ARF Bureau statement regarding Armenia-Turkey relations and settlement of the Artsakh issue

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) repeatedly outlines the challenges tied to the process of normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations, especially with the participation of the current leadership in Armenia. 

We consider it critical to state that Ankara has not discarded its three evident preconditions for the normalization of relations with Armenia (Armenia’s renunciation of support for international recognition for the Armenian Genocide, subordination of Artsakh to Azerbaijan and legal demarcation of the current de facto Armenia-Turkey border), and it has also added a fourth: the provision of the so-called “Zangezur corridor.” Moreover, the announcements by the representatives of the highest authorities of Turkey regarding the coordination of normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations with Azerbaijan confirm that the discussion is not about Armenia-Turkey interstate negotiations, but rather a new surrender forced on Armenia by enemies working in tandem. 

The process of normalizing Armenia-Turkey relations is unhealthy and extremely dangerous from the start. It is conducted within an international political and security reality in Armenia where the leadership that has driven the nation to defeat lacks the ability to effectively defend the vital interests of the Armenians, for objective and subjective reasons. 

It is evident that under the current conditions, the process of normalizing Armenia-Turkey relations is fraught with multiple political, geopolitical, security, economic and spiritual-cultural challenges and will inevitably lead to irreversible dangerous consequences and the loss of sovereignty. 

The existing concerns are deepened by the irresponsible political behavior of the Armenian authorities and their total lack of accountability. The appointment of a special envoy by Armenia suggests that the Armenian side is in fact participating in a predetermined process under which there is no need to select a professional diplomat to ensure a pro-Armenian outcome. 

Under these circumstances, the ARF Bureau demands from the Armenian authorities:

  1. To immediately reveal the guidelines of the normalization process of Armenia-Turkey relations
  2. To nominally and completely reject the Turkish preconditions
  3. To place a political emphasis on the fact that the normalization of Armenia-Turkey interstate relations cannot be connected with any third party

We consider it necessary to emphasize that the process of normalizing Armenia-Turkey relations must indisputably consider the January 12, 2010 decision by the RA Constitutional Court regarding the constitutionality of the Zurich Protocols. All steps by the Republic of Armenia must conform to legal positions presented in this ruling and the basic principles of the constitutional order enshrined in the RA Constitution.

No singular leadership holds a monopoly on the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations and the predetermination of the rights of our people. Armenian-Turkish relations can be normalized only with the consent of our people around the world, without Turkish preconditions and the violation of the rights of our generations. 

Therefore, we must be prepared for a pan-Armenian revolt, if the Armenian authorities try to develop the current Armenian-Turkish agenda enforced by the enemy that violates the rights of the Armenian people.

We cannot ignore the repeatedly voiced positions by the person holding the post of RA prime minister on the Artsakh issue that have increased recently, confessing extremely dangerous stances that distort reality and violate Armenian interests, which question the sovereignty, territorial integrity and legitimate right to international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh. 

We reaffirm that any written or verbal agreement made by the current authorities in Armenia that violates the basic legal norms of the Republic of Artsakh and questions the legitimacy of the compensation demands by the Armenian people and the Republic of Armenia from Turkey is null and void from the start. 

ARF Bureau
December 27, 2021