It is the time to attack on all fronts

Dear fellow Armenian compatriots,

From the very first hours of the hostilities unleashed by Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey, against the Armenian people, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) youth from across the globe have been at the frontlines in combating the aggression of these criminal regimes. 

This struggle for survival is being waged on multiple fronts. In order to achieve total victory it is necessary that we exceed all expectations. 

Those fronts are: 

Political and diplomatic front: we must promote the process of the recognition of the Republic of Artsakh by demanding the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination and condemning the military attempt by the nomadic tribes to invade their ancestral lands. 

Public relations and informational front: we must compel the entire world to present the Armenian position in order to establish pro-Armenian sentiment and prevent the dissemination of false news by parties serving the interests of the enemy. 

It is necessary to assist the Armenians of Artsakh and the Armenian army, by various means: we must donate money and send essential medicine and resources to the front. 

Lastly, and of paramount importance, the military front of Artsakh: we must defend the borders of our homeland and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Artsakh. 

In the past month the ARF Youth (AYF and Student Associations) in Armenia and the diaspora has played a unique role in uniting Armenian youth to fight on the aforementioned fronts. 

We, as a pan-Armenian youth organization, have utilized our political relationships with the international community. We have mobilized the Armenian communities of different countries to participate in daily large-scale demonstrations. We have provided accurate information to the international community and various political youth groups regarding the origins of the Artsakh conflict as well as the situation on the battlefield, especially emphasizing that the Armenian army is not only fighting against the Azerbaijani army, but also against special Turkish detachments and terrorist organizations. Evidently, Armenians today are resisting the pan-Turkish agenda. 

I am confident that through the following steps and actions that we will reach the triumphant conclusion of this fight for survival:

  • We oppose all defeatist attitudes.
  • We reject any solution that does not recognize the independence of Artsakh. 
  • The recognition of the independence of Artsakh must be a priority for Armenia and the entire world.  
  • National unity and mobilization of all forces are necessary in order to secure victory. 
  • We must be collectively prepared and organized to produce effective results on all fronts.
  • Correct political and diplomatic calculations are necessary for a just solution to the liberation of Artsakh. 

This war has shown us once again that the struggle for Artsakh’s liberation is a long one. Each Armenian and especially the youth must turn their currently felt patriotism into a consistent commitment to the perpetual fight. 

The time to react has expired. It is time to organize and follow the principles listed above in order to execute a large-scale counterattack against Azerbaijan and Turkey on all fronts. 

The Republic of Artsakh will remain Armenian. The ARF Youth and Student Associations are committed to the sacred cause of the victorious conclusion of the Artsakh war. 

This sacred work requires unmatched dedication and sacrifice. In addition to the many sacrifices made by the Armenian nation on the battlefield, the following members of the ARF youth organizations have also been martyred: Aram Grigoryan, Vigen Muradyan, Benjamin Nalbandyan, Eric Galstyan. 

We must continue the fight for the rights of our people. Eternal glory to our martyrs. 

Arshak Mesrobian
Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau Youth Office Executive Director

Translated by the Weekly’s Lillian Avedian

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

Guest contributions to the Armenian Weekly are informative articles or press releases written and submitted by members of the community.


  1. Diaspora army units NOW. another 40-60k trained troops on the front lines is what is needed. Why is that so difficult?

    • Good question, Joe. According to an article published in the Moscoow Times, 20,000 Russian Armenians signed up to volunteer to fight. What happened to them? Even worse, according to the same article, Russian Armenian volunteers that showed up in Stepanakert were told they were not needed. Meanwhile, our bravest people have died and the enemy is at the gates of Shushi. Let the recriminations begin.

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