Armenia, Israel Sign Cooperation Agreements

YEREVAN—Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian on July 25 met Minister of Regional Cooperation of Israel Tzachi Hanegbi, who was in Yerevan on an official visit.

On July 25, Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian met Minister of Regional Cooperation of Israel Tzachi Hanegbi, who had arrived in Yerevan on an official visit.

After the meeting, a signing ceremony took place during which the two ministers signed the “Agreement Between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of the State of Israel on Visa Exemption for Holders of Diplomatic Passports” and the “Convention Between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of the State of Israel on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion With Respect to Taxes on Income and on Capital.”

Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan and Hanegbi then signed the “Program of Cultural, Educational and Scientific, Sports and Youth Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of the State of Israel for the years 2017-2020.”

Welcoming Hanegbi, Nalbandian highlighted the importance of Hanegbi’s visit to Armenia, underscoring that relations between the Armenian and Jewish peoples have deep historical roots, which create a good basis for the development of inter-state cooperation.

Expressing gratitude for the invitation to visit Yerevan and the warm reception he has received, Hanegbi noted that Israel wants to develop friendly relations with Armenia and that this is the main message of his visit.

At the meeting, the interlocutors touched on the details of the various issues of the bilateral agenda, and discussed urgent regional and international problems.

The ministers noted with satisfaction the intensification of Armenian-Israeli contacts at the public level, underlining that they contribute to the strengthening of inter-state relations.

“Edward Nalbandian and Tzachi Hanegbi attached an importance to the expansion of the legal framework, holding of consultations between the foreign ministries, enhancing of collaboration in international organizations and intensification of inter-parliamentary exchanges,” read a part of the press statement released by the Armenian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The agenda of negotiations included steps to boost trade and economic ties, and both sides highlighted the importance of the full use of tourism potential.

During the conversation, issues related to deepening of mutually beneficial cooperation in the spheres of culture, science, and education were discussed, and Hanegbi presented the approaches of Israel to regional developments.

At the request of the guest, Nalbandian touched on the efforts undertaken by Armenia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group Co-Chair countries aimed at creating conducive conditions for the advancement of the process of peaceful settlement of the Artsakh conflict.


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  1. avatar Proud to be an American // July 26, 2017 at 11:27 pm // Reply

    How serious or effective can this be while Israel continues to provide arms to Azerbaijan?

  2. Thats right – “Questions – ???” and very big for this one. The last time Jews (Crypto-Jews) showed up on Land of Armenian was about 100+ years ago. (read Chrostopher J Bjerknes’s book). Israel that restricting build Armenian church in Israel ans slowly pushing them out of land…(How The Armenian Genocide Lost Its Place In History – Israel thats strongly opposing on Armenian Genocide for all these years. Israel greatest ally with Turkey. And now all over sudden they have decided to share “Culture and Education…historical roots..” ?
    Know the past to know the future.

  3. avatar Prof. Emeritus Krikor // July 27, 2017 at 10:42 am // Reply

    This is all fine and good, but when is the hypocritical Israeli government going to officially, formally recognize the Armenian Genocide once and for all? (rhetorical question?).

  4. Politics doesn’t discriminate and therefore there is nothing wrong with friendly Armenian Israeli relations. Even though there is many honorable and noble amongst them, as a race, they are not our friends and NEVER will be. They cant be: they hide behind the fact that they had a major role in not only the destruction and theft of the Armenian nation, as Talaat was also convicted of “plunder” during the Turkish court tribunals, but since have been a major contributor, colluding in Armenian Genocide denial.

  5. Does the cooperation agreement include the reversal of Israel’s anti-Armenian policies and systematic confiscation of Armenian properties in the Holy Land, the halt of weapons sold to Azerbaijan, the recognition of the Genocide and end to lobbying on behalf of Turkey in the US and elsewhere? It’s fine to be allies with Israel but let’s not kid ourselves, they are smiling at our face while treating us like enemies. When you point this out you are are anti-Semite. I am sincerely curious what Armenians have done to the Jewish people that they treat us like that. Armenia doesn’t even recognize Palestine!

  6. avatar tigranagertzi // July 28, 2017 at 11:30 pm // Reply

    Look at this as an opportunity for better days. The past can’t be changed, but the future can. It is not advantageous for Armenia or the Armenian diaspora not to open a dialogue with Israel.

  7. At the present Omar Khadr, of Terrorist background, killed an American soldier and wounded another received 10.5 million dollars compensation from Canadian government , whereby in the past he would have gotten life in prison. Times are changing my friend. So don’t publish material insinuating hatred. Be well my friend and smell the roses.


  8. Be close to your friends but even closer to your enemies.

  9. avatar Herosoohi Vesmadian // August 2, 2017 at 2:03 pm // Reply

    Israel does not have a place in Armenia nor any business as long as they deny like their allies Turkey & Azerbaijan the Armenian Genocide & don’t forget they are still trying to abolish the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem. Fat chance you bloody hypocrites. 10 of you=1 of us. So there you are not welcomed here. Nalbandian gluxet patin es tvel.

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