Turkish Rights Group Expresses Solidarity with French Bill Author Valerie Boyer

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—On Dec. 29, the Committee Against Racism and Discrimination (Istanbul Branch, Human Rights Association) sent the following letter to French MP Valerie Boyer, the author of the bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide in France, in which it condemned the threats she’s received since the bill passed on Dec. 22. That day, the same group issued a press release and initiated a signature campaign calling on all Turks to unite against genocide denial, instead of the French Parliament.

French MP Valerie Boyer


Dear Ms. Valérie Boyer,

We have learned from the press with deep regret that your website has been hacked and you have been receiving outrageous insults and threats from nationalist-racist Turks because of the bill criminalizing the denial of Armenian Genocide that you proposed to the French Parliament.

We, as the Committee Against Racism and Discrimination, at the Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association, Turkey, declare before the world that we condemn and protest this display of racist and sexist violence and hate crime committed against you.

Being the human rights defenders of a country that has directly witnessed how closely both nationalism and racism are intertwined with sexist violence, we know very well the crime committed against you and consider it to be committed against ourselves.

Believing that the denial of crimes against humanity such as genocide means complicity in the crime itself, we would like you to know that we stand by you and deeply share your rightful indignation against this act of violence because of the bill you prepared against the denial of genocide.

Yours truly,

Human Rights Association

Istanbul Branch

Committee Against Racism and Discrimination


  1. Thank you Istanbul Branch of Human rights Association against Racism and Discrimination. You have done an invaluable service to your own poeple and country and to all humanity.
    I wish you all good health and strength at this turn of the Year.

  2. It is time for a mainstream Armenian organization to honor any number of courageous Turkish groups or individuals. This will add global goodwill to our cause and help our people understand that building alliances with righteous Turks is a critical part of the political process. Who will provide this leadership?

  3. We thank the French Parliament for passing the resolution on criminilizing Armenian Genocide recognition. My father lost his wife & 3 children along with his father & mother and many relatives. He escaped the Turkish Army whereby 200,000 Armenians were inducted into the Turkish Army and were later disarmed & taken away in bathes & killed. My mother was the only survivor from her village where everyone was removed from her village & sent on a death march. She lost her husband, her two children, father & mother and all her relations and she survived by being taken in by Protestant Missionaires. Shame on the United States for putting this well documented Armenian Genocide to one side. Turkey has committed Genocide after Genocide from the day they entered Asia Minor from 1064 A.D. to the present day and nobody takes action against the Evil Turk. Amnesty International shows that the Turks have one of the worst Human Rights Violations among all the world Nations, besides invading illegally into Cypress, & killing 50,000 Kurds over the past 15 years ago.

  4. May God Bless you Istanbul Branch of Human Rights Association.. We are proud and very greateful for your courageous work and your stand against denialism and threats..

    May God protect you and Ms. Boyer for her righteous being..

  5. I applaud the Human Rights Association of Istanbul Branch for their stand against racism, discrimination and Genocide denial. I also applaud and thank the wonderful French MP, Ms. Valerie Boyer for her brave and just stand for the Armenian Genocide.

  6. I would like for us to get hold of Ms. Valeie Boyer’s e-mail or telephone number, so that all of us could send her our thanks and encouragement letters for her brave and righteous stand for the AG. If AW or ANCA would help us for this, then we can send her the encouragement letters.

  7. HAIRENAGITZ IS RIGHT.LET´s not be over enthused!!!
    Cautiousness is best.
    Thanks,that´s all would be a good way to thank them .
    Like I wrote before on another thread in AW.They(Truks) who show solidarity with us MUST EITHER GO TO TZITZERNAGAPERT -LIKE JEMAL PASHA´S GRANDSON DID AND LAY FLOWERS..OR
    If they live far away.in different areas go to any Armenian gathering and EXPRESS their solidarity with our JUST CAUSE.

  8. Hairenagitz and gaytzag
    What are you talking about? We are not thanking Turkey, but specifically those who stand for truth there risking their lives and livelihood. These people deserve tribute, homage and applaud for their courage, not merely “cautious” thanks.

  9. @ Arshag

    Who deserves tribute? Huh?
    Few Turks out of millions of denialist… after 96 years!
    Don’t you and your murdered relatives deserve anything?
    If you’re so easy satisfied, we’re waisting our time to remind the world about the ‘Forgotten Genoside’!!!

    Secondly, I advise you to read patiently their letter directed to Ms. Valérie Boyer before standing ovations and applaude! Where do they incriminate their 96 years of denial, repudiation and falsification of facts, not to mention the ‘Genocide’ itself???

  10. Hairenakitz,
    The expression of solidarity by the Turkish human rights group in its entirity is about condemning racism and denial of the Genocide. The last sentence explicitly declares:
    “Believing that the denial of crimes against humanity such as genocide means complicity in the crime itself, we would like you to know that we stand by you and deeply share your rightful indignation against this act of violence because of the bill you prepared against the denial of genocide.”.
    Garo is right. At least read the statement or article before showing knee-jerk reaction to the comments.

  11. Arshag,
    Please go to Panarmenian.net
    You will come across Turkish response in France.
    See for yourself what they are capable of …..
    male condos ,baby diapers, thrash bags in Trade name of Valerie Boyer ,lady MP that presented the Bill at Assamblee Nationale , that was passed there.
    If those few you mention are to be praised O.K. I PRIASE THEM!!!
    What else do you want me to do?????
    I suggested that they go to any armenian gathering and offer their apologies there,or if they can AFFORD TO TZITERNAKAPERT,like grandson of Jemal pasha and declare repentence!!!!

  12. gaytzag,
    “what els do I want you to do”????
    I never asked you to do anything. Only that you read the statement before jumping to a knee-jerk responses.
    The “few” whom I mentioned are not responsible for the acts of other turks in France against Valerie Boyer. They have done more than their best to condemn it.
    Further, I would suffice if the Turks just acknowledged the historical fact and distanced themselves from denialist positions, like those “few” brave ones. Whether they would then decide to go to Tzizternakabert or not that would be up to them.

  13. @ Garo

    Accusations? Which ones?
    If you’re referring to ‘Emotional Exaggerations’ by by some like you and Arshag, then this is your answer!

    Yes Sir, I should emphasize again that, I am very well aware of all humanist actions out of Turkey! All very minor! Actually ‘NOTHING’ compared to all animosities out of Turkey!

    I repeat this again for those who like ‘you’ and ‘Arshag’ gets carried away with Turkish karma! All that Turkish humanism is NEGLIGEBLE compared to much animosity, denial and repudiation of the facts during past 96 years!

  14. Hairenakits
    Your are mixing the issues. Whatever the relative significance of those “few” Turkish brave idividuals and groups to 96 years of denial, it is the quality of their act against the backgournd of the behaviour of their successive governments for so long that wer are discussing. This is a new phenomenon which we are witnessing in Turkey and which needs praise and encouragement. We should give everyone his due and be able to differentiate between the Turks, those who are, or can be, our friends and those who continue to deny. Otherwise, by repudiating the good acts of our friends we may drive them away from us and bring irreparable damage to our cause.

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