Putin Finally Reveals His Solution to the Artsakh Conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: @KremlinRussia/Twitter, October 21, 2020)

After Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted and failed to establish a ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Armenians around the world have been wondering why is he so reluctant to intervene more forcefully in the Artsakh War and stop the bloodshed.

There have been many speculations about Putin’s unexpected hands off approach to the Artsakh conflict, including several conspiracy theories which are not worth mentioning.

During an interview with a Western journalist last week, Putin finally revealed his plans to resolve the Artsakh conflict.

This is what Putin stated: “You said that Russia has always had special ties with Armenia. But we have always had special relations with Azerbaijan too. More than two million Armenians and about two million Azerbaijanis live in Russia. These are not only those people who came for temporary work, but also those who live here almost permanently. Working in Russia, they send billions of dollars to support their families. All these people have very stable, close ties in Russia at the humanitarian level, interpersonal, business, family. Therefore, for us, both Armenia and Azerbaijan are equal partners. And it is a great tragedy for us when people die there. We want to build full-fledged relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan. In each case of building relations with each of these countries there is something that distinguishes our relationship with another partner. Well, with Armenia this is Christianity. But we have very close ties with Azerbaijan in other areas as well. As for the religious component, I want to draw your attention to the fact that almost 15 percent of the population of the Russian Federation is Muslim. And even in this sense, Azerbaijan is not a foreign country for us. But what we definitely cannot forget is what happened in the fate of the Armenian people, the Armenian nation, during the First World War; a huge tragedy for the Armenian people. This is the second part. The third is that this conflict began just as an interstate conflict and a struggle for territories. It began as an ethnic confrontation. It is also unfortunately, a fact when in Sumgait [Azerbaijan], and then in Nagorno Karabagh, cruel crimes were committed against the Armenian people. We must take all this into account in a complex. At the same time, we understand that a situation in which a significant part of the territory of Azerbaijan has been lost by the country cannot last forever. Over the course of many, many years, we have proposed a variety of options for resolving this crisis in order to stabilize the situation for a long historical perspective. I will not go into details now, but believe me, it was hard work to bring the positions closer together. At some moments, it seemed that a little more, a little more, one more step, and we would find a solution. Unfortunately, this did not happen and today we have a conflict in its worst form. And the tragedy is that people are dying. You know, there are many losses on both sides. According to our information, there are more than two thousand dead on each side. The total death toll is already approaching five thousand. I draw your attention to the fact that 13-thousand Soviet soldiers died in the 10 years of the war in Afghanistan. And in Karabakh, in such a short period of time, almost five thousand people have already died. How many were injured! How many people are suffering, how many children! Therefore, this is a special situation for us. Yes, the Minsk Group was created in 1992. Russia, France and the United States as co-chairs, we are responsible for organizing this negotiating process. It is clear, I am 100 percent sure here that all participants in this process sincerely strive for the situation to be resolved. However, no one is as interested in this as Russia. This is happening in a broad sense with our people with our friends, with our relatives. Therefore, we take a position that would allow us to enjoy the trust of both sides and play an essential role as mediators in the settlement of this conflict to bring their positions closer. I would very much like this compromise to be found. As you know, I am in very close contact with both President Aliyev and Prime Minister Pashinyan. I talk to them on the phone several times a day. Our foreign ministers, defense ministers, heads of special services are in constant contact. You know the foreign ministers of both countries came to visit us. They met in Washington on October 23rd. I very much hope that our American partners will act in unison with us and help the settlement. Let us hope for the best.”

I transcribed this lengthy translation of Putin’s remarks without any omission in order to provide the full context of his statement.

Obviously, Armenians are not happy with Putin equating Armenia and Russia’s relationship with Azerbaijan. Armenia is a strategic ally of Russia with a mutual defense treaty and with a Russian military base located on its territory. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, is a puppet of Turkey and has taken many steps to undermine Russia’s geopolitical interests, such as the Azeri gas and oil pipelines that reduce the need for Russian oil in Europe.

Furthermore, the involvement of the Turkish military on Azerbaijan’s territory, a part of the Russian sphere of influence, undermines Russia’s interests. Even more alarming is Turkey’s recruitment of Syrian terrorists and their transfer to Azerbaijan to fight against Artsakh. This is an obvious danger to the national security of Russia. Putin did not mention the nefarious role of these terrorists.

The Russian government has made it clear, however, that the mutual defense treaty with Armenia only applies in case of a foreign attack on the Republic of Armenia, which excludes the territory of Artsakh, even though there have been several missile attacks on Armenia’s mainland.

Russia, on the other hand, has other interests with Turkey that it takes into consideration. These are:

—Russia’s attempts in recent years to win over and separate Turkey from NATO.

—Multibillion trade between Russia and Turkey with Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 missiles and the planned construction of a Russian nuclear power plant in Turkey.

