The Under the Light of the Moon Teaching Guide: A Resource for Parents and Teachers

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two whole years since my children’s book, Under the Light of the Moon, was published. Since April 2018, I’ve had the opportunity to do countless book presentations and signings at bookstores, churches, community centers, festivals and schools for children in the U.S. and internationally. It’s at these events that I see the spark in elementary students – the initial engagement in the message I’m sharing and the desire to learn more. I’m also grateful to all of the teachers and school districts who now use Under the Light of the Moon to teach about the Armenian Genocide and the phenomenal work of Near East Relief. Even before my book was published, I had a vision for how schools could implement it in their curriculum, and as an educator, I wanted to ensure that I created a guide that would give teachers a resource that they could choose to follow. And so, The Under the Light of the Moon Teaching Guide was born. 

Today as we all find ourselves in a time of uncertainty with COVID-19, and with parents around the world unexpectedly figuring out the art of homeschooling, I quickly realized that the Under the Light of the Moon Teaching Guide is not just for teachers, it’s for parents, too. This free resource includes before, during and after reading activities, comprehension questions, research projects and writing tasks.  Parents and teachers can follow the guide exactly or pick and choose which activities, tasks or questions to use.  

Under normal circumstances, my calendar would be full with upcoming presentations, but given the current circumstances with COVID-19, all of those presentations have been postponed indefinitely. Because of this situation, I’ve decided to record a short video presentation that students will be able to watch for free on my website. It will be an abbreviated version of what I usually present—almost as if the book’s foreword is coming to life – and it will provide a brief introduction to the Armenian Genocide and Jackie Coogan’s heroic work with Near East Relief.

Please follow me on Instagram and on Facebook for updates. To access the free teaching guide and other resources, you can visit my website. I would also love to hear from anyone who uses the teaching guide or implements a new activity with the book so that I can share your ideas with others through social media.  Under the Light of the Moon is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other independent retailers.

Last but not least, thank you to all of the teachers who are currently implementing distance learning and to all parents who are homeschooling their children. You are all making such a difference for the next generation, and I hope the resources I’ve shared can help you during this challenging time.

Laura Michael

Laura Michael

Laura Michael is a school district administrator in Los Angeles. She is a third generation Armenian American originally from Rhode Island. Her first children’s book 'Under the Light of the Moon' was published by Mascot Books in June 2018.
Laura Michael

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