In Memory of Ungerouhi Takouhi (Queenie) Bagian

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Eastern United States Board of Directors wishes to extend its deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy on the passing of UngerouhiTakouhi (Queenie) Bagian, a lifelong ARS leader, a recipient of the ARS Agnouni Award for outstanding service and dedication award, and a teacher, mentor, and role model.

The legacy you leave us will endure for generations of Armenians and ARS members. Your legacy is a foundation, an inspiration. We will all miss you.

Ungh. Queenie was a member of the ARS Eastern USA “Artemis” Chapter for more than 60 years. She served on the ARS Central Executive Board and Regional Executive Board, and was chairwoman of the ARS “Artemis” Chapter of Philadelphia. She was involved in every aspect of organizational life, from the grassroots to the podium.

Ungh. Queenie was a true, dedicated role model for many Ungerouis throughout the region. In the toughest of times, she was ready to work with a smile—and never expected praise in return.

Ungh. Queenie, and her husband, Unger Albert, spent their lives promoting the ARS cause. They gave their blood, sweat, and tears to the Armenian Relief Society. As they always said, the “ARS is the organization that has distinguished itself on every continent.”

Ungh. Takouhi Bagian long sought to brighten the Armenian cultural, educational and social life in Philadelphia through selfless dedication to the goals of the Armenian Relief Society.  In 1970, she established the ARS Junior Auxiliary, comprised of young university students who supported the ARS Summer Studies Program (currently the Youth Connect Program).

She also served as a full-time volunteer Armenian school teacher for language, song, dance, and history, while serving as an ARS representative to the Armenian National Educational Council (ANEC). She prepared a practical Armenian lesson book for Armenian-American youngsters, and continued to develop her life long love of Armenian music and poetry. She organized, developed, and promoted theatrical productions, concerts, and other cultural programs.

Both Ung. Albert and Ungh. Takouhi made countless contribution to the Armenian Relief Society’s projects and programs in the United States and in Armenia.

Together, they were champion donors of the ARS Mother-Child Clinic in Yerevan and served as benefactors to several other charities. Ungh. Queenie’s love and attachment to the ARS was endless. Just last September, she sponsored the “Artemis” Chapter’s 102nd anniversary celebration.

Her tireless devotion, dedication, and lifelong efforts on behalf of the Armenian people will be missed.

Vartzhket gadar,” Ungerouhi. “ Hoghe tetev ella.”

The legacy you leave us will endure for generations of Armenians and ARS members. Your legacy is a foundation, an inspiration. We will all miss you. May you rest well. Your beloved Armenian Relief Society will prosper and continue your legacy of providing humanitarian assistance to Armenians throughout the world.

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Guest Contributor

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