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November 15, 2020, New York City

NEW YORK, NY—On September 27, the combined Azeri and Turkish military forces launched an unprovoked attack on Nagorno-Karabakh, commonly referred to by Armenians who live there as Artsakh. Over the course of the next 46 days, Azeri forces would go on to target civilian centers with cluster bombs, burn down forests with white phosphorus and employ jihadist mercenaries who were paid bonuses for every beheading.

Turkey has played a quintessential role in Azerbaijan’s aggression against Artsakh. They have supplied high-tech weaponry, recruited mercenaries and even commanded some of the airstrikes. Most recently, they are attempting to gain approval to deploy peacekeepers in Artsakh. The last time they “maintained the peace” for Armenians, Ottoman Turks resorted to genocide and murdered 1.5 million Armenians.  

My brothers and sisters in Artsakh are risking their lives to defend their ancestral homeland and their right to self-governance. As they continue their fight for survival, my diaspora fights so that the world may recognize their struggle for existence and the purity of their hearts.

On Sunday, November 15, Armenians in New York City gathered outside the Turkish Consulate demanding that the United States sanction Turkey for war crimes and recognize the Republic of Artsakh. Chantelle Nasri, chair of the AYF Manhattan “Moush” Chapter, opened the event and invited five guest speakers to explain the crimes committed by Turkey and the necessity of a free, independent Artsakh.

Dimitri Filippides from Greek American Radio, for his part, conveyed a powerful message to the Turkish Consulate. He honored the heroes of Artsakh, highlighted Turkey’s criminal record and emphasized that the war is not over until there is justice. In his words, “recogniz[ing] Artsakh is the only way to bring justice” to the region.

As we continue to protest, our numbers grow and our message becomes clearer. We were thankful to have the Greek community with us on Sunday, and we hope to see more friends of the Armenian community participate in the future. We will continue to protest and educate until the world recognizes our struggle for justice and recognizes Artsakh. 

November 15, 2020, New York City
Zareh Kaloustian

Zareh Kaloustian

Zareh Kaloustian is a resident of Manhattan, NY and an active member of the Armenian community. He transferred to the AYF-YOARF Eastern Region from the Western Region in December 2019 and serves as the current treasurer of the Manhattan "Moush" Chapter. Zareh was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019, where he earned his BA in Cognitive Science.
Zareh Kaloustian

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  1. It’s always uplifting for us old-timers to read the analysis of a young activist, it’s like a Christmas present when that author is your grandson.

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