Weekly Publishes Proceedings of Groundbreaking Public Forum

On Nov. 21, 2010, the ARF Eastern U.S. Central Committee organized a public forum titled “The ARF at 120: A Critical Appreciation” at the New York Hilton Hotel. Featuring historians, economists, political scientists, and activists, this unprecedented panel discussion critically reviewed the ARF’s history and current politics, providing recommendations for the road ahead.

The panel featured David Grigorian (Senior Fellow, Policy Forum Armenia), Dennis Papazian (Professor Emeritus of History, University of Michigan-Dearborn), Ara Sanjian (Professor of History, University of Michigan-Dearborn), and K.M. Kourken Sarkissian (President, Zoryan Institute), with Dr. Hratch Zadoian (Professor of Political Science, Queens College) serving as moderator. Antranig Kasbarian (chair, ARF Central Committee, Eastern U.S.) served as discussant.

The Armenian Weekly features the presentations from this groundbreaking public forum, as well as the comments of the ARF chair in response to the critique.

Click on the links below to access the presentations.

The ARF’s First 120 Years: A Historian’s Perspective
By Ara Sanjian

ARF: Reflections and refractions: 1988-2010
By Kourken Sarkissian

Comments by Prof. Dennis Papazian
By Dennis Papazian

ARF and Armenia: How to Withstand the Challenges of the Future?
By David Grigorian

ARF Chair Antranig Kasbarian’s Response to the Papers
By Antranig Kasbarian



  1. Dennis Papazian spoke for quite a while and said nothing. That is, until the Q&A period, when his contribution was to suggest that the liberation of Karabakh has brought nothing but trouble to Armenia.

  2. To Manoushag & especially AVAK,
    I have  known  him(Denis) on other Armenian forums. He cannot be discerned -like Antranig Kasabian,e.g. as an ARF leader,or any other Political party chieftain.
    He is rather the unknown type…
    AVAK´s commenta  that  he spoke for quite a while¨¨´saying  nothing¨´meaning did  not set forth his proposals etc., is correct and attests to what I just wrote.
    I do not at all agree to his Artsakh attitude. We(all armenity-Armenidad) were pressed to stand up after 600 yrs  of serfdom and show that WE CAN.
    As to my viewpoint to how  he ends  his speech.It is clear  that he repeats the ¨Unity¨of Armenians again -like some others do like parrots- WE ARE UNITED.
    What  we need to advocate and repeat  is   CO OPERATION  -Miapanutyun……
    ARF does  not need to be half praised,for that  is how his position  is presented.
    It is not one of the best but the BEST  we have safeguarding our Nation and I´d  add  Nation/State too.for without ARF  joining with Serge Sarkisian´s party at a critical moment  after elections. the Republican party ,in extension S.sarkisian  would not have  won,leaving  LTP  to do away  with Nagornyin KARABAGH, our beloved Artsakh.
    Our  only victory over turkishness….
    Hama Haigagani Siro,
    Gaytzag  Palandjian
    P.S. and to be sure, i´m not  a Dashnag

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