Azeris Launch Large-Scale Offensive, Two Karabakh Soldiers Killed

Karabakh Army Seizes Large Azerbaijani Arsenal

STEPANAKERT (Asbarez)—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Ministry reported a large-scale offensive by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the northern Karabakh-Azerbaijan border Thursday night, which resulted in the death of two Karabakh soldiers. Azerbaijan has reported that eight soldiers were killed during the assault, which was repelled by the Artsakh armed forces.

Azat Asoyan and Ararat Khanoyan are the latest victims of Azeri violence
Azat Asoyan and Ararat Khanoyan are the latest victims of Azeri violence

Ararat Khanoyan and Azat Asoyan, both 20, were killed during the attack, while Norayr Kamalyan was injured after being stabbed numerous times by an Azerbaijani soldier.

Norayr Kamalyan in a Stepanakert hospital
Norayr Kamalyan in a Stepanakert hospital

Kamalyan recalled the battle, saying that as the Azerbaijani soldiers advanced past the line of contact, he retaliated and found himself in a one-on-one physical altercation with one of the soldiers, who took out a knife and began stabbing Kamalyan’s face and pounded his jaw. Despite having sustained injuries, including a gunshot wound, Kamalyan fought back and was able to force the Azerbaijani soldiers to retreat.

The Artsakh Armed Forces also seized a large cache of weapons, ammunition and other military hardware in what is being called a large-scale commando operation launched by the Azerbaijani forces.

Some of the weapons seized from the Azerbaijani commandos
Some of the weapons seized from the Azerbaijani commandos

On Friday, the Armenian Defense Ministry claimed that the casualties on the Azerbaijani side were greater than the eight being announced by Baku. Armenian Defense Ministry spokesperson Artsturn Hovannisian, said Baku underreported losses.

The Karabakh Army also reported that its forces responded to the attacks by advancing toward Azerbaijani positions to repel further attacks in the border region.

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Guest Contributor

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    • Higher moral Artsakhi army, must get stronger with better weaponry, right intelligence and counter attack capacity. Armenia’s army has better moral and better understanding of our survival as a nation. Axerbaijani Turks have demoralized and disorganized army, eventually they will go after their own permanent Sultan of oil and there will be a revolution, civil war, power struggle, like a typical dictatorial Islamic country!

    • I said this before. In view of constant Azeri attacks on Armenia and Artsakh the ONLY LANGUAGE these bastards and their president will understand is to hit them hard. So HARD that ARSES BLEED. I am sorry for using such a Language I am sure Armenian Weekly will forgive me this time because I am Angry every time when these bastards do adventure into our teritory and we lose young Brave soldiers. I can’t help it it makes me very angry.

    • Exactly what they did. Go deeper into the occupied territories and protect yourself from Azeri constant sniper and incursions.

      Also President Sarkissian needs to demand full condemnation from the OSCE for the constant cease fire breeches by the Azeri’s.

  1. This is horrid, I can’t believe what I read here, hand-to-hand combat? Really? These Azeris are running out of ideas as to how to bring harm to Armenians, and have gotten quite desperate it seems. This could easily re-ignite the war. I don’t believe any Armenians are interested in a war, neither in Armenia nor the diaspora, but it seems it is all these Azeris are after.

    Just think about this, THEY asked for a cease fire, and the NKR agreed. If the Armenians were the aggressor like they claim, the NKR would not have signed and instead liberated more lands. But yet, they have their troops at the contact line, and using snipers and launching invasions like terrorists. How does this work? It’s too bad Armenia at the time did not demand the borders within Azerbaijan to be demilitarized as part of the agreement, but I guess everything was done in haste under dismal circumstances.

    In the mean time, two young Armenian men have lost their lives to a criminality that the world powers are not doing anything about. In fact reading through all the “news articles” they always find ways of equating Armenians who are defending their homeland with these belligerent terrorists who are invading Armenian positions, as if trying to remain “neutral”. Their favorite news tactic is always “both sides blah blah blah”.

