Research Fellowship Opportunity at Chatham House for Armenian Citizens

LONDON—On March 12, the Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs announced that applications were being accepted for the Academy Robert Bosch Fellowship. The fellowship invites citizens from Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine to participate in an immersive 10-month program at the Chatham House in London, an independent non-profit dedicated to analysis and promoting mutual understanding of international affairs. Applications will also be accepted from applicants holding dual nationality which includes one of these countries.

Through the program, fellows will complete a personal research project with the aim of producing a peer-reviewed publication, undertaken with the guidance of a Chatham House expert. This portion will account for half of the fellowship. The remaining time will be spent participating in the Academy’s Leadership Program and contributing to the ongoing research activities of their host research team.

The fellowship is aimed at candidates at the mid-stage of their career and who come from academia, NGOs, business, government departments, civil society, or the media. They should possess knowledge of, and an interest in, one of the policy-related challenges laid out in the Russia and Eurasia Program‘s research topics, which include:

Internal Dynamics

  1. Developments in Economic Growth, Modernization and Democratization in the Eastern Partnership Countries and/or Russia
  2. Domestic Political Elites and Networks of Power
  3. Societal Changes, Social Capital, Migration, Inter-ethnic Relations and Non-state Actors
  4. State Capacity, Resilience, and External Influences on Domestic Politics in Eastern Partnership Countries and/or Russia

External Relations

  1. Relations between EU/NATO and the Eastern Partnership Countries/Russia
  2. Security and Conflict Resolution
  3. Prospects for Intra-regional Conflict or Cooperation
  4. Relations between the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia

More information can be found in the fellowship listing on their website. For questions, please contact organizers at The deadline for the fellowship is Sunday, April 29, and the program will take place from mid-Sept. 2018 to mid-July 2019.

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