Thousands March Across Golden Gate Bridge in Support of Artsakh

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Approximately 5,000 Armenian-Americans marched across the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday, October 9 to inform the Bay Area about the Turkish-Azeri attacks against the Republic of  Artsakh and urge citizens to demand action by the US government to stop sending arms to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Organized by the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) San Francisco “Rosdom” Chapter, Armenian Americans from across the spectrum of Bay Area community organizations participated. In addition to Bay Area residents, participant groups from as far as Los Angeles and Fresno joined the protest.

“I was really happy with the turnout. Our expectations were blown through the roof,” said AYF San Francisco “Rosdom” chapter member Krikor Der Abrahamian. “It was a fantastic opportunity for our community to express our concerns and outrage over the Turkish-Azeri bombings of Artsakh. More importantly, we were able to let our fellow Bay Area citizens know that their tax dollars are being spent on arms going to Turkey and Azerbaijan to wipe out Armenians. We feel that we got that message across.”

The protest was covered extensively by the local Bay Area print and broadcast media, including ABC and CBS affiliate stations, and a lengthy report by

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  1. There’re more of us, out there: I live on the San Francisco Peninsula. I didn’t get notified about the Golden Gate Bridge Protest March, until after it happened. Get the word out better, and I’ll be there, next time.

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