—Russia’s unwillingness to go to war against Azerbaijan and Turkey to protect Artsakh.

—Russia and Turkey have conflicting interests in Syria and Libya where they have an uneasy understanding. The Artsakh conflict would place further pressure on the Russian-Turkish relationship should Russia become actively involved in the Artsakh war against Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Most significantly, as Putin said in his above quoted statement: “a situation in which a significant part of the territory of Azerbaijan has been lost by the country cannot last forever.” In other words, Putin implies that he is willing to accept that Azerbaijan militarily reoccupies the seven regions surrounding Artsakh and then negotiate the settlement of the final status of Artsakh. This is totally unacceptable for Armenia and Artsakh. It is imperative to counter the military moves of Azerbaijan and Turkey in order not to allow them to create new facts on the ground which would weaken Armenia’s bargaining position. Furthermore, the loss of the territories surrounding Artsakh — the buffer zone — would further threaten the existence of Artsakh.

Even more alarming, Putin announced that “many countries, including Turkey and a host of European states” should work together to find a consensus. Armenia and Artsakh would categorically reject Turkey’s involvement. How could Turkey, the instigator of the war, be considered a neutral mediator?

Armenians are somewhat reassured that in recent days, various Russian officials have confirmed Russia’s treaty obligation to defend the territory of the Republic of Armenia from any attacks by Azerbaijan or Turkey.

Armenia and Artsakh have difficult days ahead, left all alone to their fate. Only a resolute defense will safeguard the Armenian population of Artsakh.

Harut Sassounian

Harut Sassounian

California Courier Editor
Harut Sassounian is the publisher of The California Courier, a weekly newspaper based in Glendale, Calif. He is the president of the Armenia Artsakh Fund, a non-profit organization that has donated to Armenia and Artsakh one billion dollars of humanitarian aid, mostly medicines, since 1989 (including its predecessor, the United Armenian Fund). He has been decorated by the presidents of Armenia and Artsakh and the heads of the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic churches. He is also the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


  1. Agreed.. Winning dictates outcomes. Armenia needs to fight till the end. We have no choice otherwise. Losing Artsakh would be disaster for Armenia as well. I believe Turkish/Azeri’s thought a quick war would end this. The longer it goes the worse for them too. Winter is coming. The north east Azeri supply lines are stretched thin. The South east Azeri advancement are open plains without much cover. The rest are rugged mountain terrains. Not easy. But their real goal is the Lachin corridor. Basically cutting any support for Artsakh. Total disaster. Must be held at all cost. Also the possibility of a new US President change hopefully more in line with Armenians, can be factor as well. But Russia only really cares about Russia. It was Russians that gave away these lands to Azerbaijan in the first place. They are historically responsible for this and allowing the pogroms in the Azeri cities. The ONLY thing that Armenia can hopefully expect from Russia NOW is more immediate modern weapons so they can defend themselves which I hope they are securing.. Armenia/Artsakh is really fighting Turkey not Azerbaijan, basically a tall task. It goes to show that Russia isn’t dependable at all. Its no ally. Also it seems Pashinyan isn’t politically or militarily savvy either. He keeps talking about the Kazan agreement, which is what your talking about. Hopefully he is learning quickly. Ultimately ITS UP TO US.. i have been screaming for years for diaspora army units to be indoctrinated. it amazes me the resources of 10 million world wide Armenians and yet ignored by Armenia proper. I get that the past Karabakh regimes didn’t want outside influence and avoided this idea.. But imagine another 40k-60k trained ready personnel? And when diaspora kids are on the front lines imagine the motivation and mobilization from all over the world? It would be 10 fold. Artsakh must hang on. Must destroy all advancements. Im waiting for the counter offense which never seems to materialize. I remember the 4 day war where we saw Armenian UAV destroying Azeri personnel. I have yet to see one of these. Not sure what Armenian proper is doing militarily? Not sure if they are afraid to fully jump in? What a mistake. I hope im wrong..

    • A new US president change hopefully more in line with Armenians???? Joe Biden said Armenians need to return the land. Are you awake? Silence from USA (As President Trump is doing) is our friend right now. Any other form of involvement will have to be per international requirements which YOU DO NOT WANT.

    • Hey Irvin, When did Biden say that? In fact he recently said he would help remove all third parties to this conflict meaning the Turks. Trump is more interest with trump towers in Baku . Get your Trump Maga hat off please and open your eyes

  2. President Vladimir Putin you sold Armenians to your personal benefits I really thought you were better than that.you don’t sale your brother for oil. Armenians they were with you for long time as good friends as Brothers in arms. You should be a shame selling Armenian for oil.

    • I don’t believe the theory of oil at all. And never have.
      Azerbaijan does not have enough oil. Also, oil prices are at 35 dollars a barrel for a while now, very low.

