The Gift of Love that weighs more than Gold

“Nativity,” Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre, 1714-1789, (Public Domain)

As Matthew records his account in The Bible,
He takes us to Bethlehem, to a small little stable

He tells of the story of Christ Jesus Birth
And paranoid Herod who did not know His worth

The Lord spoke to Joseph as he lay down and dreamed
‘Make Mary your wife, it is not what it seems.’

So Joseph awoke and made Mary his wife
Who gave birth to Jesus, The Resurrection, The Life. 

Then out of the East wise men journeyed, we’re told,
They brought gifts: frankincense, myrrh, and gold.

They traveled to Bethlehem where Christ Jesus lay,
They fell down, they worshipped, they bowed, and they prayed.

Herod was desperate to find the Child that day
But the wise men returned home a different way.

The angel warned Joseph how Herod destroys
‘Take the King into Egypt, your New Born Boy.’

From Egypt they returned to Galilee
As John the Baptist prepared the Way, you see.

Jesus was baptized by this man, called John,
But why? He was perfect, He was God’s Son.

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,”
And through faith with grace, we will one day be free. 

We say Merry Christmas, this Gift of Love
We read of His spirit, in the form of The Dove

The Bible was written for all faiths on earth
The story of Christmas tells of His Birth.

Read the Bible, my friend, It will set you free
Know the Son of God, born of Mary.

Learn of this baby, who is God’s Lamb,
He is not just a child, but the Great I AM!

This story is true and is always the same
Merry Christmas to you, In Jesus’ Name

Martha Mekaelian

Martha Mekaelian

Martha Kouyoumdjian Mekaelian is a first generation Armenian (her mother is from Old City Jerusalem, the Holy Land; and her father is from Jordan). She holds a Professional Educator License in the state of Illinois in Secondary Education, with endorsements in Learning Behavior Specialist 1, Learning Disabilities, and Social/Emotional Disorders. She is first and foremost a Christian and has served the St. Gregory of Datev Institute for over 25 consecutive years. She has been the humanitarian aid coordinator of the Eastern Prelacy since 1990 and is responsible for billions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid sent to Armenia since the 1988 Armenian earthquake.
Martha Mekaelian

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