Garen Yegparian Advances to the Run-Off

BURBANK, Calif.—On April 14, Weekly contributor Garen Yegparian hopes to finish in the top three out of six candidates vying for three seats on the Burbank City Council. On Feb. 24, with nearly 2,000 votes, Yegparian finished in the top half of a crowded and competitive field, clearing the way for a spirited campaign over the next six weeks.

“This is the best any Armenian American council candidate has ever done in Burbank,” Yegparian said to a celebratory crowd of 117 people at the Armenian-owned Fantasia Bar and Billiards Hall in Beautiful Downtown Burbank.

“My donors, supporters, volunteers, and strategists made this possible,” Yegparian said. “Now we must not miss a beat and forge full-speed-ahead toward April 14.”

Yegparian has been an active force in Burbank over the past 15 years, serving on more appointed boards and commissions than any other candidate. The Ivy League-educated Los Angeles City employee is currently the chairman of the Burbank Park and Recreation Committee.

Additionally, Yegparian received endorsements from assemblyman Paul Krekorian, Burbank School Board president Larry Applebaum, former Burbank mayor Todd Campbell, the Sierra Club, the National Organization for Women, and the Armenian National Committee Political Action Committee (ANC-PAC).

If you would like to help on the campaign or contribute, call (818) 563-3918 or visit


  1. So when is the Weekly planning on running the article for how Garen did in the general election ?  Its odd that the Weekly felt the need to run multiple articles about a city council race in California ( I am assuming its because he is a regular contributor) and then when it comes to report what happened in the final election its readers don’t hear a word.   He came in last of six candidates.  If you are going to run articles about the primary then you need to run an article about the final results.

  2. General election held on April 14th.  First mention of the results are in a June 7th opinion piece by the candidate himself.  I use the word “mention” carefully because that is what it essentially amounted to.
    Stand by what I said, The Weekly has to decide whether to be a NEWSpaper or vehicle for furthering an agenda.
    So no Lara, it does not make me happy.

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