    • It’s not the first time the Russians have done this. Search up Operation Ring, when the soviets stopped Armenia from taking Nakhchivan and more territories in Artsakh. Sadly, a rusamol Armenian will probably reply to my comment to come to Russia’s defence.

    • Hey jack.. The Oil pipelines that go pretty close to the norther Armenian border. The same one that the Turks and Azeris constantly claim are under threat by the Armenian army. the Same one that Sarkissian the current president says we could have a long time ago but would never resort to that. The ones we could destroy with Iskanders. Doesn’t take a general. Just some knowledge.

    • I’m sorry to say this, my friend, But it was not putin who sold Armenia, it was those corrupt Armenian leaders’ who stole the country, and the military.

  3. It’s funny how Putin does not mention Turkeys role and militarily helps Azeri side and controls the whole operation. Never depend on Russia , they have their own agenda. We have to fight our own war and we will win. Russia forgets the Armenian regiment during the Second World War and the Armenian soldier that raised the soviet flag on top of the German Parliament

    • The Soviet soldier who raised the flag on the Reichstag was Meliton Kantaria, a Georgian. However, you are right that Armenians did contribute a lot to the victory over Fascism.

    • Yes Bro, Russia betrayed us… We will fight alone like a men next time we will win for sure Astcu Park

  4. This article is surprisingly a very sophomoric take on the current war.

    Mr. Sassounian, why don’t you instead ask yourself why has Armenia’s current Western financed regime refused to recognize Nagorno Karabakh? Why has our Western financed regime in Yerevan not properly prepared for this war, a war we knew was coming for the past 4 years? Why has our Western financed regime in Yerevan not committing the full potential of Armenia’s armed forces to Karabakh’s defense? Why has our Western financed regime in Yerevan not bombed Ganja’s oil pipelines? Why has our Western financed regime in Yerevan not brought the war into Azerbaijan to put Baku on the defensive? Wasn’t Nikol’s defense minister promising us “new war, new territories”?

    Also, when the hell did Kababakh become Russia’s fight? Have you people lost all sense of reality? When was Russia expected to fight for us in Karabakh? Did you just make that up in your head?

    For over 10 years Russian shave been asking us to accept Russian peacekeepers in the region and give back the 5 buffer zones in exchange for peace. For over then years we were showing them the middle finger. We kept telling them – watch the Turkish border, we’ll handle the Azeris. Then in 2018 we enthusiastically accepted a CIA and George Soros financed government to come to power and ruin the trust between Moscow and Yerevan. For the past 2.5 years Nikol has been populated his government with professional Russophobes. So, we Armenians NO LONGER have the right to ask for any extracurricular favors from Moscow anymore.

    If Moscow allowed this war to materialize, it did so to teach our self-destructive and political illiterate peasantry a lesson.

    Nevertheless, imagine what would have happened if Russia’s military was not present in Armenia and Turks and Azeris had a free hand to do whatever they wanted. Imagine what would have happened if Turks and Azeris opened fronts in Nakhijevan and Tavush. You think they are not opening those front because they are afraid of the mighty diasporan cavalry? Imagine what would have happened if Russia did not keep airlifting armaments and ammunition to Armenia on a regular basis.

    Why is it that Armenians are persistently self-destructive, shortsighted and utterly illiterate when it comes to politics?

    Anyway, we already lost this war. Azeris has taken substantial amounts of lands. They have killed over 2000 of our soldiers. They have destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars of our armaments. In the end, Moscow will step in to clean up the mess that we had a hand in creating. We will probably be allowed to hold on to some parts of Artsakh proper, hopefully Berdzor and Karvachar as well. All other territories will go to Baku. After this mess, Armenia will be even more dependent on Russia for survival…

    • I don’t know about the Soros theory, but I otherwise agree with you. Armenia should have been more open to the Lavrov plan, as nobody would have opposed us retaining the former oblast while the other territories were returned to Azerbaijan.

      I’m also frustrated that we did not prepare for this war, there were signs that it would happen and we did nothing to stop it.

      I disagree with your opinion about having lost this war, as Azerbaijan’s offensive has gone nowhere and they are in control of vulnerable territory.

    • Thank you for putting this right. How Armenians can be that naive and trust the devilish Soros/Cia financed new angel… When he came from the skies, I was deeply worried… I knew there will be a price to pay for fighting Russian interests in Armenia… Now Pashinian can call Soros for help… who is actually fueling Turkish propaganda thanks to his Open society network of affiliated journalists (BBC,…). Indeed Putin invited Turkey months ago to do that, and the invitation was accepted with a big smile… At the end, Armenia has lost a lot (huge destructions and death toll), Russia will bargain his support to rule Armenia, Erdogan have been able to play the new sultan of the muslims… And Soros/Cia/Israel are making billions while enjoying the destruction of strategic historical christian state and the destruction of the orthodox alliance.

