ARF to Convene 33rd World Congress in Artsakh

YEREVAN—The 33rd World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation will be held from January 16 to 24 in Artsakh, with more than 100 delegates from all regions of the organization, as well as guests from around 30 countries.

World Congress, which is the highest body of the party, will hold its inaugural session at 11 a.m. at the Artsakh National Assembly.

The ARF World Congress will discuss the activities of the party during the past four years, determine the strategy and plans for the party for the upcoming four years.

At the end of the meeting, the World Congress will elect a new ARF Bureau, the highest governing body of the organization.


  1. No power in the world would like Armenian Nationalism to thrive and survive. That was the case for the Czars’, Lenin’s followers’, or Putin’s Russia. That was the case for the Sultans’, the Triumvirate’, Kemal’s and Erdogan’s Turkey. That was the case, and still is, for the West’s US, Britain, France and Germany. And the Islamic World could care less too. This is what the ARF is facing, as it has always faced. And this is what Armenians are facing, as they have always faced. And the ARF as usual have decisions to take in its General Assembly, from which so many Groups and Pseudo-Organizations and Nouveau Schools Of Thoughts will re-schedule themselves. Good Luck.

  2. I was a member of the ARF up until 1991 when Armenia became independent again. My justification for leaving the party at the time was that there is no need for a party in exile and if the ARF was a viable political party, it could flourish in Armenia and become a majority player in the Armenian government, if indeed its politics were in sync with the needs of the people on the ground. The past 25 years have proved that the party did not or could not at best garner more than a 6-7 % of the support and in the latest election, it basically proved itself to be insignificant. I think the 33rd congress should self reflect and realize that past performance vis-a-vis new realty in Armenia does not translate into automatic legitimacy. I think the party will serve the Armenian people better if it concentrated on what it did best in the diaspora for decades and use the ANC to lobby for the Armenian national as well and Armenia’s government interests. Taking the moral high ground when it suits them did not sit well with the millennials in Armenia.

  3. Truthfully, an Independent Republic Of Armenia is still in the making. And realistically cannot be any different. Armenia is still in a war-zone; surrounded; isolated; and at the heart of a military cross-road. You have a north-south axis, targeted by a west-east axis. Hence, there lies Armenia’s difficulties, as well as its significance. It was like that; and it is like that. Armenia is a fully dependent state, both militarily and economically; and it cannot be otherwise. In late 1920’s, the ARF could not grasp this reality; in 2018, it is the others who cannot grasp this reality. For some, Russia and Iran are Armenia’s blessings; for others, them are Armenia’s curses. As for the ARF, the sanctity of every inch of Armenian land is first and foremost. As for interpreting percentages of elections, for me the 4% vote of today is far more stronger than a 7% vote of yesterday. The strength of ARF principles are yet to be tested: Land-for-peace initiatives are about to surface; choosing between north / south vs. west / east are yet to come. And THERE shall we see the REAL percentages. “Independence” of politics and military and economy will be seen THERE !!! I worry not about ARF percentage readings in Armenia !

  4. The Tashnag flag proclaims “Death or Freedom.” À rational political party would have said, “I’ll sacrifice my life fighting for our freedom.” Since the late eighteenth century, the ARF has lost all its battles because it is managed by a small and secretive monomaniacal group. Now that they were beaten decisively in Armenia, they jump to Artsakh— same losing strategy.. Open your windows and unlock your doors, guys.

    • I perfectly agree, after losing in armenia, they went to karabagh maybe they get some support there. The Tashnags are dead just as all the parties are dead. We need a new vision and totally new relationship with the RoA. 40 billion dollars have been squandered, we could have built 4 armenias by now, stop this idiocy and start looking for proper governance. Enough flag waving based on 18th century ideologies! Enough!!!!

  5. Dear Danny:
    You seem to be uninformed about Armania’s new strategy. True, maneuvering between Russians, Turks, Azeris, Americans and Iranians, semms an impossible task. But Pachinian has cut the Gordian Knot by saying, “we will work with anyone who wants to work with us. That does not necessarily means solving Armenia’s problems but here’s, for oncena new promising strategy, and it is paying off, China has offerred to work with Armenia for mutual benefits.

    And I wish our people would stop mouthing the same old clichés and begin learning the opportunities that are available to our people back home.

  6. I think Mr Guerigian should refresh himself on Armenian history: 1 )There was no ARF in late eighteenth century. I assume hemeans 19th. “The ARF lost all its battles?. really.
    Who organised led and controlled our glorious May 1918 battles for survival.!

