Letter to the Editor: Which way to turn – Armenia’s plight

It is very discouraging for Armenians living in Armenia and the diaspora to see Armenia struggle to keep its independence and keep the Turkish and Azeri wolves at bay. Recent events show that Armenia, having lost the support of Russia along with the continuous threats of Azerbaijan and Turkey encroaching on Armenian territory, is clearly in a precarious position. 

What can Armenia do? Who can they turn to for the support it needs geographically, militarily and politically? Russia is obviously not the answer. Who is then? Iran, France, the European Union? No. The only country that can help Armenia in its predicament has to be the United States. Tiny Armenia with three million people cannot stand up against Turkey with 80 million people and Azerbaijan with 11 million people. They both have the military might to crush Armenia within days. America’s intervention may not be feasible right now because of its involvement with the Ukrainian war and the war in Gaza. 

Traditionally, the United States has always had a link to Armenia. President Teddy Roosevelt was probably the biggest supporter of Armenia; on May 11, 1918, in Oyster Bay, he wanted American troops to intervene and support Armenia. In part he said, “We should go to war (with Turkey), because not to do so is really to show bad faith towards our allies and to help Germany, because the Armenian massacre was the greatest crime of the war, and failure to act against Turkey is to condone it.” Also, we know of President Wilson’s desire for a free and independent Armenia. President Biden has always shown empathy for the Armenian cause but is currently distracted by other issues. 

I believe that Armenians in the diaspora must exert as much political pressure on their respective governments as possible, mainly the United States and France, to assist Armenia in its efforts to maintain its viability and remain a secure country. With the upcoming presidential election in the United States, Armenian Americans must ponder who would have more empathy and instincts to help Armenia during these troubled times – Biden or Trump?

Ezan Bagdasarian

Ezan Bagdasarian

Ezan Bagdasarian is a retired customs and border protection supervisor and acting chief inspector. He lives in Gainesville, VA. His father was in the Armenian Legion as part of the French Foreign Legion and saw action in Palestine and Cilicia.


  1. Trump will support whichever country can most profit him personally.

    Biden is a moral man. Show Biden that Armenia is a country trying to bring human rights and peace to its people, and he will support you.

    • Oh please…..he has had plenty of time to show that support to NK.
      Great sound bites—no deeds

    • @Ezan Bagdasarian

      You live in a country where 99.99% of Americans can’t find Armenia on a map.

      The idea that the Americans will come to Armenia’s rescue like the Seventh Cavalry is just laughable.

  2. Biden has moved empathy than Trump in that he shortly after taking office recognised on behalf of the USA the ottoman mass killings of Armenians as a genocide.

    As for 99.99% of Americans can’t find Armenia on a map cliché has anyone done a balanced survey of Americans to see if this statistic is justified or is it a mantra created by the Kremlin malefactors. As for the dispersed from NK, Armenia is still legally aligned with Russia who has betrayed them in favour of Azerbaijan looking on a map will show as to why Russia has done this. The USA doesn’t have much influence in the south Caucasus and is currently busy supporting Ukraine against Russia Israel against Gaza and preparing Taiwan for increasingly likely prospect of attack from China

    • @Charles

      You really think that the Americans are going to fight the Turks to save Armenia?

      The Turks are America’s ally, they have the second largest army in Nato.

      They control the Bosphorus.

      Nothing can enter or leave the Black Sea without their say so.

      And the Americans are going to take on the Turks when they attack Armenia?

      Can’t help but smile at your naiveté.

      You are such a malefactor for the Americans.

      Fortunately, Armenians live in the real world and dismiss the notion of the Seventh Calvary coming to their aid as a fantasy.

    • @ Robert Whig I didn’t claim that the USA would intervene to protect Armenia! Clearly Kremlin influence blinds your reason and hence ignoramus response. Turkey is more of a NATO ally in name than nature it’s the only member who still allows Russian civilian aviation to use it’s airspace. The Armenians after decades of Soviet indoctrination and subsequent infatuation with Russia are finally realising that it has its own interests, and judges Azerbaijan and Turkey as more important and it’s war in Ukraine shows that it’s not quite the force many wanted to believe. So Armenia is undergoing a reality check and will be a wiser more pragmatic nation rather than vacillating and “must ask Moscow first” in its national policies. So whilst the USA is unlikely to be a direct help hence the 7th Calvary cliché which you alluded to something of which I’ve never implied to at all actually, events since 2020 have consistently shown Russia as not matching the expectations many Armenians had in it.

  3. There is no Kremlin influence on me.

    There is, however, Geography.

    One look at a map shows everyone, who’s passed their geography exams, what Armenia’s policies must be.

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