St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School Winner at Watertown Spelling Bee

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WATERTOWN, Mass. —More than a dozen students from St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School (SSAES) were named top spellers at this year’s Watertown Spelling Bee.

Thirteen SSAES students participated in the ninth annual contest for elementary grades one through five on Sunday, March 31, 2019. They are first grader Georgette Isahagian, third graders Arman Stepanian, Elsa Sarkissian, and Nara Behbahani and fifth graders Lea Karapetian, Lara Chekijian, Anais Kahvejian, Alla Petrosyan, Nicholas Nalbandyan, Julia Chapian, Saro Iskenderian, Gassia Minassian and Narineh Mardiros.  

Fifth graders Karapetian, Chekijian and Kahvejian won first place in their first round, successfully spelling some very tricky words right through double elimination. The other fifth grade teams also performed well.

The third grade team tied for first place in their round.

Isahagian (Grade 1) participated with first grade students from other schools and won first place.

Congratulations to our students for a fantastic display of teamwork all around.

Founded in 1984, St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School is a private pre-kindergarten through grade five school dedicated to educational excellence in an environment rich in Armenian culture. St. Stephen’s is fully accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE), which has commended the school for “creating an environment where all the students love to read and appear committed to academic excellence."

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