The view from the top of Cascade, overlooking Yerevan and Mount Ararat (Photo: Varak Ghazarian)

Injustice done to those so close to home. An injustice that has allowed further injustices to persist. Injustices done prior, allowing this injustice to take place. Injustices on the grandest level, affecting millions, forever altering the paths of the future of a people and its land. Altering its course, yet further deepening the injustice, the hatred, the fear. Allowing it to persist endlessly and rather worsen as time passes. 

When will the next injustice take place, and how will we choose to stand against such an injustice? How can we call ourselves humans if we don’t allow our humanistic side to shine? We pride ourselves on being such advanced and evolved beings and that we are so much greater than animals, but we continuously choose to let our animalistic side reign supreme. Fear, flight or fight, territorialism, inability to establish trust, survival instincts. With such animalistic behaviors, we choose to allow our primal instincts to take over and dictate our lives and future and thus never look past our basic instincts.

How can we allow these injustices to take place and simply decide to stand idly by, or even worse, aid such injustice? To be given a demand or to be presented with an uncomfortable situation, we are thought to believe that we had no other choice and that we were simply just doing what we were told to do. However, we always have a choice in life. Even if the choice might be death, we always have a choice. Yet, we as a human race have decided to trudge on and choose the choice which is the easiest for us; obey and stay obedient. To sit idly by or aid killings, destruction, massacres, violence and genocide. 

When will it stop? When will we decide as a whole that enough is enough? To push aside our animalistic approach to life and allow our humanistic side to shine? Simple. When we say, “Enough is enough.” Kill us all if it must be, and you can sit alone on your throne in this world all for yourself. When we rise up to the apparent evil and disallow it from growing. Disallowing it to hit the ground and begin to root itself in the soil we walk on and spread like an infectious disease to everything that neighbors it. We must be like the wind, and uniformly sweep evil away and blow it somewhere far. Somewhere so far that anything of its nature will never be able to implant in the minds of us humans. 

For if we were to change our mindset and perspective toward such evil, we will never allow it to sow its rotten roots in our minds and souls. Rather, we should choose beauty and love to implant into every corner of the world. To entrench its roots deep into this earth through the constant watering and care we display for it. For one day, this beauty will allow us to take our full form as humans. To take the shape we need to take, in order to thrive and become the beings we think we are today. 

I have and will no longer stand idly by. I no longer fear what the choice of going against injustice will bring, because the fear of simply sitting idly by and watching is far greater. To see what the world will come to due to another injustice isn’t worth seeing. For if death may come of it, so be it, because that is the price I will pay to defend what I believe in. The world may be dark and full of terrors because that is what we have allowed to persist through our constant mismanagement of justice. But it is on us to make the switch, to resist, and thus allow our humanistic side to shine.

Varak Ghazarian

Varak Ghazarian

Varak Ghazarian is an Armenian-American from Los Angeles who attended a Armenian school his entire life. Upon his graduation from UC Berkeley, he volunteered in Armenia for year with Birthright Armenia. He spent time in Artsakh for a month, where he mentored teenagers in border villages about fundamental topics of health. He currently lives in Armenia, which has opened up a door of imagination that was closed off elsewhere.
Varak Ghazarian

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