    The Armenian army took some appropriate measures in Nakhichevan lately, fortifying their positions by getting nearer to enemy lines. Perhaps the same principle can be applied again in the NKR, they will get the hint when they realize more Armenian lands are about to be liberated from their occupation.

  2. My view is that the situation is desperate. The Azerbaijani’s are well armed and will carry on this charade until some event sparks a war when they can use their heavey weapons obtained from Russia to attach both Artsakh and Armenia.
    We must make concessions on the occupied lands now and try to avert this scenario.

    • Concessions on the surrounding lands will make it harder to defend since it will create a longer contact line for Armenians to defend. It will be more tempting to start a war?

      That’s assuming that Azeris will be satisfied with these concessions. They will not and demand more and be emboldened by it.

  3. May the souls of those two brave Armenian soldiers, Azat Asoyan and Ararat Khanoyan, rest in peace. As for Norayr Kamalyan, he was indeed very brave in fending off the attack of those terrorist Azeri invaders. Hopefully, he will recuperate quickly from his injuries.

    The Artsakh Republic Defense Army is continuing to repel any kind of terrorist attack launched by the Azerbaijani military. Regardless of how many billions of dollars President Aliyev spends on military weapons, his armed forces are still nowhere close to having what it takes to overpower the defense army of the Artsakh Republic. The large-scale offensive launched last Thursday night by the Azerbaijani armed forces which resulted in the death of two Armenian soldiers was nevertheless repelled by the Artsakh Republic Defense Army, which also managed to kill at least eight invading Azeri soldiers, as well as seizing a large cache of military equipment. Once again, this was another victorious battle for the Armenians. As a result, it’ll probably be quite some time before President Aliyev again attempts a large-scale offensive. In the meantime, he will again continue with the usual daily gunfire and sniper shootings from the other side of the border. It’s important that the Armenian military commanders order their soldiers to fire back at the Azeris whenever being fired upon from across the border as opposed to only using force when the Azeris cross the border. Any kind of violent act committed against Armenians by the Azeris must always be reciprocated back with no mercy!

  4. I suggest that the Armenian young who go to Armenia(on visits-pilgrimage)undergo Military cadet training(since there are no military servcie-compulsory i.e. in most Armenian community countries).As to reprisals from Armenian side,I do believe the Homeland army experts know what to do.No need to worry about that.
    We in Diaspora, must keep close track of what is happening there.
    Above all follow news as rgds,great Turkey´s attitude in respect to little brother axerbaijan´s such aggressive acts of war!!!
    They are behind all that little brother does.No doubt about that.
    They know pretty soon the whole world will witness the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide…this really WORRIES THEM and thence try to do something about it to divert attn towards such like skirmish that also leave impression of real War action to yet ensue.
    In short I suggest all Armenians to be cooperative ,converge and be ready for further larger scale aggressions by turkbeijanis!!!

  5. This pattern of border shootings and or incursions will continue,as long as big brother is worried about her borderline with RA.The tuukbeijani alliance knows no better way of making Armenians suffer.
    However, Armenians must sit put and dedicate their time for the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Genocide perpetrated upon us .We have to make the world aware of what happened then and THERE ON WESTERN ARMENIAN SOIL.EVICTION AND CONFISCATION, RAPE AND MURDER AND 1.5 MILLION LIVDES LOST….
    They wish to divert the world attn with small ,insignificant acts like opening afew Armenian churches -still remaining on our soil-and show to the world that they are F R I E N D L Y!!!
    Don´t be misled.Stay put and prepare for what we shall show the world happened then…
    Best is to keep silent and not let them know what´s coming….

  6. God bless the immortal memory of these heroic sons of the Armenian Nation: Azat Asoyan and Ararat Khanoyan.
    Condolences to the parents of these young men.

    Speedy recovery to tough-guy Norayr Kamalyan.

    Despite the sad loss of two of our young Լեռընցի warriors in this engagement, native Artsakhtsi exacted a heavy price from the Uygur-oglu nomad invaders: Azerbaijan admits, in a roundabout way, that at least 14 of their goons were KIA: 14 fewer invadonomad savages to murder indigenous Armenians in future.

