Land of a Lesser God

(Photo: Twitter/Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman, October 5, 2020)

Dear “Civilized” World,

Where was your show of solidarity
when Azerbaijan invaded my land
and ethnically cleansed tens of thousands?

Where were the “upholders of democracy”
when a power-hungry Azeri dictator
waged war with a democratic nation?

Where were your demonstrations
when my cities were carpet-bombed
and captured by a ruthless enemy?

Where were the global sanctions
when drones attacked my people
and missiles rained down on them?

Where was the General Assembly
when white phosphorus was used
upon innocent civilians?

Where was the international outrage
when my sacred sites were razed
and reduced to rubble?

Where was your humanity
when countless refugees fled
their ancestral homeland?

Where was your media coverage
when my valiant sons were either
killed or taken prisoners of war?

Where was your so-called conscience
when two countries explicitly denied
the horrific genocide of millions?

Where were your tears and prayers
when the oppressors committed
heinous war crimes against me?

Where on earth were you
when I was in excruciating pain
and needed you the most?

Why do your hearts bleed for some
but remain cold towards others?

Sorrowfully yours,

Adrian David

Adrian David

Adrian David writes ads by day and short fiction by night. His work spans across genres including contemporary fiction, psychological thrillers and everything in between, from the mundane to the sublime.
Adrian David

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  1. Civilized world doesnt count as human lives Armenians or Maronites nor Syriac or Assyrians even Coptic Christians but arabs turks afghans enjoy those rights.

  2. Great text. I am from Serbia and my country like yours is not in the human world. My full support for your country has been going on for a long time. I have a lot of friends from Armenia. However, I must write that I sent support to the Armenian people during the war with Azerbaijan. Greetings from Slobodan Mitrić, founder of the magazine Horizont. Zemun City.

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