ARF Bureau: “We will not tolerate coercive agreements that violate the interests of the Armenian nation.”

At his May 22, 2023 press conference, the person holding the position of Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia openly announced the recognition of Artsakh and the former enclaves of the Tavush and Ararat regions (marzes) in the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan – the latest manifestation of the anti-state and anti-national policy consistently implemented by the administration of the Republic of Armenia.

The current government of Armenia, working hand in hand with the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem, is deliberately trying to break the spirit of resistance of our people, leading the country to inevitable destruction.

The long line of defeats, losses and humiliations is entering a new phase. Every day and hour this government stays in power is a threat to our existence.

However, all is not yet lost. The situation can be corrected. We have the capacity to do so. With the joint efforts of all our national forces, we must immediately restore the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity and make a breakthrough in the situation. A strong, just, dignified Armenia is the guarantee of our security and future success. But first, it is necessary to prevent the adoption of new capitulation agreements which would force wreckless concessions, preventing any agreement without the direct participation of the people.

Any actions of any Armenian authority, which call into question the results of the referendums held in Artsakh, the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, and the Declaration of Independence, which is an integral part of the Armenian Constitution, are null and void from the start.

We will not tolerate coercive agreements that violate the interests of the Armenian nation. All honorable and patriotic Armenians have a role to play in this regard. We believe that together we can turn the tide of history.

ARF Bureau
May 23, 2023

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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