    • “Why has our Western financed regime in Yerevan not properly prepared for this war, a war we knew was coming for the past 4 years?”

      Great question. I keep asking myself if this war took by surprise to Pashinyan. If so, how can a leader be so ingenuous? Wasn’t enough the Four Days War for our leaders to be aware? And Tavush? Even Azerbaijani people kept posting on the web, years before this war, things like “the war is not over”, “you didn’t win the war, you just think you won”, and, sad but true, there is a piece of truth in those quotes, they warned us that this new war was a matter of time…

    • How can you be so ignorant and selfish. The fighting is STILL going on, Armenian children, soldiers, fathers, mothers, grandparents, etc. are STILL dying and your saying we’ve already lost? Our soldiers are giving their lives for OUR land and country and your over here saying this? Azerbaijan has not won and won’t, we Armenians have been through so much trauma, hate, racism, etc. and we have never backed down. If we were a country to do that then we wouldn’t be alive considering WE were the country that didn’t let go of our religion when a mass genocide was committed against us. WE are the country who has always suffered but have never gave up. We have been victims of oppression for CENTURIES. Stop speaking so low of your own country and people.

      I also don’t know why you think Russia shouldn’t be involved sense all of these wars happened and are happening because of the USSR. The Soviet Union was the cause of this in the first place. They gave our land without our consent, making it illegal. It should have been given right back then and there but it wasn’t. Now Aliyev and Erdogan are feeding THEIR people and people from other countries with BS and people are believing them. I don’t care if they have OIL, Russia has to end this, either recognize the republic Artsakh OR demand them to give us back our land that shouldn’t have belonged to them in the first place.

    • You are not a “concerned Armenian” – you are a russamol Concerned Russia Hack, taking every opportunity to throw rocks at the diaspora which has sustained Armenia for the past 30 years. All you Apparatchiks know how to do is cry Soros this Soros that, western this, western that, as if you’ve learned something special, all while living in the comforts of the west and taking part in its prosperity instead of living in your beloved “Mother Russia”.

      And by your silly post, it is quite obvious you don’t even desire an Armenian victory in this war since you have already made your conclusion that “we lost”: no we didn’t, this war has not even got off the ground yet… it seems what excites you hacks the most is “getting punished for not being Russia’s lapdogs and servants”. In fact, we heard everything from the horse’s mouth here in this article, sorry to burst your bubble. I have been saying this since 2016. Russia is not an ally of Armenia, it is a so-called “ally”. Russia’s reluctance and despicable behavior in this war proves every point beyond any doubt that Russia is an unwelcomed force over Armenia. Yes we all know, Armenia is stuck with Russia, and there is nothing we can do about it, so don’t bother pointing that out. What we can do though, is be honest with ourselves that Russia is not and has never been Armenia’s “friend” like all the incompetent Armenian leadership have been claiming for the past 30 years.

      And of course you Russia Hacks never place Azerbaijan under the same microscope as Armenia. Azeris and Turks have been cursing Russia for the past 30 years, and here is Putin rewarding them for it with more Armenian lands, same as in history and the same continuous policy of Russia of the past 100 years, despite that Azerbaijan is in fact a useless and worthless nation when taken at face value. However as mafia bosses work, Putin doesn’t care about what is right or wrong, he is here merely helping his “buddy” Erdogan. And in fact, Russia’s policy against Armenia is actually a lot worse than Israel’s and Turkey’s: “let’s sell weapons to both sides and grab a bowl of popcorn”. Some “ally”.

    • We have not lost this war and anyone who makes such a claim must be out of touch with reality. The Armenians all alone and for the last six weeks have been fighting artificial criminal Azerbaijan, genocidal terrorist Turkey dictating and controlling the war, hired mercenaries Turkey is trying to get rid of, and the hypocritical state of Israel for supplying advanced deadly weapons to our enemy AND the enemy does not have much to show for other than destroying infrastructure by remote shelling and the indiscriminately targeting civilian populations out of desperation.

      Holding off a combined force of this magnitude and for so long can only be called an Armenian victory. This is a widespread war on all fronts throughout the entire line of contact in which artificial Azerbaijan has employed all of its armed forces and resources to shock and overwhelm the Armenians and so far has failed miserably. There is a reason why Azerbaijani leadership does not report the number of dead soldiers while never missing the opportunity to falsify and report other losses such as infrastructure and exaggerated civilian casualties. Azerbaijan is firing willy-nilly in all directions to create chaos to force the population out and then fabricates “gains” by propaganda with no proof to back up its claims WHILE Armenians are surgically taking out Azerbaijani targets and quite efficiently.