  7. {“ We must make concessions on the occupied lands now and try to avert this scenario.”}
    (Levon // August 3, 2014 at 2:57 am // )

    Nice try, ‘Levon’.
    Someone using an Armenian name and writing the Turkbaijani disinformation phrase ‘occupied lands’ might as well write in caps: “I am a Turk/Turkbaijani posing as an ‘Armenian’ “.

    What concessions are you talking about ?
    What ‘occupied lands’ are you talking about ?

    Here is what a representative of the people of Artsakh said a while back: [NKR Presidential spokesman David Babayan said this on May 8, 2014: {….there is only one standpoint in Stepanakert – there will be no return to the former borders. We are guided by the Constitution of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, which highlights that there are no liberated or any other territories. There is only one territory – the Artsakh Republic} (]

    Go to Artsakh and have a discussion with the locals about ‘occupied lands’; see how it goes.

    The situation is desperate alright: it is desperate for the Aliyev Crime Syndicate in charge of the Terrorist State of Azerbaijan.
    During this latest desperate misadventure (Jul 28-Aug 2), invadonomads lost at least 25 goons KIA and at least 30 wounded.
    Hopefully those 30 wounded are crippled for life and will not be able to come back to our lands to murder more Armenians.
    NKR military captured plenty of enemy’s hardware and tech equipment, and learned some new things about their military tactics.

    Sadly, Armenian nation lost 5 of her precious sons in the same period, who were protecting their native lands from Uygur-oglu criminal invaders.
    Also 7 Armenian warriors were wounded: we wish them speedy recovery.

  8. In the context of much of the world going crazy, this escalation seems to fit the recent global pattern, which started with Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. His Hitleresque adventurism challenged the current international order and encouraged other thugs around the world to, well, act as thugs. However, in the case of Armenia, this is something that was to be expected.

    As I have predicted before, Armenia is little by little paying for its failure to become a democracy. It is also paying for the recent terrible mistake by the Serge regime to blatantly choose Russia in the current World vs. Russia confrontation. If you read the major Western sources, Armenia is being described as Russia’s ally on the issue of Crimea, while Azerbaijan is called West’s ally. In other words, West is starting to view Armenia as an adversary, and deservingly so. At the U.N. vote on Crimea, Armenia, instead of staying neutral, foolishly chose the side of Russia, placing itself among a group of 11 mostly rogue states, and pitting itself against the rest of the world. As many times in history, Russia has once again sacrificed Armenia for its short-term interests. This, in turn, has clearly encouraged Azerbaijan.

    This mistake by Armenia was a result of Armenia’s lack of democracy. The Serge regime, lacking the legitimacy of the people, gave in to Putin’s pressure. Undemocratic regimes are more susceptible to outside pressure rather than pressure from the people.

    The solution, which I have stated many times, is for Armenia to become a democracy before its too late. Which means for us, Diasporans, the priority is to support the pro-democracy forces in Armenia and pressure the government to allow Armenia’s democratization. Russia is a sinking ship. It does not have the resources to confront the West, and as with most dictators, Putin is leading Russia to a ruin. I will not be surprised if Russia is partitioned in the foreseeable future (what is really holding it together, other than Putin’s tyranny?). If Armenia remains ruled by Russia’s puppet regime, it will sink with Russia. On the other hand, democracy and rule of law will discourage emigration, encourage critical Diasporan investment, which in turn will lead to economic growth and, consequently, military might. And it will result in election of leaders who act to advance the people’s interests instead of Putin’s agenda. Otherwise, my prediction (Armenia disappearing as a state within 20 years) will unfortunately be realized.

    • Armenia is already a Democracy, but it has imperfections, just like the USA, which is not a big issue, since things are improving.

      You want security in the region? Stop wasting your efforts on Armenia and concentrate on fascist Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan needs to be dismantled and its respective minorities receive their own small countries or regions with Democracies, or they stand to lose their chance.