  7. Mr. Gueriguian. FYI, The American Flag stands for “Give me freedom, or give me death” too. And long before the ARF, Armenians lost it all in the Ottoman Empire, because they were slaves, non-moslem, thus practically a shackled “millet”. Thus got our six vilayets diluted, and thus was created diaspora of Armenians everywhere, including the surge into Istanbul. Khrimian’s “Babig Yev Tornig” simply tackled that; “Tzayn Meh” from Erzurum, “”Zartir Vortyag”, “Himi El Lrenk”…were all before the ARF, and they all called for liberty, equality, freedom. I wonder what’s wrong in that, when a nation was re-born from a mere “millet”. The Armenagans, The Huntchags, the Tashnags…they all re-built the Armenian National Identity. Mind you, I come from ancestors, who both on maternal and paternal sides did not even talk Armenian: They were simply Ottomans, but of a different faith and religion. Now where do you see wrong, in celebrating the Renaissance of the Armenian people in mid-19th century? What’s wrong with Mkhitarian and Alishan and Odyan and Khrimian and Portukalian…? Aren’t them all calling for some form of Armenian freedom, equality in citizenry? In short, the Bolis-born European-inspired Armenian Renaissance was exactly a call to FREEDOM my friend. And this 30,000 km2 Republic is a virtual dream to many other nationalities around us. Please call things the way they are. That flag’s “death” was evaded, and its “freedom” was accomplished through the Tricolor. Unless we read and evaluate our common past in honesty, all talks about any bright future together as a people is simply absurd.

  8. Shahe, Armenians are facing immense difficulties, and times are existentially challenging. Why this sarcasm of yours, this embedded hatred, that “they lost in Armenia, thus moved to Gharapagh”? One more chapter, and you will write “they ruined Armenia, and now they target to ruin Gharapagh”? What is so safe and calm and peaceful and mighty for Armenians, that you sow hatred amongst us? Don’t tell me “people rejoice, the Tashnags lost; rather tell me Armenia will survive and prosper; tell me the 70% of worldwide scattered Armenians are out of the woods of losing identity; tell me about the fate of the Armenia Armenians in that geopolitics”. Enough of age-old Soviet-propaganda bias and prejudice: Liberate your souls, and build a future based on a sound analysis of your past. We have a Free Republic, which lacks a common historiography based on facts rather than politics, and we aspire to nourish bright future generations: What a disgrace!

    • dont u think that because of the love and support ARF has been so powerful? armenians from all of the world ………proclamation of hate make us angry and paranoid…..yes we have enemies…….but friends too and will be the best to compromise.? instead of declaring a hate from a whole world…as i see ……..? unfortunately without russia (and we are lucky to have them, otherwise not many of us would be around) Armenia CAN NOT SURVIVE WELL sooner we understand better for us……

  9. Shahe makes a point that is lost in this entire ongoing exchange of frustration by caring people: all traditional political parties are dead.
    Mr Hagopian correctly points to 1918. However, that is the ARF’s problem: trumpeting the past and playing entitlement.
    World Congress is in Artsakh because being in Yerevan would be embarassing.
    The end is here.

  10. I just cannot grasp the boasting that “ahaaa, the Tashnags are finally dead…”. After all, who are, who were these “aliens to our nation” called Tashnags??? When the whole nation worldwide, when a Republic called Armenia, when them aaaallll are in deep trouble and dire times…how sad it is to boast that the Tashnags are “dead”!!!! Over 70% of a nation is getting lost into erosion, losing its language culture common history of belongingness…and the rest living in a Republic that is totally dependent (and by logical choice and common sense) on other military and economic powers, what bone is there to break that “the Tashnags are dead, the Tashnags are dying…”. My friends, the whole nation is dying, from its diasporas to its Republic, and Tashnags are merely the image of these difficult times. In fact, the only good news I may hear is the elevation of Armenians, and not the downfall of the Tashnags. And further, I foresee difficult times are coming to that Republic internally, where promises are lavish, but capabilities are scarce. My wish is to avoid hatred amongst us, ’cause we may be on a trajectory of civil disobediences and alternate “colors”, ending up in different waters.

    • No one is “boasting” or applauding the reality that the Dashnaks and other traditional Armenian parties are dead in ROA.
      Regardless of who posted, commentary states that these political parties have no credibility and position in today’s Homeland environment.Their time is past.