      According to Armenian military reports, Azerbaijan has so far lost about 7,500 soldiers, 723 tanks, 257 AUVs (drones), 16 fighter helicopters, 25 jets and several artillery launchers. Azerbaijan has used up and lost over eighty percent of its armaments and nearly ten percent of its armed forces up-to-date.. It is because of such heavy losses that Azerbaijani leadership has now softened its tone when a month ago it was quite belligerent and uncompromising. Azerbaijani position at the time was the proverbial “either my way or the highway” and now to fake diplomacy to buy time to regroup and resupply. Today, it is Turkey that is keeping Azerbaijan in the fight. In absence of Turkey, this war would not have started in the first place and would have ended within a week of the start of the war and with yet another Azerbaijani failure and defeat.

      Armenians will once again be victorious but this time they must put the nail on the Azerbaijani coffin once and for all. Forget what Russia will and won’t do. Russia is after her own self-interests and could care less how many people die on each side. We need their weapons and other than that we must rely on ourselves only. We are battle-hardened nation with dedicated fighting force and in any given day the artificial republic of Azerbaijan, a gas station disguised as a country, has ZERO chance against us!

  5. I hate Biden but he’s better than Trump (here–as elsewhere–only barely). Trump is supportive of Erdogan in practice whereas Biden (or, or accurately, his campaign) really only said that Armenia should give back the land around Nagorno-Karabakh which, while still not what I would focus on in the context of a new Azeri aggression but still better than Trump who told Barr to close an investigation of a fraudulent Turkish bank because Erdogan had personal financial interests in it. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/29/us/politics/trump-erdogan-halkbank.html

    • Biden nor Trump will make a difference….. If Biden makes it to power, what he promised before the election all is going to be forgotten….

    • I totally agree with you, Biden also signed a bill to stop funding Azerbaijan. It makes no sense why Armenians would vote for him.

  6. Thank you Harut. With an excess of misinformation and propaganda, I greatly appreciate your transcription.

  7. It is unfortunate that at a critical time like this Armenia has an incompetent, arrogant leader like Nikol Pashinian. His policies have contributed to the current predicament in Artsakh. Let us enumerate some of his crucial mistakes:

    1.Pashinian tried to ingratiate himself with the West upon taking office, thus alienating our only guarantor, Russia. For a journalist, Pashinian seems to ignore both the history and geography of Armenia. When was the last time any Western country came to the rescue of Armenia or the Armenians? This misguided infatuation with the West is a malady many Armenians suffer from, but for the leader of the nation such misguided infatuation is inexcusable.
    2.Pashinian committed the ultimate folly in establishing diplomatic relations with Israel,at a time when Israel was actively supplying all manner of lethal weaponry to the Azeris,including the deadly Harop drones.In doing so,he also alienated Iran, another country of critical importance to Armenia.At the time there were demonstrations in Iran protesting Pashinian’s decision.This was an act with dire consequences for Armenia.
    3.In a meeting in Munich,Germany,this past summer,Pashinian made grandiose,bellicose statements unworthy of a seasoned diplomat.He came across as a loudmouth and unduly antagonized the Azeri leader Aliev in front of a European audience.
    In sum, we have an incompetent for a leader.Future historians when writing about the events of 2020 in Artsakh will surely point the finger at Pashinian.If we lose Artsakh,it will be in great part due to the headstrong,arrogant and foolish policies of Pashinian.
    Our prayer is that God Almighty have mercy on our nation and grant us wise,competent leaders that are up for the job and think before they act.
    My recommendation for Pashinian is to resign and present an official apology to his nation.The longer he stays,the more damage he will cause.

    • You are so critical of pashinyan. However; while you are at it don’t forget to mention sargsyan and khocharyan who actually put us in this mess we are in now by pocketing all of the money instead of modernizing our military. You dislike pashinyan for what? Because he had the nerve to stand up against others unlike former prime ministers? It’s a good thing he insulted aliyev, because aliyev has thought he can say or do whatever he wants and get away with it. Pashinyan may not be the perfect leader but he’s a hell of a lot better than former ones. So we are in the right direction.

  8. Unfortunately, this time the Armenians are considered collateral damage by Putin. The Artsakh war is not for the capture of Artsakh or its surrounding areas, but for the control of Baku’s natural resources. Russia cannot interfere directly but Turkey can, under the pretext of helping a turkic and moslem brother country against Armenian evil. Europe gets its gas supply mainly from Russia and a small percentage from Azerbaijan. By controling these two taps, you control Europe. The situation with Artsakh is merely half way of Putin-Erdogan parternship and expansionism plan, controling the areas where there are huge potential of natural resources. It all started from Syria, joint agreements, then Lybia and now Artsakh. Putin’s 2nd gain would be to isolate Turkey from the world, why? Notice, how Turkey is deteriorating its foreign policy with almost everybody. Soon, it would become easy prey with no support, but thats too early for now. I beleive next will be the turn of Greece and Cyprus. God help us all.

