ANCA Calls for Investigation of Potential Arms Export Violations Related to Downed Drone

YouTube Video of Wreckage Shows ‘NovAtel’ Component Built by Firm with U.S. Offices

WASHINGTON–The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) on Sept. 14 called on the Department of State to look into whether video of the wreckage of an Azerbaijani  unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which shows a component built by NovAtel, a Canadian firm with offices in the United States, warrants an investigation into potential violations of U.S. arms export laws.

The UAV was reportedly shot down by Nagorno Karabagh Republic (NKR) defense forces on Sept. 12, after it crossed into NKR airspace.

The full text of the ANCA letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is provided below.

September 14, 2011

The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I am writing to formally request that the Department of State to look into whether any evidence in the recently publicly circulated video (see link below) of the wreckage of an Azerbaijani Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), that was reportedly shot down on Sept. 12, 2011 while flying over the Republic of Nagorno Karabagh, is sufficient to trigger an investigation regarding the potential violation of laws governing the sale and use of defense articles.

The downed drone

The video in question can be viewed via the following link, at the 1:37 minute mark: The name and logo of the firm Novatel is clearly visible on a piece of the downed UAV.  This firm, which is based in Canada, has an office in the United States, located in Houston, Texas.

As we have shared with you on several previous occasions, we remain profoundly concerned that President Ilham Aliyev and others leaders of Azerbaijan, while pursuing a multi-billion dollar arms build-up, are regularly threatening to use their growing military arsenal to restart their war of aggression against both Nagorno-Karabagh and Armenia.  The Azerbaijani military, in fact, has, on many occasions, acted upon these threats in the form of cross-border attacks, often with deadly consequences.

It is in this light that we are especially troubled by the prospect that Azerbaijan’s military escalation, threats of violence, and actual aggression may be, directly or indirectly, fueled by U.S. defense articles, in violation of U.S. law and in a manner contrary to the American people’s commitment to a peaceful settlement of conflicts in the Caucasus and around the world.

I want to thank you for your attention to this urgent matter, and also to restate our desire to meet with you personally, as per your invitation of January of 2010, as part of a broad-based consultation with the leadership of the Armenian American community.


Kenneth V. Hachikian


  1. Veritas,

    I did read, the Washington Times, report and it’s the usual Blah, blah, blah and more blah,blah, blah and blaaaaah. Unlike ANCA, Times’,  report has failed to provide a  single shred of evidence verifying their BS. Seeing is believing, let’s see some evidence.

  2. Jay,

    It seems that anything written in favor of (supporative) Armenia and/or the ARF dashnaks (e.g. ANCA) is automatically correct, annointed and blessed by God, and thus written in stone (so shall it be written, so shall it be done)! Yet, any oppossing material written anywhere else (e.g. Washington Times) can never be correct, is naturally anti-Armenian, must have been witten by a Turk, a Turkic, or is simply a paid agent of either one! Is that about the jist of what you’re implying? I just want to be sure what it is that you’re alluding to.   

  3. Robert,

    I just asked for a simple evidence.  The, ANCA, has provided proof in its letter to the Secretary,on the other hand the same is not true with the coverage of, the Washinton Times,  accusing the Armenians of supplying arms to Iran. I consider the Times’ coverage a pure anti-Armenian and designed to mislead the public opinion. Simple is that. 
    In journalism, when you cover a story accusing an individual, organization or a government of a crime , you have the obligation to provide accurate, balanced and unbiased coverage with sufficient evidence to back up your allegation, hearsay is not acceptable form of coverage. In this day and age, most reputable press medias do publish miguided stories as they see it suitable to fit their agenda. I never accused ,the Washington Times, for being anti-Armenian, but they are not pro-Armenian either. As a matter of fact most major newspapers across the country do carry anti-Armenian attitude for very well known reason, but I’m not going there. 

    P.S. Is it OK if I call you, Haji Bob? It so Turkish and fits your character.