    • “Armenia is already a Democracy, but it has imperfections”

      Yes, and the Ottoman Empire was a pro-Armenian entity, with some imperfections (i.e. it killed Armenians). Reputable international sources rank Armenia at best a hybrid regime. More commonly, a semi-authoritarian regime. Most importantly, those who leave Armenia would laugh at the idea that “Armenia is a Democracy.” On this issue, it is their opinion that matters, not some apologist safely living in the U.S.

      You can go ahead and try to dismantle Azerbaijan if you are concerned about them. We concerned Armenians are concerned with the Armenian people, so we will continue our efforts.

    • I am not concerned about Azerbaijan. But the people living there need to be, and they should be the one to dismantle the country, since the entire country’s wealth is under the control of one large, extended family, while everyone else is in poverty. Azerbaijan needs a revolution very badly, don’t you agree?

  9. As usual, whenever there is an article on the Artsakh conflict, followed by a gathering of Armenian posters to express their warmth for the brave Armenian soldiers who fearlessly defend the Artsakh Republic, what ends up happening? The above Turkbaijani guest suddenly appears out of nowhere to persistently insist that Armenia will disappear within 20 years. As a matter of fact, the Turkbaijani leader, President Aliyev, has also been insisting the same exact thing. Well, according to the numbers, ten percent of Armenia’s population lives in high luxury, which means they certainly have no plans to leave Armenia. And then on the other side of the ladder, you have 32.4 percent of the population which lives in poverty; those people don’t have the sufficient money to move out of Armenia. It’s the people in the middle bracket of the population who’ve been moving out of Armenia. However, even among those people in the middle bracket, there are still a good number of them who don’t wish to move out. Although Armenia’s population has declined a great deal over the past twenty years and is still continuing to decline, its population will never possibly empty out. Of the several population charts I’ve looked at in regard to Armenia’s predicted population in fifty years, none of them have predicted its population to be less than two million. That’s certainly nowhere close to Armenia disappearing as a state. It’s only the Turkbaijanis who insist that Armenia will disappear as a state within 20 years.

    Even though the government of Armenia is filled with corrupt thugs just like the United States and Russia, it nevertheless made the correct decision in selecting to join the Russian Customs Union for the sake of its national security. By choosing this path, Armenia will continue to receive gas from Russia at the cheapest prices, as well as sophisticated military weapons at almost no charge. Hey, that’s a very good deal! Furthermore, Armenia will continue to receive Russian military protection in case of an attack by Turkey or any other foreign country. There was just no other alternative for Armenia to choose. Can you all imagine what would happen if Armenia had chosen the European Union over the Russian Customs Union? That would obviously mean no more cheap gas from Russia; that would obviously mean no more sophisticated military weapons from Russia at almost no charge; and that would obviously mean no more Russian military protection in case of an attack by Turkey or any other foreign country for that matter. As a result, choosing the European Union over the Russian Customs Union, would’ve caused Armenia to disappear within 20 years. Once again, despite all of its shortcomings, the government of Armenia still made the right decision in choosing to join the Russian Customs Union. In addition, Armenia will continue to have good relations with Europe and the United States.

  10. Armenians don’t stand a chance to win the war.
    There will be war, and Azerbaijan will win ;)
    Wait and see for yoursefl ;)

    • I wonder how many more years your corrupted Sultan is willing to preach, for Tatar-Turks victory!

    • @ Elvin

      Why are you Azeris always barking for war? This alone proves to us that for us it is not an option to live amongst you. In fact, it has gotten to the point that not only can we live with you, but not even next to you.

    • If that were the case the Azeri’s would have launched a full scale war years ago. In fact most are convinced that the Azeri’s would lose again. Apparently a corrupt thief leader who spends lots on military hardware isn’t enough. And this time the Armenians are going all the way to Baku proper. Maybe then our Army can burn, shoot and rape and then toss your citizens out the windows like they did to the Armenians in early 1990’s..

  11. Just a few years ago Can Aritman of the Nationalist party got sued successfully for defamation by Gul because she said his mom was Hye. If Erdogan had been of any other party his opponents including those from AK party would have squealed about his racism. Imagine the Klan accusing the Nazis of anti semitism.

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