  9. Russians” oh those Russians” never to be trusted, along with the english,french, Germans, and Americans….. Depend on yourselfs , don’t expect anybody to help you fight your battles , nobody cares! And also get a government that cares about it’s people and nation! Armenian brothers all the love and respect from a hellenic nationalist not A ” FASCIST”……. Speaking from experience look at Hellas today nothing but a zionist controlled cooperation!

  10. This article was a very shallow take on a very complicated matter. I expect this kind of reasoning and presentation only from individuals who have no real understanding of history or politics, or from people who seek to push a Western and/or Turkish narrative. Like Concerned Armenian appropriately asked, since when did we start expecting Vladimir Putin’s military to fight with us in Artsakh? We all knew Artsakh was going to be our fight. Individuals like Harout Sassounian should instead be putting pressure on Nikol’s regime to do more for the war effort. The only thing Nikol is doing is sending defenseless and unprepared civilian volunteers and 20 year old conscripts to get blown up by Israeli and Turkish made drones. Artsakh is mostly fighting alone. Arguably, Russia is doing more for Armenia than Armenia is doing for Artsakh.

    Don’t you think that by guarding Armenia’s border with Turkey, Moscow is already indirectly helping our war effort by giving our military the freedom to focus its full attention on Azerbaijan?

    Have you paid any attention to how much weapons and ammunition was recently airlifted to Armenia by Russia? You think at least some of it is not trickling down to NKR?

    Do you realize that by openly siding with Azerbaijan Moscow will turn Azeris and millions other Turkics living INSIDE Russia against the Russian government? Don’t you think that’s dangerous?

    Do you think that an internally unstable Russia is a good thing for Armenia? Think back at what happened during World War One when Russia became unstable. Only agents of Western or Turkish influence seek Russia’s instability. A weak Russia means an endangered Armenia. You may therefore want to rethink your political calculations, that is if you indeed are an independent journalist with Armenia’s best at heart.

    Again, it is Nikol’s “Color Revolution” government that is not doing anything to reverse the tide of this war and win it. Yes, we are losing this war. Over 2500 lives and over 250 square miles of territory has already been lost. And Nikol continues to drag his feet. Is it incompetence or treason?

  11. God bless Armina.
    I am looking this from out side of Armina. How is shameful that Russia show itself again. If you reread history this is not first time that Russia do this.
    Even I am not armany, but still I pray for my family in Armania. I even ready Com and fight against with evils.
    God bless you, Armania

    • Russia is not obligated to defend Artsakh, only Armenia proper. Azerbaijan has been able to continue waging war because of Israel, Turkey, and some other nations constantly supplying them via Georgian airspace. The blame should be put on Armenians who put too much faith in Georgia and the West. This Russia bashing from some Armenians is becoming tiresome.

  12. I have been saying this for the past years after the 2016 war proved what kind of an “ally” Russia is, and how it made deals with Turks in Syria. The Russian “alliance” is PHONY. Russia is in Armenia to protect itself mainly, in disguise of “protecting Armenia”. And I will say this a million times: Russia “protecting” Armenia from Turkey is by design, NOT CHARITY!! Russia helped Turkey get most of Armenia’s lands after WWI and next used Armenia to win WWII and make advancements in its technology using Armenian scientists, all the while gifting other Armenian lands to Azerbaijan, until Turkey joined NATO, and since then hasn’t done a damn thing to correct any of the past wrongs against Armenia’s despicable Russia drawn so called “kavkaz nations” stupid checkered map, until the Artsakh Armenians themselves had to take matters into their own hands. And here we are again with mafia boss Putin barking the same Russian drivel as the past 100 years!!

    It is clear to me, as Armenia is stuck with Russia now, Armenia must play Russia’s game. After this war is over, and I am confident in the abilities of the Artsakh army, Armenia’s long term project must be to boot Russia out of Armenia along with the Russian kitchen sink. That should be the price of Russia’s treachery and half-assed “alliance” and back-stabbing. And after that: high level talks with NATO. We Armenians owe Russia with NATO missiles in place of the Russian free-of-charge base at Gyumri. And Turkey being in NATO means nothing. Greece is also in NATO and the two nations are enemies. In fact, Armenia being in NATO would solve Armenia’s security issue, get closer with Greece, and teach Russia a lesson that it has deserved for the past 100 years.

