ARF Eastern and Western US Central Committees Issue Statement on Baku Aggression

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern Region and Western Region Central Committees issued a joint statement on Baku’s recent escalation of violence along the Nagorno-Karabagh Republic (NKR/Artsakh) Line of Contact (LoC), pledging solidarity and support to the people of Artsakh and the state structures of Artsakh and Armenia. Below is the statement in its entirety.

We condemn the vicious, years-long and continued attacks against the peaceful civilian population of Artsakh by Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces, especially the massive military operation undertaken against Artsakh overnight on April 1-2, and we express our complete solidarity with the state structures of Artsakh and Armenia, the Armenian Armed Forces, and the people of Armenia and Artsakh. We pledge all our resources to them.

We also express our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives as a result of the indiscriminate attacks by Azerbaijan.

We are vigilantly monitoring the serious developments on the frontlines and are already taking steps to engage the highest levels of influencers in the United States to take ownership of their responsibility as co-chair of the OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] Minsk Group and utilize effective measures to condemn this latest defiance and disregard for norms by Azerbaijan.

We also appeal to all community organizations and members to be prepared to take concrete steps to support the people of Artsakh and their security guarantors, the Armenian Armed Forces.

ARF Eastern Region Central Committee
ARF Western Region Central Committee


  1. Enough is enough I think the time came to give this aggressive people a lesson, with whome they are trying to fight, unfortunately I am disabled and live in diaspora but we are ready to help you whatever we can to show the big goverments of this world who were and are the Armenians.

  2. it’s time perhaps to change our train of thought against this petty aggressor. if there is a way out without an all out conflict, well we haven’t seen it yet, will we ever. if we continue this status quo, we will be seen as weak. we are fierce fighters, our past proves this.
    we have to hit hard and swiftly.
    long live Armenia.
    long live the diaspora.
    let’s come together, if there was ever a time to do so, it is now.
    the great French statesman charles de gaulle said,”l’union fait la force”.
    let’s come together brothers and sisters.

  3. Again:

    Enough already with these “we” have to do this or “we” have to do that, while sitting comfortably in your safe office somewhere in United States.

    Enough insulting real war vets and warriors with your juvenile rhetoric and war-whoops, as if you are talking to children.

    Any of youse keyboard warriors exhorting others to “hit hard and swiftly” should get on the next flight to Yerevan, and put your actions where your keyboard fingers are.

    These real, genuine _fierce_ fighters are actually lining up to go and fight, and possibly KIA – instead of “heroically” typing away in their air conditioned offices…..

    [Thousands of young people willing to go to frontline: Yerkrapah]

    [Hundreds of volunteer freedom fighters from the Kashatagh region ready to head to the frontline]

    • I second what ‘Avery’ wrote in his comment. I admire thousands of young men and veterans over 50 or even 60 years old who volunteered–both in Armenia and Artsakh–to go and fight the enemy. True heroes… Who are we to tell them what to do from distant shores?

  4. I say go after these barbaric , always their mind is war. Slap their faces, until they see Armenian and Artsakh will to fight to protect our border . azeris attacking us the west just talking, we should understand we must offense not defense.

  5. Never thrust Europa, America , Gemany , France and others. We shal always keep in mind in the past history. Never forget the past, tok the past make it present , get people ready , and attack the enemy in the future,

  6. These criminals only understand brute force. These frequent aggression and loss of life of our soldiers and civilians must not be tolerated, enough is enough. Defensive postures is not working, there is the need to advance, acquire additional buffer zones and punish them severely.

  7. Yes, let’s do that… but we will comfortably & conveniently stay here, in a foreign land, out of the dangerous zone, no?

  8. Yes, WE have to use every means to stop Azery aggression and to convince the world leaders that it is not possible for a peace loving peoples to continue suffering from unhuman actions of an un-responsible neighbor. They have to understand that Artsahk’s people has the rights to choose his way of living as is doing now. Let the world’s leaders go to Artsakh and see, with there own eyes, how this people, within two decades built and are governing the country with a world level of Democracy while in Azerbejan the people are suffering from unhuman actions of their government. YES we have to do whatever we can

  9. I wonder why the world immediately accepted Kosovo declaring independence from Serbia — a traditionally Serbian area that had been settled by Albanians — while virtually nobody accepted Karabagh/Artsakh declaring independence from Azerbaijan — even though it was a traditionally Armenian area that had been handed to Azerbaijan after the genocide (along with Nakhitchevan). And of course, nobody protested when Turkey violated the Treaty of Sevres and forced Armenia to forfeit half its territory. How much more injustice are we supposed to tolerate?

  10. To all Armenian brothers and sister always encourage and support one another in solidarity and true Armenian spirit and be vigilant and watch those who try to discourage.

  11. I join the ARF to condemn the attacks organized by Baku leaders and remind the Azerbaijani people that once we were living side by side as sisters and brothers and now you are killing those who shared their bread and family events, whether sad or happy ones, with you. Stop your government from doing what is against humanity and love, don’t let them to brainwash you and your people with false accuzations and promises. We all have one life to live and we want to have it in peace and harmony. May God protect all those who are for peace and love.

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