Building Meghry Dance Ensemble for the Future

The largest Meghry Hamazkayin one-day fundraising event

PHILADELPHIA, Penn.—Community leaders and close friends of Meghry Dance Ensemble recently supported the group in launching the Meghry Benefactors program. This was the largest fundraising event for the Meghry Dance Ensemble to date. The group raised more than 12-thousand dollars.

The focus of the benefactor’s program is to enrich and expand the cultural experience of this unique Armenian dance group in the Philadelphia area. The financial contributions of the benefactors and friends of Meghry will sustain and ensure opportunities to bring world renowned choreographers in order to perpetuate the rich Armenian culture within our youth.  

Several benefactors were outspoken about the critical value of this initiative and shared new ideas and initiatives to propel Meghry into the future. Anahit Shirinian emphasized the importance of the art of dance for the youth, connecting them on a purely cultural platform. “The language of dance ties the Armenian youth around the world and to the Motherland.” Noubar Megerian stressed the importance of engaging the youth from all five Philadelphia churches and the Armenian Sisters Academy to build Meghry’s professional reputation. Noubar Yeremian stated the importance of community involvement to build and sustain Meghry.

Parents are also proud to see their children on-stage performing Armenia’s cultural and traditional dances. Ani Semerjian said Meghry is a commitment but a worthwhile investment in instilling our rich Armenian culture through dance.  She added that her daughter looks forward to practice every week.

The Meghry Dance Ensemble Committee and the Philadelphia Hamazkayin Varchootyoon extend their gratitude to the benefactors and friends of Meghry for their overwhelming support.

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