  11. Noel, I first commend you for not hating. I wonder why would you leave a Party in exile for 70 years, for not garnering enough votes in a Republic that is still shaping up its policies. Over 70% of Armenians are diasporans, and the rest is still trying to define its Independence… Sorry to say, but it is the truth: The 3rd Republic did not see the day of light yet. It started with a war of liberation, and is still in a state of war. It is isolated, surrounded, at risk, thus all its infrastructure is dependent, both militarily and economically. Further, it is oligarchs all around, whether secular or theology. Look at the last 30 years of Armenia: Its all regime changes, oligarchs under different names, all deals under the table, all corporate contracts secretive. Yes, Armenia is on some path, but too soon to tell. It was always promising: Remember the days of Levon Aratchin (last king of Armenia, first President of Armenia); then came Kocharian the promising; then Sargsyan, completing the cycle of all Artsakh heroes… My point is, Armenia is in the making still, encompassing the 25% of Armenians. Hopeful, but yet to be tested. Let’s see where will it end; but no reason for me to give up on the Diaspora yet!

    • Danny;
      I am sorry to see that this serious conversation ended in mud slinging as it unfortunately does every time. As I said before, I left the party in 1991 not after the recent election. I was not born into an ARF family and I joined the party in my twenties in England while attending college.
      A political party’s role is to provide a platform that would encourage people to believe that they could provide a better path for their future. Simply wallowing in the past accomplishments and taking the moral high ground and not having a serious platform that address the reality of life is not a solution. Unfortunately, the ARF has just done that in the past 25 years as it comes to the challenges faced by the newly independent country of ours. That is why it never got a real traction in the new republic. As it relates to the latest election, they really missed the essence of the new revolution and the aspiration of the new generation. Whether the new government succeeds or fails, does not change the fact that the ARF has become irrelevant in Armenia. I know it is hard for some of us who have known nothing but the ARF in diaspora, considering it irrelevant in Armenia is next to heresy, it is time for the ARF to do a course correction and just concentrate on diaspora. That might actually encourage more sympathy from the people of Armenia.

  12. Mr. Gueriguian, what is it that Mr. Pashinian “has cut the Gordian Knot”… Mind you, I wish all the best to Armenians, thru Pashinian or not. Since I am uninformed, let me wait and see when will push come to shove. For me, I live in a real world, not in a world of promises: And the reality is a very difficult one. Nothing basic is achieved, neither militarily, nor economically, nor financially, nor politically…A saying in Turkish: No matter how big the Mosque is, the Hoja can recite only what he knows. If things work out better for Armenians in Armenia, for sure I’ll be happier than you; yet, forget me not, if times show otherwise!

  13. Harry, The World Congress is in Artsakh, because all those changes in the area are pointing to Artsakh. It is the most debatable and bargainable point in the area: For or against Iran and Russia; for or against Turkey and Azerbaijan; European involvement and American regional policies. To cut off Russia from the south; to circle around Iran; to partition northern Iran, thus cut-off Russia from warm waters. As I write this, the fate of Artsakh is fought over. And what will, what can, what should the RoA do??? And in this quagmire of difficult fateful times for Artsakh, what should a political party of United all-inclusive Armenia symbolically do, other than making the point it stands with Artsakh??? Wake up guys; the whole area is boiling, for or against Russia, from the Baltics to the Ukraine, to Georgia to Armenia Iran Azerbaijan, and Artsakh is the bargaining chip ( Remember the Gars Treaty, Brest-Litovsk, Moscow, Alexandropol, Lausanne Treaties… Artsakh is at risk, and here I read sideline fantasies…

    • Danny:
      You present an informative Big Picture of the region around Artsakh.
      I am sure your information about ” why” for the Big Dance site is sound and from a credible perspective rather than an in depth ARF analysis.
      Yet, let’s realize there would not have been a welcoming parade for a disregarded ARF in Yerevan.

  14. Harry, I just don’t see what’s embarrassing for the ARF convening in Artsakh. When the lifelong activities of the ARF have revolved around every inch of every Armenian land; when in the last 30 years, it got expelled from Armenia; and then got and refused to get in all governments mainly running on the conditional platform of “No Land For Peace Or Promised Prosperity Initiative”; and when drastic possibly non-favorable terms may be accepted for Artsakh status; how cynical this approach of yours, guys, that “the ARF went to Artsakh, because it lost in Yerevan”! This is disgusting. At least LDB and Libaridian see all calamities of Armenia arise from Artsakh, and all progress is taken hostage by Artsakh. But here, in cowardice, I read that the ARF fled away from Armenia, or went to Artsakh to bring same fate to it. It is only shameful and disgusting to read such mediocrities. Further, with such attitudes and hatred, I won’t wonder of what’s becoming to this Armenia. Feel free to disagree, but be in grace and respectful, please!

  15. Dan:
    I did not say WC in Artskah is embarassing; below is what I said:

    “…World Congress is in Artsakh because being in Yerevan would be embarassing..”

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