ARS Mayr Chapter Hosts Vision 2020 fundraiser in New York

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Mayr chapter in New York recently hosted a fundraiser for Vision 2020. It was an amazing evening with a Spanish flare. There were empanadas, paella, plenty of bottles of wine, and Flamenco music and dancing.

This was a different kind of an ARS event, however, The purpose was the same–to raise funds for the ARS’ longstanding missions. But this his event was specifically for Vision 2020, an international-level effort to provide moral and financial assistance to community initiatives throughout the eastern U.S., Armenia, Artsakh, Javakh, and Syria. Twenty-one gifts were donated to the group from members of the community to help raise additional funds as raffle prizes.

The Mistress of Ceremony, Ungerouhi Maria Ebrimian graciously invited Chapter President Ungerouhi Lalig Vartanian to deliver the welcoming remarks. Then she invited Ungerouhi Sonia Bezdikian to give the ARS message and to explain the purpose of our fundraising event. Father Mesrob Lakissian of St. Illuminator’s Armenian Apostolic Cathedral blessed the tables before dinner. Ungherouheener Maria Ebrimian and Mina Hovsepian were in charge of the raffles drawing, and Ungherouheener Rosita Boiatchian and Sandy Shamlian made sure everything was running smoothly.

Ungerouhi Juliette Milian, though very new to the membership ranks, went out of her way to make sure this evening was a success by recruiting guests and securing gifts for the raffle drawing. Ungerouhi Ani Nercessian was absent, but her presence was felt with her generous donation of the centerpieces.

Sonia Bezdikian

Sonia Bezdikian

Sonia Bezdikian was born in Alexandria, Egypt and moved to the U.S. in 1958 as a young teenager. She has been an active member of Hamazkayin NY for more than 50 years and an active ARS member for more than 40 years.
Sonia Bezdikian

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