Letter to the Editor: Gorky Exhibit

Dear Editor,

My wife and I recently decided to take the train from Connecticut to visit the Arshile Gorky Retrospective Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. [For more information, visit]

The exhibit itself was—as suggested by the critics—magnificent, showcasing every stage of Gorky’s professional development. Some 180 pieces were thoughtfully and creatively presented in a well-designed, lighted, and decorated series of rooms taking the viewer through the artist’s growth and ultimate artistic fulfillment. The guide who took us through the exhibit on Nov. 17, in addition to being extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of Gorky’s work, commanded a number of facts on Armenian history and culture, including the genocide, which she appropriately, accurately, and generously wove through her comments.

The gift shop dedicated to this exhibit not only carried an impressive series of Gorky posters, books, and artifacts but also contained a well-selected series of books and musical CDs on Armenian culture, history, art, and food.

Speaking of food, the two dining areas of the museum continued the Armenian-focused theme with offerings of chicken and pilaf, stuffed grape leaves, and tabbouleh.

Kudos to the museum for this artistic masterpiece as well as for its thoughtful depiction of the history and soul of the Armenian people.

This exhibit is a must for any art lover but especially for Armenian art lovers!

Harry N. Mazadoorian
Kensington, Conn.

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