My First Panagoum

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Berj Ourlian
10 years old

Eastern Region Homenetmen Scouts Panagoum in Pioneer, Ohio was a fun experience for me and my brother. Although it was our first time attending scouts panagoum, my Camp Haiastan experience helped a lot. I met many new friends and had a good time. I got to spend four uninterrupted days with my dear friends Levon Shant, Anthony and Muron. 

The scouts were divided into two groups by age. The younger group slept in cabins; the older group slept in tents. There was also “bahag” duty to guard the flags and premises. The younger group did it in the morning and afternoon and the older group did it at night. Since I was part of the younger group, I missed out on some of the extreme activities such as taking the flag on the last day of Panagoum.

The lectures were interesting. There were four lectures; some were more interesting than others. The lectures were about King Dertad, the history of Artsakh, our churches and the ANCA.

Homenetmen Panagoum was informative and fun. I would like to go again, and I encourage my non-scout friends to join Homenetmen.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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