ANCA Launches ‘March to Justice’ Online Advocacy Campaign Empowers Citizens Worldwide to Promote Peace, Protect Armenia, and Prevent Atrocities 

WASHINGTON—The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has launched “March to Justice,” a robust interactive global online platform for the growth of sustained grassroots engagement in support of justice for the Armenian Genocide and durable security for the Armenian nation.

March to Justice Graphic
March to Justice Graphic

Timed to coincide with Centennial commemorative activities across the U.S. and around the world, March to Justice——is designed to help expand the impact of individual activists and community groups by providing an easy-to-use online action tool to materially increase the pro-Armenian voice in public policy and civic life.

“In 1915, Armenians were forced to march, as survivors, to endure the horrors of genocide,” explained ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. “Today, we join with allies worldwide to march once again, this time as citizens, to secure the justice the Armenian nation requires to survive.”

Individuals are asked to visit, watch the inaugural March to Justice video, and then take three simple steps to add their voice to the global campaign for truth:

1) Record or share a brief video outlining why this 100th year since the start of the Armenian Genocide is the time to strengthen our call for justice for the Armenian nation.

2) Send letters to elected officials and international leaders (automatically addressed based on the country of the sender) demanding justice for the Armenian Genocide. America-based advocates will have the opportunity to share their views with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, and Senate and House members with just a few clicks. International advocates will be reaching out to the United Nations, and in the case of Australia and Canada, top government and party leaders.

3) Easily share the video and actions taken with friends and family on popular social media platforms—from Facebook and Twitter to Google Plus—with just a few clicks.

Each action taken will be recorded on an interactive map that will track the steps toward justice taken by activists around the globe.

The vision for the platform was devised by ANCA Information Technology Director Nerses Semerjian, who joined the ANCA’s Washington D.C. team in late 2014. “Our communities around the globe are working hard—24/7—to secure a just resolution for the Armenian Genocide, ensure Artsakh freedom, support a strong Armenia, and assist our brothers and sisters in the Middle East—in a myriad of different ways,” said Semerjian. “We wanted to launch a simple platform that would harness the power of all these forces for justice, help [activists] share their views and values with elected officials at unprecedented levels, and leverage the global commitment of a united Armenian nation.”

In the upcoming weeks and months, the ANCA’s March to Justice campaign looks forward to teaming up with organizations and local community groups to help expand their voices in the public policy arena with this simple online application.

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Guest Contributor

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