Henry Morgenthau III Dies at 101

WASHINGTON–Henry Morgenthau III passed away on July 10, 2018 at the age of 101. Morgenthau was the grandson of Henry Morgenthau Sr., the United States Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide. His father, Henry Morgenthau Jr., was Secretary of the Treasury during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Morgenthau was an icon in public television broadcasting. From 1955 to 1977, he served as a producer at WGBH in Boston, winning many industry honors for his programs. He saw television as both an educational tool and an outlet for human rights advocacy. In 1991, he published “Mostly Morgenthau’s”, an account of his family with a significant treatment of his grandfather’s efforts at alleviating the suffering of Armenians during the genocide. In a 2000 interview in the Armenian Weekly, Morgenthau stated “I think the recognition of the fact of the [Armenian] Genocide that set off a chain of Genocides – that are continuing to this day – is very important. Not only for Armenians, but also for the Turks. I think that the Turks really have every reason now to accept it as fact.”

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  1. Henry Morganthal was an inspiration to Me when I was living at his lovely home in Cambridge and studying Ancient History at Harvard …R.I.P.

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