I am Hayastan

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/The Flying Dutchman)

You banished me to the desert,
yet I thrived like a cactus
through thick and thin.

You pushed me into the Euphrates,
Nevertheless, you could not drown my hopes,
the burning hopes of my forefathers.

You deprived me of my homeland,
Little did you know
my land lives forever in my heart.

You strived to bury my legacy.
How can you do so
when my rich heritage dates back millennia?

You suppressed my language and my culture.
No matter what you do,
they shall not be forgotten.

You tested my faith to the fullest.
Still, I never faltered an inch.
My faith is what kept me going.

You denied your evil deeds against me.
But the whole world has seen
the innocent blood on your hands.

You wanted to wipe out my very existence.
Try as you might,
I will never be overcome.

I stand tall. I stand fearless.
I am resilient. I am unshaken.
I am Hayastan.

Adrian David

Adrian David

Adrian David writes ads by day and short fiction by night. His work spans across genres including contemporary fiction, psychological thrillers and everything in between, from the mundane to the sublime.
Adrian David

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