.

    As you said in the Free Press article, we wouldn’t be here if not for their bravery and perseverance. I framed my grandmother’s documents to better preserve them. Your book is a phenomenal document. Outstanding.

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