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Alex Vartanian is a junior member of the NJ “Arsen” Chapter

This pandemic known as COVID-19 is affecting not just our Armenian community, but the world. The United States in its entirety is basically on lockdown, and there is not much to do. As of now, there are two ways people can handle this lockdown: One, you can be very productive without leaving your house, trying to get better. Or two, you can take it the lazy way, get nothing done and just lay down in bed all day. People might be thinking to themselves, “How are we supposed to be productive during this time?” Well, there are many ways to be productive, especially within the community. 

One thing that you can do to help the community is to donate. Local hospitals are running very low on supplies, such as masks, ventilators and PPE. If these necessities are being purchased by the general public, then nurses and doctors can’t perform tasks involving patients with COVID-19, because they don’t have the tools. If you have extra masks or gloves that are not in use, donate those to hospitals in need of supplies. If you don’t have these supplies, you can donate money to hospitals in order for them to be able to afford these ventilators and supplies. 

A great way you can be productive is being active. During these times, wellness is important. Since all gyms are closed, you have to find an alternative way to be active. One thing that you can do is just walk. You can walk around the block or your yard. If you want to stay active but not leave the house at all, you can find an open space in your house and look up workout routines on your laptop or phone. What you can do is plan a workout routine. Find workouts you would like to do and stick with it. If you have an elliptical or a treadmill, you can walk on it at a slow pace. You won’t feel it, but you are burning calories constantly. During this time, you can also find a new hobby. Find an instrument you would like to play, and just play it. Learn a new language. There are many apps that can help you learn any language. Use this time wisely.  

One of the most important ways in being productive is to stay focused on the task at hand. If you are in school, focus on schoolwork. Get ahead in classes you are thriving in and catch up on classes that you are having trouble with. Go that extra mile to improve in areas of your life that need your attention. Like my parents always tell me during this time, take this time as an opportunity to be better. The one thing you should not do is procrastinate. Procrastinating is the one way that you will fall behind. 

This pandemic is dangerous, and it can infect anyone. All of these things are important to do, but the most important thing to do is to stay safe. Don’t go out because you want to. Yes, you can walk around your block or around your neighborhood, but make sure you don’t come in contact with anyone. Stay home and don’t leave unless it’s necessary. The only time it’s necessary is if you need to go grocery shopping, during which you should wear a mask. Take this as an opportunity and strive to be better. Stay safe!

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Alex Vartanian

Alex Vartanian

Alex Vartanian is a current freshman at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is pursuing a degree in computer science and a minor in business. Alex is an active member of the AYF-YOARF New Jersey “Arsen” Chapter and currently serves on the local Hai Tahd committee. As a leader in the Armenian community, he has spent the last two summers working at AYF Camp Haiastan.
Alex Vartanian

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