US Medical Mission Provides Medical Assistance to Armenia and Artsakh

Medical Mission Team

Since 2015, Hayastan All Armenian Fund (HAAF) and Armenia Fund US have been partnering with the Adventist Health Glendale medical team to organize their visit to Armenia to improve the local healthcare sector. This is the fifth year that free medical services will be provided in Armenia. The medical mission initially concentrated on the Noyemberyan hospital. Since 2018 and two years in a row, doctors are traveling to Artsakh and sharing their experience with their Armenian colleagues. During these five years of cooperation, thousands of consultations and surgeries have been performed. State-of-the-art medical equipment and modern medicine have been provided to the hospitals of Armenia and Artsakh.

The medical mission consists of two components: surgical and non-surgical, clinical care. The Adventist Health team has 50 medical professionals including surgeons, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, surgical technicians, biomedical equipment engineers and other medical professionals in support of the training mission.

The surgical team intervenes in the areas of general and abdominal surgery, colorectal surgery, interventional cardiology, interventional neurology (brain stenting), orthopedic surgery and electrophysiology-cardiology. Adventist Health donated through Armenia Fund an advanced arthroscopy tower that will significantly boost the orthopedic-arthroscopy capabilities of the Stepanakert Republican Medical Center. 

While complex surgeries are taking place in the capital, two medical teams visit six rural communities in Artsakh for consultations and checkups and a team of pediatricians works at the Stepanakert Children’s Medical Center.

The non-surgical team includes family medicine doctors, pulmonologists, trauma/emergency medicine, neurologists and cardiologists that will provide medical care and high quality medications to villagers who do not have access to proper medical care. 

HAAF and Armenia Fund US provide a direct bridge between Adventist Health and the Stepanakert Republican Medical Center closely monitoring and coordinating their activities and developing a program driven approach for the implementation of this project. The Adventist Health team sees the Fund as a true partner in making sure the entire process is successful and highly effective. Year after year, the quality of care and medical protocols are being improved, observed and assessed by American specialists. 

The mission of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is to create an All Armenian network with a sole purpose of ensuring the proportional and sustainable development of Armenia, Artsakh as well as worldwide Armenian communities, based on common identity.

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