    • 1) Are you for real? Greece has been sucking up to NATO for a long time and yet Turkey invaded and occupied Cyprus with no consequences. Turkey violates Greek airspace with no consequences. Aspiring to join NATO is exactly what got us in this mess.
      2) The land we lost was thanks to the nations that make up NATO today, Great Britain, France, and Germany. Germany helped Turkey ethnically cleanse Western Armenia, Britain prevented Ozanian from liberating Artsakh, and the French betrayed us in Cilicia.
      3) I have no idea why you put kavkaz nations in quotes, would you rather Western powers have taken the Caucasus and made us a part of the highly problematic, endlessly destabilized so called “Middle East”? The nations were not drawn properly, but the Russian Empire and USSR allowed Armenia to develop statehood without the harassment by Turks and the inevitable betrayal of the West.
      4) Yes, you do post a lot on this site. The same old warnings about Russia being devious and evil, parroting horrible 19th century Russophobia, very classy. You are just talking for nothing.

    • K: there is one important point that “Mother Russia” peddlers have never understood: NATO “harms” Armenian interests not because it is because it is anti-Armenia, but because it is anti-Russia. And on the flip side, Russia, instead of balancing that by supporting and strengthening Armenian interests, it does the opposite and instead helps Azeri – and get this – NATO Turkey’s interests!!!!

      Armenia’s “ally” itself is helping – and enriching – a NATO member sworn enemy of Armenia, and you expect that Armenia joining NATO instead of Russia is “bad”? I would be the number one Russia fan if Russia wasn’t such a Turkophile, backstabbing anti-Armenia nation. But lazy, naive, incompetent Armenian leadership and along the the Soviet-bred Armenian public have been drinking the Russian Kool Aid for the past century.

      Also, you are not giving any convincing argument regarding Greece. Actually Greece is secure precisely because it is a NATO member, do you seriously believe that nothing will happen to Greece if they leave NATO? Ha! Turkey is the attack dog of USA/UK. And it just so happens that Turkey’s “interests” align perfectly with USA and UK, a match made in hell. Greece made a brilliant move joining NATO, that is precisely the reason that the Greek islands remain in Greek hands today, despite that they lost half their second nation Cyprus, and even there, I suspect that was because they didn’t deal correctly with USA and UK, Turkey wasn’t the only reason for the illegal invasion.

      And kavakaz nations are in quotes because it is a fraudulent Russian concept of three puppet states serving Russia. Armenia is a much bigger country and not a “kavkaz” country. The “three states” have no historical validity. Armenia was thrown in along with two fake newly made states to push that idea, right after Russia betrayed Armenia by giving large parts to Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia. I only need to look at the map to see Russia is an anti-Armenian nation. And just like “Russia protects Armenia from Turkey” is by design not charity, the checkered map of Armenia is also part of that design. To keep Armenians and their enemies in a permanent state of misery and conflict. Further proof: the actions of -TODAY’S RUSSIA-. To me, everything else I hear about Russia is just noise.

  13. To those two opinions on this forum who think “Nikol should go”, you are ignorantly and foolishly revealing one thing (and one thing only) – your pathetic and devilish political agenda linked to the opposition party.

    As for if our educated, popular, well-spoken and intellectual prime minister should stay or leave? Well, that is for Armenians living in Armenia to vote and decide… But in the spirit of fairness, we should give him at least 30 years to recover the damage that was set by [the criminal coalition – you know who], then we can have a valid debate on the topic.

    These ignorant toxic people were burning during the revolution in 2018 because they couldn’t speak out based on the overwhelming voice of the people and the filth that had surfaced of previous governments – but NOW these toxic people are feeling so confident that they are trying to pin a 30-year-old war on Pashinyan.

    In times of war, these few opportunists try to push their agenda forward on media platforms, it is actually quite revolting.

    1) Put your political badge down for once.
    2) Try to defend the Armenian culture and civilisation.
    3) Stop using the suffering of our nation for your dirty political agenda.

  14. Stop looking around the world to find someone to blame for this disaster. Nikol Pashinyan singehandedly brought Armenia and Karabakh to the verge of a major disaster. He is in power today, so it’s his fault. Pashinyan’s time is almost up. He will be forced out of office after this war, maybe even sooner. More people are beginning to wake up to what he and his regime really represent. All Russia bashers work for Turks whether they realized it or not. There would be no Armenia without Russia. Karabakh is our fight, not Russia’s. Unless Armenians want to join ethic Russians in their fight against Ukraine in the Donbass, we have no right to ask for Russian help in Karabakh. Bolsheviks were not Russian. The whole point of the Bolshevik revolution was to destroy Russia. Bolsheviks also gave away Russian lands and killed millions of ethnic Russians. People need to educate themselves a little before they express ideas.

    • People need to refrain from commenting on other people’s education levels – particularly when all that interests them is their dirty political agenda (rather than our nation’s best interests during war). Your political motives and personal bias is so ugly, it is hurting my computer screen.

  15. When this war broke out, and Turkish and Islamist Terrorist involvement became quite apparent… a real ally, (like Russia isn’t) would have…

    Told Turkey/Azerbaijan/Terrorists to IMMEDITELY stop and withdraw to previous positions or:

    1. No longer guarantee the security of Georgia as it is a facilitator of terrorism in the Caucasus, acting as the transit route for Turkey and its terrorists to destabilize the South Caucasus.