  4. Sorry Jay. I was having my afternoon  tea: didn’t realize the Gray Wolf pack was attacking.
    I know you can hold your own…..but why should you have all the fun ?
    Greetings Robert oglu.
    Greetings Veritas oglu.
    You don’t mind if  I join the party, do you  ?
    The EXPORTLAWBLOG is a private blog run by  private individuals (both are lawyers): I can create a private  blog and say Marians have landed. Would you believe me ?
    Regarding the weapons allegedly transferred from  Armenia to Iraq.
    Here is the story: at the time DM Sargsyan arranged for the purchase  of some low-cost, good quality, large caliber machine guns and RPGs from Bulgaria by Iran.  
    Iranians assured Armenians that the weapons would  be used for internal self defense, against Kurdish PJAK (…which US currently considers a terrorist group BTW). RoA had no way of knowing that some of the weapons would end up in Iraq. Who knows how the weapons ended up in Iraq?
    Does every country control every weapon on its territory ? Just this year, US manufactured weapons were traced to Mexico by the US ATF and conclusively tied to the murder of an American ATF Agent: who was responsible ? The US ATF: it was an ATF operation that went badly wrong and an American serving his nation honorably was murdered, because of the incompetence of his American bosses.  The Head of the ATF was allowed to resign – instead of being charged with dereliction.
    Islamic Republic of  Iran provided vital support to Artsakh and RoA when Azeri invaders with massive support from NATO member Turkey attempted a second Genocide of Armenians in Artsakh.  Armenians owe a very deep debt of gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran. If Iranians said they needed weapons for self-defense, why shouldn’t  Armenia  help ? Iranians helped when Armenia’s existence was threatened. US certainly didn’t help RoA. Actually, US allowed American private parties  to help Azeris: Remember Ret. Gen. Secord ? Look up his ties to Azeris.
    And in the whole brouhaha, only one death of an American GI has been allegedly tied to weapons transferred from Bulgaria- via Armenia and Iran- to Iraq. There is absolutely no conclusive tie-in.
    –         Where was the US State Dept when NATO-trained (e.g. US paid) retired Turk
               Generals were in Baku advising Azeri military in their attempt to exterminate
               Armenians ?
    –         Where was the US State Dept when  NATO-trained Turk Special Forces
               disguised as Gray Wolf  ‘volunteers’ were in Artsakh battling Armenians ?
    Here is more: does anyone the remember the Iran-Contra  affair ? That’s right, the Reagan Administration arranged for the transfer of TOW missiles and other weapons to Iran.
    This was while Iranians where illegally holding our American Embassy employees hostage.
    So enough of the phony, contrived  indignation about Armenia and Iran
    Let’s discuss Turkey then, an alleged NATO ally of US, whose military is fully financed and/or supplied by the American taxpayer.
    Turkey, a NATO Ally,  would not allow US troops to invade Iraq from the North thru its territory: some ally. 
    [“The newspaper reports that WikiLeaks – which specializes in publication of classified documents – has gotten hold of classified official documents that prove that the Turkish authorities allowed money and weapons to pass across Turkey’s border with Iraq, en route to Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq”]
    [“One of the documents, a US military report, reportedly charges Turkey with failing to control its borders, because Iraqi citizens residing in Turkey provided al-Qaida with supplies to build bombs, guns and ammunition.”]
    (you Turks can look it up: it’s all over the web)
    So how many Americans you Turk-oglar  figure were killed by Turk supported Al-Qaeda in Iraq? 0? 1? 100? 1000 ?

  5. Oh oh oh… partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  I was washing my hair and totally missed the Gray Wolf hoarding around Jay… sorry Jay jan… as Avery said.. I want to be part of this party too..:)

    Robert the Turk.. and you still show up on our pages and try so hard to promote your newly changed self huh??? Well well well.. from your post i don’t see any change.. do you????  you know it is very unusual for me to understand as to how someone at your intelligence level (you do consider youself intelligent right?) did not know that media is never accurate and very biastral… you did not know that Robert? now that is unfortunate….

    Veritas– ANCA needs to say nothing… you already got your response..   


  6. Avery jan- I can’t get enough of your comments.. brilliant as always….

    I am not surprised a bit to learn that US is supplying such material to Azerbajian and of course Turkey in many ways …US has a dirty hand in everything.. it is absolutely sickening….


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