Political Forces in Armenia Issue Joint Announcement

The Armenian people, parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political forces, have combined their potential to resist the Turkish-Azeri aggression against the two Armenian states.

Throughout this war, we have presented several proposals to authorities urging them to make a breakthrough on political, diplomatic and military fronts, including proposals for meetings aimed at rectifying the situation, which have remained unanswered and unimplemented.

The war is intense, and the losses are irreversible and heavy. As a state and people, we are facing a decisive juncture that demands resolute decisions and actions. But the steps taken by the political leadership do not adequately meet the threat of survival facing our nation.

In this period, the government has revealed its clear inability to overcome internal and external challenges. The human and territorial losses and the unproductive relations between Armenia and its allies, primarily the Russian Federation, expose the evident bankruptcy of the current regime.

The entire responsibility for this situation lies with the political leadership, which did not let go of its infallibility complex, placing the two Armenian states under harsh realities and Artsakh under threat of grave territorial losses. Therefore, the leadership has been deprived of the political and moral basis to represent the Armenian people.

To prevent irreversible losses, we demand:

The early, voluntary, and smooth removal of the parties responsible for the creation of the catastrophic situation; Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his administration, and the urgent creation of a new executive body with the ability to make breakthroughs in the current reality and resolve political-military problems.

Dear Armenian compatriots,

At this pivotal moment, our demand is dictated by the imperative of the existence of the two Armenian states and with the confidence that under this new scenario the unbreakable Armenian army and the united Armenian people will secure a victorious breakthrough on the battlefield.

  1. “Freedom” Party 
  2. “National Security” Party
  3. “National Agenda” Party
  4. National Democratic Union” Party
  5. “National Unity” Party
  6. “Alliance Progressive Centrist” Party
  7. “Prosperous Armenia” Party
  8. “Democratic Alternative” Party
  9. “Apricot Country” Party
  10. “Armenian Revolutionary Federation” Party
  11. “Solidarity” Party
  12. “Liberal Democratic Union of Armenia” Party
  13. Republican Party of Armenia 
  14. “Christian-Democratic Rebirth” Party
  15. “Homeland” Party
  16. “One Armenia” Party
  17. “Constitutional Rights Union” Party

P.S. The announcement is open for joining.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. Too little, too late. the Western financed color revolution finally got what it wanted. Everyone that supported Nikol’s regime had a hand in Artsakh’s destruction. Congratulations.

    • “Too little, too late” is 100% what I thought and really the only thing that can be said. Except Concerned Armenian is right about the color revolution too. I commented extensively elsewhere similarly and hope that AW will release those comments. You should have learned from Georgia and Ukraine, two countries that otherwise are far better positioned and damaged themselves. At least the Georgians were original and the Ukranians had massive support from the West, including after Crimea, in the form of sanctions. Here, you could see it coming and didn’t even get anything worthwhile in return. So, yea – time to start thinking really hard about the next 25 years. Maybe focusing on Westernization, democratization, etc. is not the way to go in this nasty corner of the world.

    • Well said. Pashinyan is the pride and joy of the Armenias. And he’s got to have a Turkish passport…

  2. Well said all, what has happened is a result of too much pride and too little work to build the country and its defences in the last 30 years .. the lessons from Georgia and Ukraine and indeed from all the Spring revolutions has not been learned and the continuation of third world mentality and “corruption” resulted in this bitter outcome. We forgot that we live in a multipolar world and that Might has become Right – Nations who are divided and not fully allied with with a big supporter can be assimilated and swollen by more capable and powerful nations – Armenia has to use its National pride to rebuild its strength in the next few years otherwise Yerevan will be the next Shushi – Turkey is building up its influence to re-establish its Ottoman power, it is partnering with everyone to reach this target and found a way to play the complicated colonial game – Armenia will be the next obvious target, an obstacle in Turkey’s ambition to take full hold of the caucasus and present itself as a regional superpower – pure geopolitics.
    It time to reflect and build, not time to blame and chop heads – time to have an honest and bitter discussion and plan for re building the Armenian Army and moral to face the next coming challenges. Neither the Azeries, nor the Turks will stop where they are now.
    BTW, what does having 17 or more parties in a country indicates? one thing: Division ! the super weapon of the all new 4G wars for dismantling small countries.

  3. I disagree that “democratization in not the way to go.” It is the ONLY way to go. It is true that we need Russian alliance and cannot expect any help from Europe or the US, but if we go back on the anti-corruption, democratic and transparent principles that Pashinyan has introduced, we are doomed to failure. Kocharyan and Sargsyan were the biggest reasons for ordinary people to lose hope and leave the country. Also, I would not call any Armenian a “Turk,” especially someone who is the legitimate elected representative on Armenia.

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