    2. Will recognize the independence of Artsakh within a short time as it did Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and/or Crimea, because the violation of Human Rights by the two despotic dictators have negated and insulted the peace process of the past 30 years.

    3. Will provide Armenia and Artsakh with game changing weapons to reverse the tide of war quickly instead of slowly, and will also not dictate to Armenia what can and can’t be used.

    4. Will no longer take part in any energy agreements with Azerbaijan and will also not guarantee the security of the pipelines going from Azerbaijan through Georgia.

    5. After recognizing Artsakh will help Armenia bring criminal charges against all Azeri and Turkish criminals involved in the operation, including helping Artsakh recover all costs, weapons, and compensating all families affected by the war.

    But as we can see, not only are 1-5 nowhere to be seen, the OPPOSITE is happening!!!! Putin’s message: “Oh those poor Armenians suffered so much in history, and now they have to give lands to Azerbaijan which Russia/USSR backstabbed Armenia to gift to Azerbaijan previously. What???? Haven’t you been blowing your “Mother Russia Is The Best” zurna at the top of your lungs for the past 30 years!!!!????

    And Nikol Pashinyan being on Russia’s blacklist HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!

    We are talking about the existential threat to a nation, people and culture here. Russia can first take care of business and then deal with the issue of politicians it does not like later, if it is even remoteley sincere in its approach to Armenia.

    And most importantly to point out: 1-5 above would not even be really an INVOLVEMENT as an ally for Russia… it would be important moral support just like Azerbaijan is receiving from Turkey. (A real involvement as an ally would mean Russian boots on the ground and invasion of Azerbaijan). Azerbaijan has moral support by a bunch of other nations also, yet Armenia has moral support from… oh wait… NOT Russia! Armenia has nobody but itself. In fact Putin just gave its moral support to Azerbaijan instead!!!

  16. This well thought and planned few years ago by Erdogan when he bought the Russian defense system and played a game with US and Europe wanting to by the US warplanes. He may abandon the Russian defense system in few years to get the f35s from US. All he wanted is for Russia not to get involved in Karabakh at this time. No one is backing us up except France and they are isolated as far as back up from the world. Hopefully something will arise from the horizon. My hope is for the best.

    • Avo, can you tell me how many tons of weapons and ammunition has France sent to Armenia in recent weeks. Also, can you show me on the map where France guards Armenia’s borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan? Are you people for real? Really…

  17. I am beginning to lose respect for Putin. Maybe he should step down for conflict of interest. He should be backing Armenia in this conflict. It was clearly instigated by Erdogan and Aliyev. Both should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. Erdogan also continues to commit war crimes in other countries. The boundary lines were drawn arbitrarily by Stalin, the tyrant dictator. The disputed region should be ceded to Armenia.

  18. Islamist Turkey was supporting Azerbaijan but why Armenia was not prepared? War was written everywhere so why didnt Armenians prepared to defend themselves? Russia again betrayed you. Turkey will not hesitate to do another Armenian Genocide so I hope Armenia and its people will realize that Be prepared to fight your own war, no one is coming to your aid.

  19. I think Russia actually saved Nagorno-Karabach by intervening ust in tim in Nagorno-Karabach because Armenia was on the losing end. The peace treaty of youre president I actually think he has done something to stop this war and you can use it to wake up and rearm yourself. See it as a second chance to save Artsahk which is Armenian territory since history form Azerbejani Turks. No one likes Turkey and the Turkish muslims and we never will. Europe behind the christian Armenians.

  20. As an Armenian I do not trust Mr Putin. The situation in Artsakh has deep roots in the deliberate decisions taken during the Soviet era separating this mostly Armenian inhabited land from Armenia and include it in the Azerbaijani territories. This has been the basic reason triggering the long standing hostilities between the Azeris and the Armenians.
    As a result, the least that has been expected from Mr Putin and RF is to come forward with a solution that remedies the flawed Soviet era decisions and assures long standing peace in the area.
    Turkey is a major trouble maker throughout history and as it must be obvious to even the most optimistic thinking people world wide, the reason they (the Turks) so vehemently deny the Armenian genocide is simply because they are more than willing to repeat it.

  21. Putin’s grandfather was a cook to Lenin. Putin is an urchin from poor background. If you throw coins urchins will jump. The betrayal of Armenia is last nail in the coffin of Putin and I hope it does not become last nail in the coffin of Russia. Which country is going to trust Russia/Putin as strategic ally.

    • Armenian ex-politicians and today politicians are living in a 1994 winning mentality celebrating and drinking Russian vodka. As of today, Artsakh lost 70% of Artsakh land to Turkish, Azeri, Jihadists coalition forces with the help of Tzar Putin.

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